Himineldar Shel

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The Himineldar Shel are a small mountain range in eastern Forfedhdar, northwest of the Dragonspine and south of the Arncharn Shel and Journelai ranges. The Himineldar Shel yield some of the most expansive mines of gems and ores. The city of Hibarnhvidar is built upon the largest series of mines in the range. Himineldar Shel translates as "Skyfire Mountains" from the Dwarven tongue.

Hibarnhvidar Pedestal

Atop this pedestal is a replica of the Himeneldar Shel Mountains with a beautiful diamond marking the location of Hibarnhvidar.
A granite pedestal reads:
Originally Sculpted by Kertigen, this Imitation by an Unknown Artisan.


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