Bardic whistling

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Bards may whistle in unique ways!

Whistle piercing

  • Will attempt to distract any critters in the area to give time for an escape or to regroup.
  • Requires Bardic Mojo.

Signal whistle

  • Taught by the young halfling lad who wanders around outside of Arthe Dale. Must perform some menial tasks for him to teach you. There are different tiers of signals that he teaches.

Example whistle

Pitching your voice low, you whistle a musical phrase meaning friend or ally to <name>.
You notice that <name> also seems to hear your whistle.


 WHISTLE <EMOTE>               Whistling with a variety of themes.
 WHISTLE <EMOTE> TO <PERSON>   Whistling to fellow players with those same themes.
       Emotes: appreciative  haunting      mournful      romantic
               cheerful      longing       nervous       shrill
               coy           loud          nonchalant    teasing
               excited       meek          off-key       tuneless
               happily       mischievous   playful       urgent
               halting       mocking       quiet         wistful
 WHISTLE TO <BARD>             Special whistles to catch someone's attention.
 WHISTLE <SONG>                Whistling for memorized non-magical songs.
 WHISTLE <PERSON>              Whistling to another adventurer.
 WHISTLE PIERCING              Emits a piercing whistle to distract creatures in
                               the area.

Signal Whistle

              These options allow you to whistle a short keyword or message either
              to a small group of your choosing, or to members of a certain
              person's group.
 Level 1:  Urgency, Yes, No, Danger, Safety, Friend, Foe, Apology, Defiance, Joy,
           Sorrow, Work, Rest, Conflict, Peace, Wounds, Health, Creature, Query,
           Affection, Laughter, Follow, Fatigue, Strong, Weak.
 Level 2:  Easy, Difficult, (Numbers), Wait, Immediate, Truth, Lie, Good, Bad,
           Large, Moderate, Small, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Body, Spirit, Home,
           Away, Hide, Join.
 Level 3:  Slow, Rapid, (Professions), Sing, Play, Speak, Yell, Whisper,
           (Directions), Life, Death, Dance, Stranger, Uncertainty, Thought,
           Man, Woman, Child, Hunt, Guild.
 Level 4:  Song, Magic, (Races), Scroll, Instrument, Weapon, Armor, Guard, Attack,
           Close, Distant, Time, Treasure, Merchant, Land, Sea, Forest, Mountain,
           Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife.
 Level 5:  DragonPriest (DP), Frog, Loyal, Betrayal, Pride, Thirst, Hunger, Genius,
           Annoyance, Mallet, Craziness, Farewell, Greeting, Gratitude, Idiot.