Battle of Tov'Meod

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The Battle of Tov'Meod was a battle of the Elven-Human War that took place in the Tov'Meod Forest near the gates of Kwarlog. A small group of Dwarven citizens and rearguards successfully ambushed and confronted a larger, better prepared, and better armed group of Elves and S'Kra Mur attempting to sneak through the forest to capture the capital city of Kwarlog after King Garrock of Kwarlog joined the Human side of the war. Many historians consider the battle a turning point that marked the beginning of the end of the war.

Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts the Battle of Tov'Meod where the Dwarven force scored a huge victory against the enemy alliance during the Elven-Human War.