Gemfire Dwarves

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The Gemfire dwarves were colonists from Kwarlog who settled the Gemfire Mountains and established the city of Hvaral sometime around 976 BL. They held close ties with the Greystar Commune, though their policies were tightly linked with their kin in the Arncharn Shel. It is of note that, unlike the Greystar Commune, the Gemfire Dwarves did not greatly involve themselves in the Resistance War.

After the fall of much of Therengia to the Dragon Priests, Hvaral served as a major resistance point from which combined dwarven and human forces struck against the Dragon Priests.

Much later, from 46 to 64 AV, the Gemfire Dwarves and Kwarlogians fought the Therengia-Kwarlog War. Even though they were victorious, the dwarven population in the Gemfire Mountains was too small to maintain Hvaral and the Gemfire communities. Hvaral came under Therengian control and the Gemfire Dwarves returned to Kwarlog after over a millenium of settlement.


( * indicates approximate dates)

Early (2000-900BL)

  • 1859BL Kwarlog founded in Arncharn Shel
  • 1015-1003BL Elven-Human War
  • 976BL* Hvaral established and the Gemfire Mountains opened to Dwarvish settlement
  • 960BL* First dwarven expedition into Velaka
  • 942BL* Second dwarven expedition into Velaka

Middle (900-1BL)

  • 767BL* Greystar Commune and Gemfire Dwarves reaffirm trading agreements
  • 239-231BL Resistance War
  • 200BL Greystar Commune abandoned after heavy attack by Dragon Priests
  • 185BL* Hvaral begins serving as a major outpost for dwarven and Therengian resistance to the Dragon Priests
  • 1BL Dragon's Empire falls

Late (1BL-64AV)