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The Kingdom of Rendstaan was in the Journelai Shel between Zoluren and Therengia. It gradually faded beginning with the death of King Heksoch around 990 BL, with the kingdom fully abandoned by 535 BL. Internecine violence led to the non-partisans fleeing to Kwarlog.

During its time, Rendstaan was highly contenious with its policies towards non-dwarves. Some time around 1021BL, King Heksoch declared Rendstaan a free trade zone, defying centuries of dwarven tradition. From historical accounts, Rendstaan seems unusual in that this event was described as "continuing troubles with Rendstaan". After the death of King Heksoch, Rendstaan was quiet until around 968BL when his second son, Gwaldhar was killed, starting a factional war in the city.

This war lasted some four hundred years until, in 556BL, Galen Hammerstone and the remaining neutral dwarves left Rendstaan to join the Imperial Army. This left the population below 100. The last known contact was in 535BL when Rendstaan was reported abandoned by travelers. Since then, the city has become known as Rendstone, an adaption of its Haakish name, Rendstaan (staan is "stone" in Haakish).

Kings of Rendstaan

  • King Membrach, the "King of the Mountain"
  • King Heksoch Membrachson, the self proclaimed "King of the Dwarves"

Quick Summary

  • Status: Fallen
  • Capital: Rendstaan
  • Period: ????BL - 535BL


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