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Elvish Sonnet

Context: Written for Mysterys and performed during Tirost's audition for the Tavern Troupe.

Have you ever loved an elf?
'Tis not easy, please believe,
Though passion be so truly felt
To risk one's heart with grief

By gazing long in sparkling eyes
Or kissing dimpled cheeks,
For I, ere long, will waste and die
And another love she'll seek,

For then I'll lie in darksome grave
While beauty graces she,
And thoughts of me will surely fade,
Though this gives some relief:

The love for her I have right now
Outweighs a thousand years without.

Mystylaine and Rekon Wedding Sonnet

Context: Written and performed for the wedding celebration of Mystylaine and Rekon.

These rolling waves that break upon the shore,
Sometimes pulling, sometimes reaching, in a
Cycle endless – so too does love endure,
Though in motion, yet never quite the same.

So too, sweet friends, may your love forever
Push and pull you together, and make strong
The loving bonds that all here now tether
Between Mysty and her belov'd Rekon

Let no pain or cold fear unlatch these hearts,
Fair gods and goddesses of love divine -
But keep them strong together or apart,
And like the timeless stars, let their love shine!

So raise a glass with me, dear friends, and cheer:
Joy to our friends for all the coming years!

For Casimira

Context: Written for Casimira shortly after Tirost left the Tavern Troupe.

In all of nature's glory I have yet
To find your equal, sweet friend, and never
Shall, though I, like the bright immortals, get
To walk this wonderous world forever.

For you are the true daughter of Kindness
And Beauty, whose auburn hair and spark'ling
Eyes do force Pain and Sorrow to their knees,
Whose voice, to my wintry soul, calls up Spring

And whose warm friendship thaws the biting frost,
Calling, from the once frozen earth of my
Soul, new life – fresh, green and with color tossed -
Like wildflowers that in th' meadows lie.

For when you pressed into my hand your key,
It's like it all just fell away from me.

For a Friend

Context: Written for a friend, and never performed publicly.

Many flowers no doubt your fingers brushed
Since first you were full warned to leave them be,
But from me now no warning loud, nor hushed,
But wish for you to dance among them free,

Save one that to me the gods did entrust
To share only with the partner solely mine,
Nourishing with love, care, and happy lust
Grown in health and beauty transcending time.

And let us meet together, friend, ‘neath sun
Or shining stars, and you share of rolling
Flower fields, and I’ll share the love of one,
With one law only between us holding:

Unless some single timeless love you seek,
You from me all tender affection keep.


For Annais

Context: Written for Annais when she and Tirost were getting to know each other, and was performed in part at their wedding.

O my friend Annais!
How I thank the gods
That you are not a human,
And I am no Kaldar,

Else there would be no other choice,
But to summon all my skill,
Seeking nothing but your heart
To win forever with my quill!

And when one day they’d find me,
In some lonely, distant cave,
Tomes they’d find beside my corpse,
And they’d turn from page to page,

And every word they find there
Of my muse’s peerless verse,
Would sing of all your virtues,
Poets through out time would then rehearse

All the poems that you brought to life
Sung on high to kings and queens!
And poor folks who found themselves in love,
And find there ecstasy!

But hidden in that timeless verse,
Would hold a phantom pain,
That one could never quite pin down,
But feel it in one’s veins,

For the poet who had penned that verse
Would in a moment sacrifice
All the verse he’d ever write
To gaze at stars fast by your side,

For nothing I could ever write
Will get so near the mark
To represent with petty words
The living poem that you are.

But the gods are full of mercy,
And fate had us divide,
You a lovely Kaldar,
And I of human kind.

For the Celebration of Ilithi Culture

Context: Written and performed for the poetry contest at the Celebration of Ilithi Culture. This entry won first prize.

I thank you for the privilege
To sing my muse’s song
Though I am not Ilithi,
My heart belongs to one.

So let me weave with verdant words
A garland for this faire
With every word a blossom
For all of us to share.

For though our past is checkered
With drops of bitter blood,
Between us all I do believe
There is still hope for love!

For heroes do I see here!
With swords and bows and staffs,
And healers and performers,
with wits that make me laugh!

And though Ilithi culture
Is more than any single race,
Let me sing of elven folk
Who shape our current age,

For when dread forces seek to march
Folk in chains do they prefer,
It is a warrior’s honor
To cast spells with Mordimer,

And after hard fought victory,
Drink a cup of something strong,
With charismatic Synamon
While Allye sings a song!

Or debate a magic theory
With Voyle or Kehlbins wise,
Or take my wounds to Kaelie
When I cannot find my wife.

And Lydena and Bellicia
Make sure we’re never bored,
They share artistic genius
Like no others in the world!

O folk of fair Ilithi!
And this city, brilliant Shard
May gods rain upon you blessings!
May you shine ever like a star!

Let not the past our future dim
With prejudice and hate,
But dream what we together
United will create!

And when we’ve come together
We've been nothing less than great
And these fair times we live in now
Are Elanthi’s golden age!

Champions of the Joust

Context: Written to celebrate the champions of the World Jousting Tournament, and performed at the awards ball.

They say that once, in depths of time,
Four moons had graced the sky,
Until the dragon from one burst
To feed on all Elathi's life,

But for the song of Peri'el,
The notes of history,
That in a flowing, epic verse
Keeps the dragon held in sleep.

O, you mighty jousters!
Who like the thunder's bolt,
Or a crashing, frothy wave
That breaks upon the shore,

Exert such force and beauty,
Buttressed by your skill,
And that of your most trusted mount,
Bound together in one will!

You who are world champions,
And all those who held th' lance,
You add a verse full perfect,
And Peri'el's song advance!

Lo, you mighty champions!
Hold your heads up high!
Your deeds with timeless glory shine,
Your names forever bright!

The Sword of Squanto

Context: An anonymous benefactor commissioned a haralun bastard sword for Tirost. The following was written for a story telling event put on by the Order of the Black Fox; however, it was never performed publicly.

Sing! My dancing, happy muse,
Of this, my fearsome sword,
How it began a flaming ball
And through the heavens soared,

Till breaking deep into the earth,
Ore waiting to be mined,
Till someone dug it from the depths
And to Squanto did provide

There he beat the precious ore,
Sparks from it flew once more!
Blazing with his hammer's stroke
Until perfect in its form.

Then Squanto passed his masterwork
To the merry gnome,
Tinkery is what she's called
And from Tinkery my own.

And this might be the history
Of my peerless blade,
But in truth, sing on my muse,
Of what's hidden in the shade,

For someone paid a heavy price
For me to wield this sword:
Their identity is hid from me,
So Tinkery has sworn.

So through a hidden person's love
My story is enriched!
And so my quest to spread that love
Will never end while I exist!


The Ballad of Lasika

Context: Tirost interviewed Lasika in Dirge, and asked her about if he could hear of one of her greatest adventures. He develped the following ballad and performed it as a part of the Tavern Troupe's Concert in the Corner.

O sing, my dancing, happy muse,
Whose feet on sunshine tap
Of tales from hapless Lasika,
Who goat’s milk loves to lap,

Begin the tale in days gone by
‘Fore Lasi’s mane was shaved
When missions she and all her team
Fought for matters then most grave.

Though Lasika and her trusted friends,
Of Prydaens and Rakash,
And others who perhaps like me
Came from different stock,

Tracked a dang’rous necroman
Through paths of Therengia,
But spent more time with drink at Inns
Than in fights for Kermoria,

If Lasika you’ve seen or met,
You know she has great charm,
But then she was, or so I’m told,
One to raise alarm

From all true folk of virtue,
Who felt the tug of lust
For the stories of her in those days
Would make the maidens blush!

And while drinking with her mates
One night, by an abby at an Inn,
She met a gorgeous Rakash gal
And seduced her with her grin –

Or, my happy, laughing muse,
Had it more to do with drink?
But let us not split many hairs,
For she left Lasi with a wink.

So late that night, swift Lasika
Took her hook and rope,
And scaled the wall that stood between
Her and the heart she'd smote.

And crept she through the abby
Where her lovely Rakash slept,
And swiftly through the abby's halls,
Into her lover's bed she swept.

Waking with her soft caress,
Lasi took her lover's hand,
And the two then made their way
To make good on Lasi's plan!

O radiant muse, who sings all things,
Hint but do not tell!
Of all the wild, passionate things
Which that night befell

Those lovers sweet in moonlight,
'Tween Pryd'n and Rakash
That but for the empath's touch
Would still mark Lasika!

And when the morning sun arose,
And the abby stirred to life,
What Las had thought a storage place
Was the abbots chambers nigh,

And though deaf to all the night before
The impassioned, wild cries
Still, though old, the abbot had
The working of his eyes,

And he took Lasi by the ear
And cast her out from there,
But she regretted not a bit
What she and her lover shared.

O thank you, brilliant Lasika
For the food you feed my muse!
She hopes to do you honor
With this song we sing for you!

The Ballad of Galain

Context: Tirost was raised on stories of the legendary Warrior Mage Galain, and he wrote the following ballad as a way to celebrate and remember him. The following was preformed by Tirost and Casimira as a part of the Tavern Troupe's Lover's Day Celebration.


O sing! My gentle, happy muse
Of a time ago long past,
When Galain wandered far and wide,
A mage which none surpass!
He stood before the North East Gate,
The Crossing under seige,
By orcish raiders armed with rage
To crush our happy state.
Galain whispered magic words,
and traced a 'metric sign,
And swung with all his eleven grace
A blade that severed life!
Many foes he put to death
To keep the people free
But faced he then the ugly,
The orcs's greatest chief.
Through fire blasts and lighting,
Like Saragos loves to cast,
Galain harnessed all his mana
and with his sword he danced.
The chieftain was too mighty,
And gave a belly laugh:
To drag away Galain's dead corpse
Would be his triumph bad!


But then there came a music!
Quite soft it was at first,
Like the gentle woodland breeze
Or sound of lapping sea -
But rising like a breaching whale
The aria swelled more,
And from behind this fearsome orc
Liana let her arrow soar!
It plunged into the orcish neck,
And fell him to the ground,
And Liana quick to Galain sprang,
Inspired by the sound
Of her voice which saved him,
And though his Elvish pride,
She helped him stumble to the door
Of the empath guild hard by.


O, who are you lady? Who have saved my life,
With auburn hair and hazel eyes
I've never seen your like.


But the sun was setting,
And Yavash ruled the sky,
And quickly turned she from him
And left without goodbye.


As soon as he recovered,
Galain sought her far and wide.
His trusty familiar searched her
Wherever she might hide.
One day the familiar found her,
by a sacred pool,
And Galain sped to be there,
And learn all that he could.
Who are you, noble lady?
Whose voice is sweet and strong,
Whose bow and skill has saved me,
But who from me turned and run?


Stay back, good War Mage Galain,
For know you not my curse!


I do not care! cried Galain -
Not scared of magic black -
But I pledge you now my only heart,
And never take it back.


Through hazel eyes then filled with tears,
Liana smiled at Galain,
For long she'd sought a partner,
Someone for whom to sing.


He took a rose that grew nearby,
And offered prayers to gods,
And bonded with Liana there
At the sacred bog.
Now tell me of this evil curse
That presses on your heart;


Said she then, it's the worst thing,
Each night I become a shadowling -
But this choice I freely give you,
Partner of my life,
Would you like me handsome fair
In the darkness or the light?
If you wish me fair by day,
You'll be the envy of your friends
Whom my charming graces
Can never then offend.
Or by night, my love, I may be fair
For you alone to know,
But all your friends will in the day
Laugh as I blurp and drool,
Regurgitating foulest trash
As all shadowlings must do.


Galain stood and pondered,
Showed the essence of his heart:
I cannot say for you, my love,
Which would better be.
You must choose which form to take
To live most happily.


She pulled him in and kissed him!
And tears she happy shed,
For then the curse was broken,
For her true love she had met!


Together ever after,
They of truest bond
Fought together often,
And enjoyed good many songs!
And when their time had drifted
Past their mortal skein
They walked the starry road together
Into realms unseen!

Duet for Enwah and Nuvalli

Context: Written by Tirost for the wedding of Enwah and Nuvalli at the House of the Floating Reed in Shard, and performed as a duet with Casimira.


All alone is how I used to feel when then I'd raise my eyes,
And gaze in wonder on a winter's night upon the starry sky!


Yearned I for a partner when I'd raise my eyes above,
And felt I like a meteor, alone, and without love!


And slowly did my feet then tread under Xibar's gloam,
For no comfort could I summon then, no you to call me home.


And cold were then my fingers blue that knew no lover's touch,
Like a naked tree that stood against a winter's gust!


But O! when then I met you, Love, a fire lit my eyes!
And all about you seemed to glow - an aura seemed to rise!


And all the words you spoke to me were a comfort I'd not known,
They made me want to know you deep, and keep you for my own!


The stars did wheel above us bright as the seasons turned and past,
And each time that I could meet with you, I prayed the strength to ask -


Anything of me, my love, you need only say the word,
For if you felt my beating heart, you could only be assured -


That I could never leave you, Love! You are the world to me!
And I should be the soul of joy if my wife you should be!


And will you be my husband, Love, the partner of my life?
To walk with me now hand in hand through happiness and strife?


By the gods, I swear it now! My love shall never bend!
And when in time you walk the starry road, I'll be there at it's end.


And when some other lonely souls look upon the starry skies,
There they'll find our constellation bright, a brilliant, holy guide!


To grace with light our skies of night and teach then for all time,
The joy that you have brought to me since our lives have intertwined!

Ballad of the High Priestess

Context: Tirost's familiar, Pangovin, witnessed the murder of several novice warrior mages outside the tower in the Crossing from someone in the shadows. When Pangovin challenged the murderer, Nuskaro revealed himself, and shortly after High Priestess Khaelyn appeared and engaged the necromancer. Tirost composed this ballad as a tribute to Khaelyn's valor. The poem was performed at the Tavern Troupe's Concert in the Corner.

Like a moggot in a corpse,
Like a sickness getting worse,
Like a rat that spreads disease,
The necroman Nuskaro creeped

To the warmage tower high,
And murdered many with a sigh -
So bored and lonely with that life
For all good things he sacrificed.

Then, like a candle in the dark,
Like a breeze when lost at sea,
Like the singing of my heart,
Like the autumn light through trees,

Came radiant Khaelyn, robed in white,
Unafraid, with power blessed:
Her keen eyes flashed and sought with wrath
The one who those of life bereft.

Behind her came a shouting mob,
With torches chanting, 'Bring him down!'
Khaelyn raised her fairest hand,
And gestured at the necroman,

But Nuskaro, wreathed in magic black,
Dispersed the light and would have laughed,
For his arisen then attacked,
But Khaelyn was not driven back!

O! Her skill in combat fierce!
Though blows were smote by minion cursed,
Khaelyn moved with grace and strength,
And Nuskaro failed to ascertain

The emboldened crowd that hemmed him in,
Whose courage flared to watch Khaelyn,
The Priestess High of King Meraud,
Who from his thrown gave regal nod,

To see his chosen one full raze
This terror from fair Elanthi's face.
The crowd upon Nuskaro fell,
As Khaelyn dueled the rotting shell,

They dragged the fallen Olvi lost
To th' Temple to pay for all he cost
The people free who suffered most,
But for Khaelyn could no justice boast,

Yet let all who hear my soaring song
Raise a cup for Khaelyn strong!
For all peace, and love, and happy strains
Follow in fair Khaelyn's train!

Her deeds now join the timeless song
To inspire those among us young,
And time shall not forget the elf
Who forsook not those who sought her help!

The Battle of Therenborough

Context: Composed after the battle between the Theren Guard, along with its allies, and Viggu's forces that took place near Therenborough. The ballad was not performed publicly.

O divine immortals!
That gaze on all below,
Listen to this muse-born song
Of Therengia's heroes!

For never will cold terror,
Freeze burning hearts as these,
That stood before fell Viggu's clan,
And made the orc hordes bleed!

For many in that company
Led by fearless Klurn,
Could acting on their courage high
The tide of battle turn -

Yet working all together now,
The flower of the North
Allied with friends of Southern realms
Put th' orc hordes to the sword!

Among them was cold Whiteburn,
Whose bloody wrath was sate
On countless orcish soldiers fierce
Who fell with screams of pain!

And the master of high lunar spells,
The brilliant Arimane,
Saw that none of orcish filth
The Keep would ever stain!

And Mazrian and Perune,
The pillars of my guild,
Had slain so many orcish brutes
We feared th' spiral'd over fill!

Glorious Felicini!
And the life mage Karathor
Protected Theren's people
With strength unmatched in lore!

And to the fray my shadow lept,
To slay the fearsome chiefs
Though Glory may not speak her name,
In orcish blood she's seeped,

For never will foul Viggu's hordes
Set Therengia to flames
So long as the deadly Drister pair
Walk our hallowed plane.

Crobin and Heartsfyre,
Of families renown,
Saw the Baron's foes advance,
And quickly tore them down!

And all my peers from Zoluren
Taevish, Shaeun and Elphierose
Whose courage blazes with a steadfast light
Whom the gods themselves now know!

And as the orcs fell screaming,
Cast down in terror and defeat
The name of Raeyel was whispered
And the remainder shook with fear,

For thanks to th' empath Qiyan,
And the Ranger elf Maltris,
The greatest hopes of orcish hate
Were smashed to crumbled bits.

Though I lack the voice to sing all those
Who came to lend their aid
To the people of Therengia
And defy the orcish raid,

Let the souls of all these heroes
Burn with honor and with pride!
For never shall our freedom fall
While such heroes are alive!

The Ballad of Kaelie and Mazrian

Context: Performed in the the Crossing's Empath Guild to commemorate the love of Kaelie and Mazrian, and the final defeat of the Elpalzi leader Geva.

Sing! timeless muse above,
Of a time not long since past,
When Geva unleashed the dogs of war,
And widows wailed in voices sad!

And but for that soaring triumph
Of a bright all ruling love!
A darkness would still cover all
And in labor we would drudge

For th' Elpalzi were held captive
Knives held to throats of all their kin
Save for traitors like cold Geva
Who reveled in her horrid sins

And sought to bury thoughts of freedom
Under the master's lash
And sacrifice our homeland
To that which stained all Zaulfung black.

She gave the fearsome order
And assassins dashed to slay
Many of our brave defenders
Whom her designs would sure delay.

Huge was then her army,
And dire were their arms,
Bold Geva feared her nothing,
And to the Crossing raised alarm!

For lo! She seemed death's shadow!
A force that none could stop
She taunted us from hiding
And dread was felt by all.

But for all her twisted cunning
And all her borrowed might
She failed to perceive the consequence
Of facing those two lovers bright!

And in her oozing hubris
That makes Zehira seem a lamb
Crept she to the empath's guild
To spread death and mayhem

And there she whispered horrid lies
And promised freedom's death
Which reached the ears of brilliant Kaelie,
The one called Daemondred.

While Geva's loathsome magic
Shrouded her from mortal sense,
Kaelie's mind was lucid
And found she quick Constanze

A thought to her nearby husband sent
The lord of war and spells,
To lie in wait for Geva
Whom she soon would then expel,

And Kaelie told good Constanze
'Geva is within
Banish her with your magic,
And she will fall to Mazrian!'

Constanze wasted not a second,
For few she trusted like bright Kae,
And uttered words of magic
And sent Geva on her way!

Blasted onto the Crossing street,
Geva barely raised her head
Staring at her like a starving wolf
Was Mazrian Daemondred!

Lighting crackled from his fingers,
And storm winds stirred his hair,
Geva lept then to her feet,
But 'fore she could seek her lair

The elements were upon her,
From Mazrian's deadly hand!
Cutting winds they gashed her fur
And lightening lept at his command!

Geva, in that moment,
For all the dread she'd wrought
Learned that all her machinations vast
Would soon all come to naught!

For the courage of two lovers,
Who long had grown in trust,
In walks through all the vales and hills
Found liking turned to love -

Proved again, and for all time
That all the threats and murder cold
Wrought by those without a heart
Will by true love be overthrown!

And so the skein of history
Receives a gorgeous span
From the love of brilliant Kaelie,
And her Mazrian.


Hymn of the Raider

Context: Composed after the raid on Maelshyve's Fortress organized by Anduwen Watch. The hymn was performed privately at the altar of Meraud in the Crossing.

I sing of living heroes
and demons locked in strife,
Some who radiant deeds performed,
And some in shadows holding knives.

Deep in Maelshyve’s fortress,
The demon’s cult designed
To make their mistress manifest
With a human vessel there to bind.

In league with Jeihrem's chosen,
The Tallnah, Queen of Dread,
And the Necro Lord called Xzean,
To our plane the greatest threat,

Yet for all their potent malice,
And power from evil spawned,
The heroes of Elanthi rose
Like the light of breaking dawn:

Calls for help were issued,
And in council Wisdom dwelt.
Like a beacon to our wayward souls,
Hodierna’s presence all there felt,

And when the appointed time had come
Under Haven's Temple's vault,
A host of every kind arrived
Against Maelshyve to revolt.

To aid the daring effort,
Friends in the Temple prayed.
Their holy voices rising up,
Souls sharpened as a blade.

The host sought the hidden fortress
Beneath twisted Zaulfung's crust,
Harried as we passed within
By beasts and fiends corrupt -

But the banner of Sebestyen
Rose high against the dark,
And while our stricken foes fell back,
Lions roared within our hearts.

Then like the blaze of heaven's stars,
Another banner we perceived,
And Power with Samsaren strode,
With might and honor was he wreathed.

Beneath such steadfast standards passed
The host of many kinds,
Led by the Elvish captain bold
Till passed 'neath Zaulfung's shrine.

Whispers crept upon us
From Maelshyve's horrid tongue,
And suddenly a roar burst forth,
And claws cracked each our skulls!

Finished might our quest have been,
Had not Kaelie raised a graceful hand,
And taken even fiercest wounds,
Like water into sand,

Or felt the touch of Zymi,
Or Karthor's magic strong,
And Death himself must hide his head
From the empath's pride Qiyan!

Soon we faced the dreary crossing
Of an ancient, ill-wrought bridge,
Where the song of bright Navesi rose
And each felt her spirit lift!

And other powers stood not idle
As minions bent the knee
For there are some who never kneel -
Who stand upright and free!

Among those few stood Jhien,
Whose name to demons is a curse,
Knowledge high adorns his brow,
And through his craft does power surge,

And to the genius of Philosophy
My muse must bow her head,
For never can our simple words
Pay sufficient compliment

To Yvela of Zoluren,
Whose mind shall know no peer,
The seeker of the end of death,
And Maelshyve's greatest fear,

And several other shadowed names,
Whose courage never waved,
Who then refused to bow their heads
To see this plane enslaved!

Past the bridge we made our way
In chambers dark as pitch.
A unicorn did guide our way,
And the fighting grew more thick,

And in the fearsome melee,
Rose the shinning shield of Sturm,
To guard against the deadly stroke,
And the tide of battle turn,

Who with blood and steel then etched
His people's sacred creed,
And proved immortal valor bright
Not with words but deeds.

There in the inmost chamber,
Ciriasa near transformed,
Maelshyve screeched with horrid joy,
But the demon's hopes were scorned,

For rising to oppose her,
Came the greatest of our age,
Mazrian and Saragos both
With elemental power blazed!

Joined by commander Perune,
And Ruea, world renown,
Whose wit and blade are sharper yet
Than the style of her gown,

Entoning holy hymns to gods,
Blessed cleric of the Guard -
Sereze returned the brave to life,
And broke death's fearsome jaws!

There sang Maxwelinski,
Whose voice emboldens all,
And Charlize the elven ranger swift
Hunting freedom's foes to cull,

And O! That sacred, holy light!
Whom my verse must yet profane
For never can my voice be just
To the priestess high Khaelyn!

That elf bedecked with glory,
Whose kindness swallows pain,
Whose handmaids Peace and Mercy are
But whose strength yet guards our plane!

All these blessed heroes,
And the shadows living free,
Cleared then the human vessel,
And made the demon's spirit flee,

For out of hidden knowledge,
Came the means to cut the bond,
Out of many labors born,
And the chances seemed once long,

Yet the valor of Kermoria
Joined in force supreme,
Shook off the threat of demoness,
And in realms divine I've seen,

The gods gaze down with tears of pride,
And ancestors raise their cups,
In their scared halls they sing,
For the feats of those they love!

To everyone who joined with us
In shadow or in light,
On the field of battle hard,
Or in the temple to recite

Prayers to aid in freeing all
Our people from the threat
Of Maelshyve, wretched demoness,
We are ever in your debt.


Asara's Elegy

Context: Written after the death of Tirost's mother,and performed at her funeral held by the Tavern Troupe in the Crossing's Temple.

Now that you have left us,
I sing not to mourn your life,
But remember you forever,
And see you on the other side.

You lived a life of service;
You saved a wayward son;
You've taught the lost of Zoluren;
Your daughter has grown strong.

And when your spirit reaches
The tall halls of Meraud
By our family a greeting comes
Loud thundering applause,

Yet to be parted from you,
Rends me somewhere deep.
Some part of me goes with you
And your company will keep.

We miss your persistent questions;
We miss the way you laugh;
You loved to read us stories:
The happy ones and sad.

Farewell for now, Beloved.
We shall meet again,
Or if my faith be all in vain
Still with me till the end.


Light and Darkness

Context: Written after research on Lyras caused Tirost to believe that the Philosophers of the Knife played an important role in her downfall. It was originally performed at the Tavern Troupe's Concert in the Corner.

O, radiant muse, with head unbowed, and
Golden tresses furling in the wind, sing
Your lovely song. Seduce with pregnant words
The myriad folk of these fair realms –
Besieged by the dead – or undead rather,
Whose rotted flesh and villainous power
Utter ruin would wreak upon us all,
But for the work of those heroes bold, who,
Clad in shining armor, shields, and wielding
Dire arms lay down their life rather than
Be slaves to tyranny. And, when slain, to
Spite the greatest demonic magic, rise
Again by grace of gods, for their valiant
Service uncorrupt, not yet to dwell in
Loathsome death, but through their faith live free!

But not all heroes by holy light perform
Their deeds, but some in shadows work, where no
Less than their shinning counterparts slay those
Who would free souls enslave, for freedom is
Precious not only to those who love the
Law, but to every sentient mind that
Feels and chooses. Such dark powers that
Against tyranny fight with every breath,
Praise too, timeless muse, and let not their hidden
Labors pass unsung, for by their fury
And dark rage are lives of many preserved,
And many horrid monsters into the
Void cast forever.

O muse divine! Whose radiant eyes
Into the truth of things pierce, and piercing,
Know, inspire these adventurers to
Great deeds that one day may echo in
Epic verse through the halls of time!
And when our age comes to pass, let us in
Happiness learn the truth: that our infinite,
Beautiful, and myriad paths, though wracked
With pain and sorrow, love and joy, share one
Destination, bound together for a
Short time, and then, perhaps, for all time,
Or for none.


War Poet

Context: Written and performed for the Tavern Troupe's Concert in the Corner during the Elpalzi Wars.

Each has a path to follow,
While wand'ring through this life -
Some will take to instruments,
And some will choose the knife.

As for me, a wanderer,
Haunted by my muse,
I will sing of everything
From olden time till new.

And every sentient passion
That flows within our veins
Will be the stuff of my song -
Our highest joy and sharpest pain!

And while the world must tremble,
And feel Elpalzi dread,
And rise up with most dire arms
To face demons from the depths,

I will walk through hills and dales,
'Long rivers and through streets
Singing with my starlit muse,
Of the thrill of battle meet -

For though I am a poet,
Wreathed with laurel crown,
The graceful dance of battle
Enthralls me without bound!

For to move with grace and strength
This body from Meraud
Or push the very limits
Of all of magic's laws,

Nothing is so thrilling
Than to play the game
That then requires all my skill -
Life and death in balance hang!

But in truth such martial bliss
With love must tempered be,
And even my dread haralun sword
Must rest here in its sheath,

For my muse loves the simple times
As much as any great,
The smiles passed between good friends
Or a new one's hand to shake.


Opening Soliloquy from The Fall of Lyras

Context: These are the opening lines of the verse play The Fall of Lyras written by Tirost, and performed by Anjinson of the Tavern Troupe at the Yulugri Wala Theatre in Arthe Dale.

So secure these bleeting sheep
Though they know nothing of the deep
That lies beyond this plane abiding
Where fearsome demons hunt and creep.
Though errant fools have killed me once
This new found power I now flaunt
From greater being than Meraud
Shall blaze across this world I haunt,
And cast I off my mortal cares
Of mercy, hope and all that's fair
And make this world a sacrifice
And let creation taste of my despair!