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General information

Large Blunt weapons (known in 2.0 as heavy blunt weapons) comprise morning stars, clubs, hammers, ball and chains, and heavy maces. Forged models can dip down to as low as 28 stones and retain heavy impact, while the weapons can easily achieve great and even severe impact with only a bit more weight.

These weapons are generally heavy, but do a large amount of damage and easily stun or disable foes. Their low balance means they may have trouble hitting skilled opponents or parrying attacks, but for many, the tradeoff is an acceptable one.

Spells and abilities that boost Large Blunt

Spells and abilities that decrease Large Blunt


Guild-specific abilities

  • Barbarians can WHIRLWIND with any pole or melee weapon. This will attack all targets within range of their chosen weapon (melee or pole), including hidden targets. Hidden targets will be pulled from hiding if hit by whirlwind. WHIRL can also be used on one's self or another to free the target from webbing. Requirements: 350 in the weapon skill and 32 agility.
  • Barbarians and Paladins can parry ranged weapons inside the range of the weapon they are holding.

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