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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: 976 BL
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: House Dacawla
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


The city of Hvaral was first established as an extension of Kwarlog around 976 BL, in the Gemfire Mountains northwest of what is now Therenborough, capital of Therengia. Two expeditions were launched into the Velaka Desert later in that century, but they were unsucessful in penetrating the desert.

Later, during the times of the Empire, Kwarlog had an imperial station, but Hvaral was not touched by imperial agents. Even during the time of the Dragon Priests, Hvaral's distance served to protect it, and it became a base of operations for Dwarven and Human resistance fighters.

In 49AV war erupted between Kwarlog and Therengia when Baron Paumar attacked Kwarlog. The war ended in 64AV, and the dwarves left Hvaral. Therengians occupied the city, and it is now controlled by House Dacawla.

Hvaral is inside Therengian justice.


A History of Hvaral


Hvaral Map (45)


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