Bard Guildhall (Ratha)

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This Bard Guildhall is found on the 3rd Tier of Ratha in the NE Theater District, and is kept by the Bard Guildleader Lileyew.

[Lileyew's Workshop, Main Room]
The thick scent of sawdust and varnish permeates every corner of the workshop. Long wooden shelves, illuminated by copper wall lamps, line each wall and organize carefully stacked piles of broken and neglected instruments. A child's music box, its gears and cogs exposed by whatever accident befell it, sits waiting forlornly on a small table in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: north, east, out.

[Lileyew's Workshop, Office]
A broom, its bristles frayed with use, leans crookedly against the corner of a battered pine desk. A handful of oil paintings vie for wall space with a curious array of antique instruments and an oddly-shaped carved wooden mask.
You also see a renown scroll and the Bard Guildleader Lileyew.
Obvious exits: west.

[Lileyew's Workshop, Parlor]
Decorated for comfort rather than style, this appears to be the owner's place to entertain guests. Goosedown pillows and thick rugs scattered around the gleaming floor create plenty of lounging space, and a copper kettle hoots and hisses over a charcoal brazier. Framed parchments covered by musical notations are hung around the walls and, on a small table, a metronome gently ticks away time.
You also see a wine-stained keg, a set of long shelves and a bucket of viscous gloop.
Obvious exits: south.

  • The shelves in this room are a donation rack; all can add to it however only a Bard may remove an item.
Item Price Done
mulled wine 65   !!