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Gwaldhar Heksochsson
Status: Historical Figure
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Membrach, Heksoch

Second-oldest son of King Heksoch of Rendstaan. Was killed shortly after his father's death. His death triggered political in-fighting that would last several hundred years, resulting in Galen Hammerstone and other non-partisans to leave for Imperial service.

From the Dwarven Timeline

1100 years ago (believed to be ~1000-900BL):
Word arrives that King Heksoch of Rendstaan has died. He was only the second king ever of the Dwarven race, and the experiment is universally judged a failure. His five heirs each seek the acknowledgement and assistance of other Dwarven communities at the year's Thing, with inconclusive results.
Later in the century, Heksoch's second-eldest son, Gwaldhar, is killed (some say by an axe in the throat, others by poison). Factional war erupts in Rendstaan. Non-combatants flee to Kwarlog.