High Hold

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Ruined Dwarven capital of Adamantia. It used to be the greatest fortress known and resisted numerous sieges until it was overwhelmed by the environment. Depending on the source, it was either the Dark Hand (A Tale of HighHold) or the Desert of Dismond (Silver Key of Artifacts).

See A Tale of HighHold.


  • 1157 BL -- Gorbesh General Goraes marches on the Adamantian capital, HighHold.
  • 1156 BL -- General Goraes lays siege to HighHold with the remainder of the Northern Army.
  • 1149 BL -- Halves of the Gorbesh Imperial and Western Armies join General Goraes' Northern Army. The siege continues.
  • 1148 BL -- The High Priests coronate Goraes the new Emperor; he remains with his troops at the siege of HighHold.
  • 1142 BL -- Emperor Goraes dies during the siege.
  • 1111 BL -- Dougan Stonecleft, King of Adamantia, is killed during an assault on the besieging Gorbesh Army. Calcine Hammerfell becomes the new King.
  • 1101 BL -- Under the leadership of Hammerfell, the siege on HighHold is broken. The remaining Gorbesh Army retreats back into Albaria.

  • 655 BL -- Adamantia falls completely to the Seven Star Empire, except for HighHold. Diplomatic envoys are dispatched.
  • 654 BL -- HighHold is placed under siege.
  • 634 BL -- The twenty-year siege on HighHold is lifted.
  • 539 BL -- A group of Dwarven Imperial dignitaries is sent to HighHold in the hopes of "swaying them from their stubborn path."
  • 538 BL -- Emperor Hresoch's dignitaries are sent back to Throne City by HighHold.
  • 497 BL -- Frustrated with what he calls Imperial stagnation, Emperor Hermothius orders simultaneous new attacks on HighHold and the Western Outlands.
  • 492 BL -- The second siege of HighHold is stopped; the western armies remain in place.

  • 197 BL -- High Dragon Priestess Dzree attacks HighHold.
  • 196 BL -- Dzree recalls her forces from HighHold in failure.
  • 195 BL -- The Dark Hand is created in South Ilithi/Adamantia, destroying the land. HighHold is isolated.
  • 158 BL -- HighHold is destroyed by its isolation and the Dark Hand.
  • 157 BL -- A great celebration is held by the Empire to mark the destruction of HighHold.