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Eighth is House Nadamian, a Dwarven family. The Nadamians are one of the wealthiest and most respected Dwarven families, and in fact, they are divided into two portions. The eastern family, and the west. The Nadamians originated in Forfedhdar, where a member of the family has always sat on Hibarnhvidar's Council of Elders. During the Empire, a part of the Nadamian family went, with an entourage of workers, to Reshalia in order to strengthen their wealth and spread their influence. They supply metal, ores, and gems to Ratha from the mainland, and then those materials are shipped to other islands. The Nadamians are also very religious and devout.[1]

House Crest and Phrase


A raven bearing a hammer in one talon and a globe in the other.

Phrase and Translation

Aggahh'a hhs'shho'i'yvvh-ur - The Dragon's Dream Translation.

Quick Facts

Dwarven House
Part of the family is located in Forfedhdar within Hibarnhvidar
Originated in Forfedhdar.
Very religious and devout family.

Ratha Mission

Found on the western edge of Ratha's 1st tier is a Mission run by the family. As of March 2015, the mission building can be interacted with, however it is closed to enter.

[Ratha, Lower Mission Street]
Long lines of indigent and hungry await a warming morsel outside Nadamian's Mission. A thin gruel the usual fare, the delicious smells and promise of a meal are half the experience for many of them. Of course, along with the meal comes a helping of the Nadamian family's tenets and teachings.
Obvious exits: northeast, south.

look mission

A large door is always open, bright warmth radiating from the lanterns and cookstoves on the inside.


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