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SING <text>. Separate each line by a semicolon. For example:

 SING The wind was a torrent of darkness;Among the gusty trees...

Others will see:

 [Character] sings in a [voice type] voice:
   "The wind was a torrent of darkness
    Among the gusty trees..."

You can also add emotes to your singing. Note that, unlike other emotes, these do not require a slash (/) preceding them. Example:

 SING <emote> When the shower came a'calling;We were all a'stalling.


absentmindedly	        acerbically	        acidly          	admiringly      	adoringly       	
affectionately  	agreeably       	ambiguously     	ambivalently    	angrily         	
animatedly      	anxiously       	apathetically   	apologetically  	appreciatively  	
apprehensively  	ardently        	arrogantly      	articulately    	artlessly       	
assertively     	attentively     	audaciously     	awkwardly       	bashfully       	
begrudgingly    	beguilingly     	belligerently   	benignly        	bewilderedly    	
bitterly        	bizarrely       	blandly         	bleakly         	blissfully      	
blithely        	bluntly         	boastfully      	boisterously    	boldly          	
boorishly       	brashly         	bravely         	brazenly        	brightly        	
briskly         	brusquely       	brutally        	busily          	callously       	
calmly          	candidly        	cantankerously  	carefully       	carelessly      	
casually        	cattily         	cautiously      	ceremoniously   	charmingly      	
cheekily        	cheerfully      	cheerlessly     	chivalrously    	circumspectly   	
clearly         	clumsily        	coarsely        	coaxingly       	coldly          	
compassionately 	concisely       	condescendingly 	confidently     	conscientiously 	
considerately   	consolingly     	contemptuously  	contentedly     	contritely      	
coolly          	cooperatively   	courageously    	courteously     	covetously      	
coyly           	crassly         	credulously     	crisply         	critically      	
crossly         	crudely         	cruelly         	cunningly       	curiously       	
curtly          	cynically       	dangerously     	daringly        	darkly          	
dauntlessly     	dazedly         	decently        	deceptively     	decisively      	
deeply          	deferentially   	defiantly       	dejectedly      	deliberately    	
delicately      	delightedly     	densely         	depressingly    	derisively      	
desperately     	despondently    	deviously       	devotedly       	devoutly        	
diffidently     	diplomatically  	directly        	disagreeably    	discerningly    	
discreetly      	disdainfully    	disgustedly     	disingenuously  	dismally        	
dispassionately 	disrespectfully 	distantly       	distractedly    	divisively      	
docilely        	dolefully       	dopily          	dotingly        	doubtfully      	
dramatically    	dreamily        	drowsily        	drunkenly       	dryly           	
dully           	duplicitously   	dutifully       	eagerly         	earnestly       	
ecstatically    	eerily          	eloquently      	emotionlessly   	emphatically    	
endearingly     	energetically   	enigmatically   	enthusiastically	enviously       	
ethically       	euphorically    	evasively       	excitedly       	explicitly      	
exultantly      	faintly         	fairly          	faithfully      	faithlessly     	
falsely         	fatally         	fearfully       	fearlessly      	feebly          	
ferociously     	fervently       	fiercely        	firmly          	flamboyantly    	
flatly          	fluently        	fluidly         	fondly          	foolishly       	
formally        	frankly         	frantically     	frenetically    	fretfully       	
furiously       	futilely        	generously      	gently          	genuinely       	
gingerly        	gleefully       	gloomily        	graciously      	gratefully      	
gravely         	greedily        	grievously      	groggily        	gruesomely      	
gruffly         	grumblingly     	grumpily        	guardedly       	gullibly        	
haggardly       	haltingly       	happily         	harshly         	hastily         	
hatefully       	haughtily       	hauntingly      	heartily        	heavily         	
helplessly      	hesitantly      	hoarsely        	hollowly        	honestly        	
hopefully       	hopelessly      	humbly          	humorously      	hungrily        	
hurriedly       	hypocritically  	hysterically    	idiotically     	ignorantly      	
imaginatively   	impartially     	impassively     	impatiently     	imperiously     	
impertinently   	impiously       	impishly        	impudently      	impulsively     	
incoherently    	inconsiderately 	incredulously   	indecisively    	indifferently   	
indignantly     	inflexibly      	informally      	innocently      	inquiringly     	
inquisitively   	insanely        	insincerely     	insinuatingly   	insolently      	
inspiringly     	intelligently   	intensely       	intently        	irately         	
ironically      	irreverently    	irritably       	jauntily        	jealously       	
jokingly        	joshingly       	jovially        	joyfully        	joylessly       	
jubilantly      	judgmentally    	judiciously     	justly          	kindheartedly   	
kindly          	knavishly       	knowingly       	kookily         	lackadaisically 	
laconically     	languidly       	laughingly      	lazily          	lethargically   	
lightheartedly  	lightly         	limply          	lispingly       	loathingly      	
loftily         	longingly       	loudly          	lovingly        	loyally         	
ludicrously     	lyrically       	madly           	malevolently    	malignantly     	
maniacally      	manically       	matter-of-factly	mawkishly       	meaningfully    	
mechanically    	meekly          	melodically     	melodiously     	mendaciously    	
merrily         	methodically    	mildly          	mindfully       	mirthfully      	
mischievously   	miserably       	mistakenly      	mockingly       	modestly        	
morbidly        	moronically     	morosely        	mournfully      	mulishly        	
mysteriously    	naively         	nasally         	naughtily       	nervously       	
neurotically    	noisily         	numbly          	obediently      	obligingly      	
obnoxiously     	observantly     	obstinately     	obstreperously  	obtusely        	
oddly           	offensively     	ominously       	openly          	operatically    	
optimistically  	outrageously    	over-joyously   	overconfidently 	painfully       	
passionately    	patiently       	patronizingly   	peevishly       	penitently      	
pessimistically 	phonily         	piously         	pithily         	pitifully       	
pityingly       	placidly        	playfully       	pleasantly      	poetically      	
pointedly       	politely        	pompously       	ponderously     	positively      	
powerfully      	prayerfully     	precisely       	pretentiously   	primly          	
profoundly      	proudly         	pugnaciously    	quarrelsomely   	quaveringly     	
queasily        	querulously     	questioningly   	quickly         	quietly         	
quizzically     	rancidly        	rancorously     	rapaciously     	rapidly         	
rapturously     	rashly          	raucously       	ravenously      	reassuringly    	
recklessly      	regretfully     	reluctantly     	remorsefully    	reproachfully   	
resentfully     	resignedly      	resonantly      	respectfully    	restlessly      	
reverentially   	reverently      	rhetorically    	rhythmically    	righteously     	
rightly         	rigidly         	roughly         	rudely          	ruefully        	
ruthlessly      	sadly           	saltily         	sanctimoniously 	sarcastically   	
sardonically    	sassily         	savagely        	savvily         	scornfully      	
searchingly     	sedately        	sensibly        	serenely        	seriously       	
severely        	shakily         	shamefully      	sharply         	sheepishly      	
shrewdly        	shriekingly     	shrilly         	shyly           	sibilantly      	
simperingly     	simply          	sincerely       	skeptically     	sleepily        	
slickly         	slothfully      	slowly          	slyly           	smartly         	
smoothly        	smugly          	snarkily        	snidely         	soberly         	
softly          	solemnly        	solicitously    	somberly        	sonorously      	
soothingly      	sorrowfully     	spasmodically   	spitefully      	spontaneously   	
squeakily       	sternly         	stiffly         	stoically       	stormily        	
strangely       	strictly        	strongly        	stubbornly      	stupidly        	
stutteringly    	suavely         	subconsciously  	succinctly      	suspiciously    	
sweetly         	sympathetically 	tactfully       	tactlessly      	tearfully       	
teasingly       	tempestuously   	tenderly        	tensely         	tepidly         	
tersely         	thankfully      	thanklessly     	theatrically    	thoughtfully    	
thoughtlessly   	threateningly   	timidly         	timorously      	tiredly         	
tonelessly      	tranquilly      	tremulously     	triumphantly    	truthfully      	
tumultuously    	unabashedly     	unambiguously   	unappreciatively	unceremoniously 
uncomfortably   	unconvincingly  	uncooperatively 	uncouthly       	undiscerningly  
uneasily        	unemotionally   	unethically     	unflinchingly   	ungratefully    	
unhappily       	unimaginatively 	uninterestedly  	unnaturally     	untruthfully    	
upliftingly     	urgently        	uselessly       	vacantly        	vaguely         	
vainly          	valiantly       	valorously      	vehemently      	vengefully      	
venomously      	viciously       	victoriously    	vindictively    	virtuously      	
vivaciously     	voraciously     	warily          	warmly          	warningly       	
weakly          	wearily         	weirdly         	wheezily        	whiningly       	
wickedly        	wildly          	willfully       	wisely          	wistfully       	
witheringly     	wittily         	woefully        	woodenly        	worriedly       	
worshipfully    	wryly           	yearningly      	yieldingly      	zanily          	
zealously       	zestfully

Vocal Ranges

All characters are randomly assigned a singing voice type (within the range dictated by race and gender), such as soprano, alto, or tenor. You can check your natural voice type with the PRACTICE VOICE command.

Bards with sufficient Vocals skill have access to all voice types for their gender regardless of race and can change their voice types at will with the PRACTICE VOICE <type> command. Non-Bards cannot change their voice types.

Usage Note

Using this command to draw attention to yourself (e.g., to sell something or ask for healing) is considered disruptive and may be abuse.

Bardic Enchantes

This command can also be used by Bards to start certain enchantes. Some enchantes specifically require singing. Syntax:

SING <enchante>