Kraggur's Dwarven Timeline

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Approximate Dates(*) (Put within approximate time period, but actual dates are made-up to try and fall within gaps in the Firm Dates. Once actual dates are found, remove asterisk)

The Age of Myths

  • Prehistory (12000BL) – Kertigen breathes life in to the first Dwarf, Dabrush (Born same time as the first Elves)
  • Prehistory (~7000BL) - Keloryon, the first Elf killed by the Dwarves
  • Prehistory (~7000BL) - Dwarves killed in retribution by Celestidhl
  • Prehistory (~5900BL) - High Hold constructed
  • Prehistory (~????BL) - The Adamantian Dwarves, now enmeshed in a war with the Elves, interfere with Luethran and Elven trade via blockades (Luethran Second Age)
  • Prehistory (~????BL) - Endian Nation calls for aid from Elves and Dwarves during the Rasman Plague (Luethran Fourth Age)
  • Prehistory (~????BL) - Contact between the Endian Nation and the Elves and Dwarves begins slowing

The first certain date in Luethran History is the end of the Luethran Fourth Age in 1385BL

The Time of the Clans

3200-2000 BL, Iron Clan's Rise and Fall

  • 3150BL Iron Clan establishes settlement in Dragon Spine Mountains
  • 3091BL Blackfire Cabal first attacks Iron Clan
  • 3090BL Iron Clan driven out of the Dragon Spine by the Blackfire Cabal
  • 3048BL Iron Clan begins building Garnedhren
  • 2650BL Morganae begins assault on Garnedhren from within
  • 2649BL Iron Clan falls, Mountain Elves formed Garnedhren renamed Elamiri
  • 2600BL Sidhlot forms Bone Clan after being freed from captivity
  • 2558BL Bone Clan and Iron Clan ally to overthrow Morganae
  • 2557BL* Iron Clan survivors are corrupted by dark arts into dark dwarves

2000-1000 BL, Kwarlog's Founding and the Elven-Human War

1000-908BL, Expansion to Hvaral & The Founding of the Seven-Star Empire

  • 990BL* King Heksoch of Rendstaan dies
  • 976BL* Hvaral built as a mining expansion of Kwarlog
  • 968BL* Gwaldhar is killed and a factional war erupts in Rendstaan
  • 968BL* Non-combatants begin fleeing to Kwarlog
  • 960BL* First dwarven expedition into Velaka
  • 942BL* Second dwarven expedition into Velaka

The Imperial Age

908-600BL, The Seven-Star Empire to the end of the first Siege of High Hold

600-450BL, Insurrection in the Empire and Dwarven payments stop

450-240BL, Dwarven Expansion to the fall of the Seven-Star Empire

The Time of Chaos

239-205BL, Resistance War and rise of the Dragon Priest

204-192BL, Dragon Priest assaults on the Dwarves, High Hold's fall

The Dragon's Empire

191-1BL, Rise and Fall of the Dragon Priest Empire

  • 191BL The Dragon’s Empire founded
  • 190BL Riverhaven falls to Dragon Priests
  • 187BL Therenborough falls to Dragon Priests
  • 185BL* Hvaral begins serving as a major outpost for dwarven and Therengian resistance to the Dragon Priests
  • 158BL High Hold falls to the Dark Hand’s corruption, Adamantian dwarves scatter
  • 157BL Gorbesh kill and enslave the dwarves who fled into Albaria
  • 157BL Celebration held in Dragon’s Empire to commemorate High Hold’s fall
  • 152BL Frost wyrm "The Biter" appears in abandoned Stone Clan mine
  • 100BL Dragon Priest attempts to conquer Leth Deriel fail
  • 3BL Dzree dies

Modern Times

1BL-300AV, Therengia-Kwarlog War

300-Current, Gorbesh War and Rise of the Necromancers