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Engineering is one of the crafting skills that deals with creating complex mechanical things. Lockpick carving uses the Engineering skill.


Engineers specialize in many things, and Engineering is separated into three disciplines:

  • Carving: the creation of tools, weapons, armor, images, and other utility items from bone and stone.
  • Shaping: the creation of bows, arrows, martial weapons, images, and furniture from wood.
  • Tinkering: the creation of crossbows, bolts, toys, and other complex machinery.


Training the Engineering skill is accomplished by creating Engineering products within each discipline. Work orders within the released disciplines can be obtained from a Master/Mistress within each Engineering Society, giving players the option of being compensated for their work in this skill.

It is possible to carry tools and material to carve bone or shape wood almost anywhere in the game, so players training these disciplines are not limited to working within the confines of a Society building. Because of the weight of stone, it is usually necessary to deed raw material and only carve stone from inside of a Society building where deeds can be redeemed.

The Shaping guide provides an overview and steps needed to produce current Shaping products. Several partially complete guides to Carving can be found on the Carving discipline page.


The Carving discipline uses either bone or stone as source material for its products. Bone is primarily gathered and prepared through skinning creatures, and stone is gathered with mining. Some common types of both bone and stone can also be purchased in Engineering Societies.

The Shaping and Tinkering disciplines use wood as source material. Wood is collected by lumberjacking or some common wood types can be purchased within Engineering Societies.

See the crafting materials page for further details regarding bone, stone, and wood types that can be used to create Engineering products.


The Carving and Shaping disciplines can be done using only hand-held tools (primarily knives, saws, rasps, and rifflers) that are sold within each Engineering Society. Higher quality player-made versions of these tools can also be created with the Blacksmithing discipline. There are several consumable (limited use) tools such as clamps, glue, and polish that are also sold in the Society buildings. It is also expected that the Tinkering discipline will require stationary tools available within each Engineering Society.

When not in use, tools can be stored at a Society building with that Society's clerk by putting them on the counter. Player-crafted tools can also be stored with a deed packet and register.

See crafting tools for a full listing and further information about Engineering tools.

Spells and abilities that boost Engineering

Spells and abilities that decrease Engineering

  • None