Dragon Spine Mountains

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The ice-capped and craggy peaks of the Dragonspine Mountains are some of the highest on the continent, split by the steep chasm of the Obsidian Pass, which with thanks to its gondola, constructed by the Mountain Elves, serves as the easiest (and safest) way to cross the mountains. The Mountain Elf kingdom is located within the Dragonspine. In popular folklore, the Dragonspine Mountains are said to actually be the spine of the World Dragon fallen to Elanthia. They are also called the "Dragon's Spine" or "the Spine".


The dwarves of the Iron Clan settled the Dragon Spine in 3150 BL, establishing the Iron Kingdom. Garnedhren was the capital, but the dwarves were driven out by the Blackfire Cabal. In 3048 BL, with the assitance of a Wind Elf Clan, the dwarves returned to find the Iron Kingdom empty of the Cabal, and rebuilding began. Garnedhren included a special elven district drafted by the King's own hand for the aid offered by the elves. Eventually Morganae turned the elves against the dwarves and they killed and drove off the Iron Clan. Garnedhren was renamed Elamiri in 2649BL, and the city remains inhabited to this day by the Mountain Clan.

Mountain Elves

Around 2900 BL a faction of Wind Elves were invited to feast with the Dwarven King of Iron Clan in their halls in the Dragon Spine Mountains. Once there the Dwarves murdered all the adult Elves and enslaved the children. 150 years later Morganae and her fellow slaves killed or drove off all the Dwarves and made the mountains their new home, creating a new clan known as the Mountain Elves.


According to legend, shortly after Lanival defeated Teiro and the Elves in the Resistance War he was ambushed near the Dragon Spine mountains by five elven assasins which, though it did not kill him, forced him into a sleep from which he will someday awake.

The fortress Chyolvea Tayeu'a and The Hive

Chyolvea Tayeu'a Area Graphic

This long-abandoned fortress in the Dragon Spine Mountains has been recently reoccupied and its secrets mined by the Warrior Mage Guildmaster Augrym.

Obsidian Pass and Gondola

Obsidian Pass Area Graphic

The Obsidian Pass is the only safe passage through the Dragon Spine Mountains between the provinces of Ilithi and Zoluren. A gondola in the pass transports travelers and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Queen Morganae's murdered daughter Anlorahle. The pass was established by Ferdahl Alec and Queen Morganae around year 20 AV.

The Frozen Heavens

Some of the highest reaches of the Dragon Spine Mountains are known as the Frozen Heavens. This area is accessible from the north side of the Obsidian Pass and gondola. Snowbeasts and nimbi call these frozen altitudes home. There is a ancient artifact, an obelisk of undetermined origin and power hidden within a cave high upon the mountains.

Current Inhabitants (Creatures)

The most common inhabitants on the slopes of the mountains are Snowbeasts and Granite Gargoyles. The Frostweavers also have an icy home and under the gondola are Grizzled Red Leucros, Yvhh La'tami, and Giant Blade Spiders. A race of insects called the Vykathi live in a hive beneath the fortress Chyolvea Tayeu'a.


Dragon Spine Mountains (Map 64)
Under the Gondola (Map 65)
Dragon Spine Fortress (Map 64a)