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Enchanting skill (when released) will cover the creation of magical devices and adding enchantments to other items. This differs from the Arcana skill as that skill deals with the use of magical items only.


Enchanting will be separated into three disciplines:

  • Artificing: the creation of runestones, cambrinth, or other magical devices that require active participation and control.
  • Binding: the binding of magical enchantments to existing items that will require the Arcana skill to invoke/use.
  • Invoking: the creation of magical enchantments that are passively active with no Arcana skill requirement.


The Enchanting skill is not currently trainable.


The basis of enchantments will be sigils, primarily gathered using PERCEIVE SIGIL.

See the crafting materials page for further information about sigils.


No specific tools are currently available for enchanting.

See the Category:Crafting tools page for further information about tools.

Spells and abilities that boost Enchanting

Spells and abilities that decrease Enchanting

  • None

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