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Alchemy is one of the five crafting skills that deals with the creation of potions, poisons, medicines, oils, naphtha, weatherproofing, etc.


Alchemy is divided into three disciplines:

  • Cooking: is not yet released. Cooking will create consumable food and drink.
  • Reactants: is not yet released. Reactants will create poisons and other substances.
  • Remedies: the creation of curative goods from healing herbs.


Training the Alchemy skill is accomplished by creating Alchemy products within each discipline. Healing herbs are currently combined with a catalyst and other products (such as alcohol or water) in a bowl/jar or mortar to create remedies. Work orders within the released disciplines can be obtained from a Master/Mistress within each Alchemy Society, giving players the option of being compensated for their work in this skill.

The Remedies player guide provides an overview and steps needed to produce remedies.


Currently, the creation of remedies requires healing herbs, a catalyst, and alcohol or water. Healing herbs are primarily acquired through foraging, and catalysts are primarily acquired by mining. Common healing herbs, alcohol, and water can be purchased at an Alchemy Society, or found as part of random creature drops. Coal, a common catalyst, can be purchased from a Forging Society.

Catalysts can be either coal, seolarn weed, or pure metal ingots (where "pure" means the ingot consists of 100.00% of the catalyst material). A listing of all Alchemy catalysts can be found on the crafting materials page.

Foraged material must be prepared by either drying it in a Wayerd pyramid or crushing it with a pestle and mortar. All herbs are currently describe on the healing herbs page.


At a minimum, you will need a mortar, pestle, mixing stick, bowl/jar, and sieve to create Alchemy products. The necessary tools are sold in the Society building. Higher quality tools can also be created with the Blacksmithing discipline. When not in use, tools can be stored at a Society building with that Society's clerk by putting them on the counter. Player-crafted tools can be stored with a deed packet and register.

See crafting tools for an in-depth explanation on the tools related to Alchemy disciplines.

Spells and Abilities that Boost Alchemy

Spells and Abilities that Decrease Alchemy

  • None