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This skill represents your ability to perform artistically or use your voice effectively.

Spells and abilities that boost Performance

Spells and abilities that decrease Performance



The best experience per time ratio is achieved by finding an instrument/song combination that is played "with only the slightest hint of difficulty."

Song options

scales (ruff), arpeggios (rudiments), ditty, folk, ballad, waltz, lullaby, march, jig, lament, wedding, hymn, rumba, polka, battle, reel, elegy, serenade, minuet, psalm, dirge, gavotte, tango, tarantella, bolero, nocturne, requiem, fantasia, rondo, aria, sonata, and concerto.

Mood modifiers

Off-key and halting styles will make all songs easier to play. Confident and masterful styles will make all songs more difficult to play.

Off-key scales will teach with any instrument, no matter how difficult.


Percussion instruments are played by striking, scraping or shaking them. Some require special tools such as tippers to play, while others are simple enough to play in one hand. Similarly, some have skins that require tuning and can be broken, necessitating replacement before playing again.

Percussion instruments by difficulty

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Stringed instruments range in size from 10 to 50 stones and can have anywhere from 4 to 24 strings. Some require a pick or a bow in order to be played and all stringed instruments require tuning as the strings gradually lose tension due to inactivity.

In addition to a number of hand-held and portable stringed instruments, there are also some stand-alone instruments (such as harpsichords and cellos) available for playing across Elanthia.

Stringed instruments by difficulty

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The goddess Murrula created wind instruments.

Wind instruments are played by blowing air over, through or into them sometimes mechanically. None of them require special tools to play. Some are simple enough to play in one hand, and some require tuning. In general, wind instruments can be cleaned without a rag.

Wind instruments by difficulty

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Vocal ranges

All characters are randomly assigned a voice type (within the range dictated by race and gender), such as soprano, alto, or tenor. You can check your natural voice type with the PRACTICE VOICE command.

Bards with sufficient Performance skill have access to all voice types for their gender regardless of race and can change their voice types at will with the PRACTICE VOICE <type> command. Non-Bards cannot change their voice types.

Voice types display with use of the SING, CHANT, and CHORUS commands.

Spirit regeneration

Anyone with sufficient Performing skill can increase the spirit regeneration of all those in the room by flawlessly playing a minuet (or higher).

Guild abilities

Bards may create a dance floor in any performance-worthy space, as long as they meet the skill requirement.

Clerics and Paladins can gain devotion or soul state respectively by playing any song FOR an Immortal in a holy place. The song must be played at the quality level of at least 'with only the slightest hint of difficulty' and must not be played in the off-key or halting moods.


Instrument playing will prevent attacking, hiding, and spell casting.


Busking is a type of street performance where instruments can be played to draw in crowds. These crowds can tip money to the performer, letting characters make money via the performance skill. This is currently a proposed system which is not yet live in game.

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