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With their superior vocal training, Bards are able to focus their voices to do some extraordinary tasks. Bardic Screams are taught by the Guild and provide a variety of tools to aid the Bard in whatever situation they may come across.

Screams are currently in the process of being rewritten and will be much less use limited after the rewrite.




  • Taught at 32nd circle by any Guild Leader.
  • Short duration defense/utility buff that will do the following:
    • Attempts to remove a stun, each pulse, which is random based on charisma (high enough charisma can virtually negate the chance to fail)
    • Helps the Bard maintain a minimum of solid balance if not completely prone in combat.
    • Reduces incoming damage by both a percentage and a flat amount (can reduce incoming damage to 0), based on the bard's mojo.
  • The duration of the ability is based on Performance skill.
  • Can be used while stunned, webbed, or otherwise immobile.
  • You will no longer go hoarse from use but you will lose Mojo, and thus effectiveness.
  • No justice check for disturbing the peace.
  • Requires and uses Bardic_Mojo
  • Teaches only Bardic Lore skill.

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