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Mystylaine Rincon
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Rekon, Shiriann, Erixx, Dainera, Raeyel

Mysty has a heart-shaped face with pouting lips, pointed ears and silver-flecked violet eyes. Lavender-streaked blue-black hair that is long and wavy, and is worn in a simple, loose style. She has smooth skin and a lithe figure. She is an adult.

She has a tattoo of elegant, sweeping linework done in black ink that covers her lower back, narrowing to points as it spans from hip to hip. A swallowtail butterfly with a delicate black body and wings in shades of iridescent purples from deep violet to pale lilac is centered within the design at the base of her spine, flanked by further bold lines that curl around to terminate in wispy tendrils on her abdomen. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver earcuff with looped chains dangling orchids, some sparkling diamond heart-shaped earrings, a glittering quartz nose stud, a slender gold necklace made from a chain of interlocking hearts, a pair of pure white wings that resemble those of a flying dove, a good-sized charcoal-grey jumping spider, a snow white brocade corset trimmed with silvery lace, a soft black beaded-deerskin haversack, a sleeveless gown of shimmering white gossamer with a plunging neckline, a series of blue gold armbands lit by rainbow sapphires and indicolite & tourmalines, a silk faille wrist purse cinched with gossamer ribbons, a slender gold bracelet made from delicate interlocking hearts, a sparkling bracelet set with heart-shaped diamonds, a plain signet ring bearing the Estate Holder's crest, a delicate platinum ring adorned with a diamond butterfly, a jangling golden hip-chain set with carved ivory roses, a shimmering silvery white silk dance veil, a delicate ankle bracelet hung with healing herb charms carved from cambrinth and a pair of slender heeled slippers covered in white silk.

'The Beginning…..'

Making her way as quickly and carefully as she can, a willowy elven woman moves silently through the swamp that surrounds the mountain side encampment of the clan on three sides. Whispering a prayer of thanks to Tamsine that she was finally able to find an opening to escape from nearly two years of capture, Sylthana continues to the forest in the distance as fast as her very pregnant body will allow. Staying vigilant and moving mostly at night, to avoid soldiers on both sides, cursing the war that put her in this situation, Sylthana continues to make her way steadily back to her smoi (husband) Erren and her clan's fall settlement on the plains.

Arriving just before dawn Sylthana finally reaches her clan , weak and exhausted she collapses after whistling out her greeting for the sentries….. Awakening hours later in her bed, home for the first time in just over two years she sees her smoi Erren, and young daughter Shiriann at her bedside. Clutching his hand and hugging her daughter as the child falls across her, Sylthana tells of her capture, confinement, and her current condition. Exhausted again she drifts back in to blackness …

Weeks later, she again finds herself back in bed, this time caught in the thrones of labor. Hours later as dawn colors the sky the first wails of a newborn fill the air. After swaddling the new born, Erren lays the little girl on his helie’s (wife’s) chest and vows to raise her as his own. Smiling at Sylthana he asks “what should we name her?” Gazing down at her daughter, her fingers graze across the tiny forehead and, brushing wisps of raven locks already showing lavender highlights, Sylthana runs her fingers down a delicate cheek. As she watches, the baby opens her eyes, a startling silver flecked violet that seems for a moment to glow with an inner fire…

Glancing up at her smoi, she smiles and says “we have Altan Gul…” her gaze shifts to her daughter Shiriann as she peers curiously into the room “yes, I was talking about you, come meet your new sister…”. As Shiri cautiously approaches her parents she asks “what is her name Gemia (mother)?” Glancing questioningly at her smoi she is about to ask his thoughts again when a tiny sparrow lands on the window sill and begins to sing…. “We will call her Licuti Cimi… Mystylaine to those not of the clan, after her grandmother.”

'War Reaches Home......'

Mere days after her fifth birthday, Mystylaine was startled from her play in the fields surrounding the clan's fall home by the thunder of hoof beats as many of the clan's warriors near the village, riding hard . Bows slung over their shoulders, swords at their sides, they dismounted and ran into the village yelling urgently. The voices of the warriors carried on the winds but the words had no meaning for her young mind…


Moments after the warriors ran by, Mysty watched in curious confusion as people began running out of their homes, weapons in hand. Turning her gaze to her own small home she watched as her parents came running out followed by her sister. Her Towis ran weapons in hand to join the other warriors, her Gemia kneeled down and put her hands on Shiri's shoulders as she said something to her, glancing at Mysty as she rose.

Motioning towards where her youngest daughter was still standing in the tall grasses she gave Shiri a nudge before taking off at a run to join the rest of adults. Running towards her, blonde hair blowing wildly in the wind, her sister Shiri skidded to a stop in front of her. Grasping her arm tightly she exclaimed “come Mysty we must hide, they are coming!”

Not understanding the urgency she tried to pull back, “What is coming Shiri?” she asked, her violet eyes fearful. “The war has reached us, we must hide Mysty…..NOW!!” she cried as she dragged her little sister towards the tree line on the opposite side of the village from where the clan warriors and defenders were gathering......

It seemed an eternity, hiding in the woods where her older sister Shiri had dragged her. Tucked tightly under some fallen trees, she huddled in fear against Shiri as the sounds of battle began to reach them. Growing in intensity the sounds of battle raged, the clash of blades ringing through the air, yells, battle cries, the screams of horses all rending the air in a terrible symphony. Darkness fell, unnatural in its suddenness, like the gods had snuffed out the very sun. Daring to peer out through the branches she glanced up at the sky. Dark and foreboding, eerie and almost evil feeling the sky rolled with dark clouds cracking with electricity, sudden bolts leaping out and flashing down, followed by crashing booms as it hit the ground, adding to the roar of the battle.

Silence…sudden and complete silence. Sitting and waiting, expecting the terrible noises to start again as suddenly as it had stopped, for anlaen they sat..waiting…until suddenly her sister began pushing her out of their hiding spot. “Move Mysty, I think it’s over…” Shiri whispered as she gave her another shove. Crawling out she stood on wobbling legs and gazed around, seeing only the forest and the sky about, now normal from what she could see in the late afternoon. Moving cautiously and quietly at first, they crept towards the tree line, once there the sight stopped them both in their tracks.

'Life Forever Changed......'

The village was gone….great plumes of black smoke rose darkening the sky. The houses burned, collapsed or collapsing, sending showers of sparks upward, beautiful in a way like red fireflies, distracting her young mind momentarily. With a cry of horror, Shiri took off at a run towards the devastation, leaving her alone…. Trailing after her sister, she reached the remains of the village.
Broken bodies, of her clan and the opposing forces were everywhere amongst the destruction. The air hard to breathe with all the smoke burning her lungs and the cloying smell of burned flesh and blood. Walking in a daze she finds her sister and clings to her….

Sounds once again fill her ears beyond the crackle of the burning village, voices…faint but growing louder and the whiny of horses… “More…there are two more over here!” a male voice called out as forms began to take shape through the smoky haze… As the man stopped in front of them, she had to tip her head back and look up to fully see him. Dressed in full plate the man was massive, and not an Elf….”Why are you so tall?” she asked as she peered up at him. “Because we Kaldar are made this way little Elf” he replied as he scooped her up and led her and her sister towards the others that had not walked the Starry Road…

Her parents, two that were taken by the Starry Road were ceremoniously buried with honor along with the rest of the fallen by the remaining members of her clan and the other Wind Elf clans from the area. Those left with no living family were sent to the orphanage in Crossing, run by clerics. Mysty and her sister were two of these luckless orphans, wards now of the province.. victims of the Gorbesh and now Sorrow Wars….

Growing up in the orphanage was not the easiest for Mysty, the dorms were crowded, the privacy non-existent and having anything that was her very own a near impossibility. The clerics and her sister tried their best to keep her in check but she continued to push her boundaries whenever possible. Morbidly intrigued by death and violence, she spent much time around both the cleric and empath guilds. The clerics at the orphanage feared what she’d seen had scarred her for life… Mysty was not so sure that it had not always been inside her.

As they grew the sisters stayed close, and noticing that Mysty’s love of violence and death had grown not faded, her sister worried for her. Trying to keep her in the light, she took her to specific temples only and encouraged her to channel her darker impulses and seek to help not harm. Shiri had joined the guild of the clerics, but pushed Mysty instead toward the empaths where blood and violence reigned, in a sort of compromise with her dark side.


Once of age, Mysty followed the urgings of her sister and joined the empath guild. Working hard she devoted herself into mastering her empathetic abilities, determined to please Salvur Siksa, her guild leader, and earn enough to leave the dorms. Naturally outgoing if not a bit wild, making friends came naturally to Mysty and she was quickly surrounded by friends that became her extended family. Once able to, she learned the much frowned upon shifting ability which allowed her the extra income needed to purchase a home. Time passed as she continued to grow in her guild and transitioned from a rather wild youth to a graceful woman, garnering many suitors.

Ever social and always a charmer she never lacked for male companionship. In efforts to gain more of her time they showered her in gifts and she could now use the money from tips, which had gotten much better as her skills grew, to help younglings in the realm get started in their chosen guilds. Being Elven, time flowed differently for Mysty, seasons and suitors came and went, flowing in an endless blur. Her heart never beating faster for any one man, the lack of forward progress had her suitors sighing in frustration as they realized her heart would never be theirs, stepping back one by one to positions of friendship.

Accomplished in her guild, her bank account now quite comfortable, Mysty continues to help younglings, or anyone in need really, and now shifts for tips only. Never feeling quite right about set prices for making someone happier in their skin, all shifts are without cost. Money is no longer a concern and her vaults are bursting to overflowing with all manner of shoes and clothing…despite her generosity she finds herself reluctant to part with anything as the gnawing feeling of owning nothing still haunts her, unless it is something she is giving as a gift. Overflowing with material things, age and time has left her realizing that ‘stuff’ still leaves her feeling incomplete while love remains something only imagined.

'The Lion, the Empath and her wardrobe…….'

Another wedding to attend comes up, and knowing the ache it will leave in her, she desperately wishes she could decline….. no chance this time though, it’s family. Mysty’s niece Dainera is marrying a close friend, Raeyel. Doubly stuck, she resigns herself to going and helps the happy couple plan their nuptials. Never did she imagine the wedding being such a catalyst in HER life, but the gods have very different ideas…. The wedding day arrives and Mysty helps with the final preparations in the formal gardens of the Abbey for Rae and Dai’s wedding. Once the site was secure she watched her friend pace and fidget as he waited for guests. As the time for the ceremony drew close, one of Rae’s close friends was still missing.. someone he referred to as the ‘tin man’. Undeniably curious after such a description she waited to see who would show up. The roisens ticked by until exasperated he sent another guest out to find the missing tin man.


Arriving only moments before the ceremony started … in came the one he sent to find him, and the tin man. A cursory glance made her pause and look again. Her breath caught as he scanned the room, such eyes.. the green and gold arresting, almost predatory, yet perfectly suited to his ruggedly handsome leonine face. Giving herself a mental shake, her gaze wandered over the rest of him and was no less captivated. Noticing the wounds on him she was about to offer a touch when the ceremony began….

A beautiful ceremony commenced, and try as she might to pay attention to it…her eyes kept drifting to the glorious Kaldar sitting across the aisle. Once the ceremony was over, she quickly approached him before she lost her nerve and offered a heal, he accepted and she laid her hand on his arm, the melding that comes with unity oddly intense, shocking her with the strength of it, she had to slip out of the tent as soon as he was healed … her mind reeling as her heart raced.

In the reception tent she regained her composure just as everyone else came in. The men arm wrestled, and again..she could not help but stare. Turning to the refreshment table she grabbed a glass of champagne and began to listen as the story of how Rae and Dai began.. at the point where Rae was telling how Mysty had to beat him with sticks to keep him on track, those eyes landed on her and he smiled..time stopped as she had to remind herself to breathe…shy for the first time in her life, she stood quietly and sipped her drink as the others talked until it was time to dance. Watching the newlyweds on the dance floor she was surprised to find him next to her, and more surprised when he leaned down and said hello…then asked if she would care to dance.. speechless, she couldn’t form the words to answer right away and could only nod.

Finding her voice at last she introduced herself and finally learned the name of the man that had her so off balance… Rekon. Shyness overcame her again and she could only comment on his eyes.. They talked for a bit, and she began to feel more herself and less like a tongue tied youngling. When they danced, again she felt a jolt, so it was not the unity, and she dared to run with it and began to flirt, even stealing a kiss in a bold and impulsive move. He blushed and her heart skipped a beat….she complimented his dancing.. “for a Kaldar you mean?” he asked, of course he did not know she had a special fondness for Kaldars since one had saved her all those years ago…”what’s wrong with a Kaldar?” was her only response, gaining another smile from him. The dancing turned to talking and then to playful teasing as the night progressed. Fearing this may be the only time she sees this most captivating man, again she was bold and let him know she’d like to see him again...

A few days passed…and then he gwethed, he was in Crossing and wanted to see her. Of course she said yes…and was as terrified as she was excited. A song she’d heard floated through her mind …” If the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you, There's just something about you, you make me nervous when you walk in the room…Them butterflies they come alive when I'm next to you.” They met up, and he looked as amazing as he had at the wedding. The connection was immediate, and she anticipated her time with him as she had with no other. Thinking about him made her smile and her heart ache in a whole new way. Realization hit one day as she was watching him spar…she felt whole for the first time in her life. “So this is Love” she murmured to herself, her next thought was that this man she could Gelinajaun Ruh. She’d always known that when she gave her heart to a man it would be forever, so only that ritual, eternal and unbreakable for an Elf, would do. She nibbled her lip thoughtfully as she watched him…..

It was not long after that it happened, skipping rocks on the shore he suddenly seemed nervous, unsure of himself. This was not something she was used to seeing and she peered curiously at him. He pulled out a ring….. and proposed. She was stunned… speechless. Yes, she’d had it in her mind but had not thought it would become reality. Her mind whirled, so many thoughts…. Was it too soon, did he understand that for her saying yes meant she’d never have another, ..Looking at him though, she knew her decision without any doubts and softly replied “Yes.”

That was the beginning…everything with him has been different from anything she’s known..the realm itself changed somehow. The gods blessed her with him, and amazingly he felt the same. Her days now are filled with preparations, oh so much to do! The engagement party, the wedding itself keeping her busy…her nights at his side .. happier then she’s ever been. Something she’d never imagined had happened....never had she thought that she’d find her Ruh Maite.....and then…. in walked Rekon…..

'Life With the Lion'

Rekon…. It still amazed her how things had turned out. Now nearly three years later, Mysty stopped to gaze at her Ruh Maite.. her thoughts traveling back to when they were first engaged.

The engagement was as short as the courtship, not intentionally, it just worked out that way. In the midst of all the planning for the engagement party and the wedding a few months after, Rekon wanted to marry now and save just the soul bonding for the wedding.. claiming he could not wait to truly call her his. Of course she said yes, she never said no to him. Her sister Shiri did the simple rose ceremony in their home, with the only witness beyond Shiri was his half brother Erixx. Oddly enough that turned into a love story as well… she couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

The engagement party was a huge success, and they both knew they’d be throwing many more of these big parties over the coming years. Smiling as she remembered, she thought how much fun they had both had planning it, it seemed like just yesterday… but a few years was just a blink to an Elf after all.

Gazing lovingly at him she reached out and rubbed the back of his neck, easing any tension. At her touch he turned towards her and leaning in a bit brushed his lips lovingly against hers, murmuring “love you carwu”. Smiling at the enderment, Mysty returned his kiss and softly replied “love you, maitu.”

As Rekon put his arm around her and pulled her close, she snuggled against him inhaling his slightly tangy citrus scent. Never in her wildest dreams as a child had she ever imagined the happiness she’d found with this man. The wedding itself was still on the horizon, her new position, and his, and the looming war with Viggu put the actual soul bonding on hold. Mysty wasn't worried, of course she wanted it, but she was his wife already… and even without the permanence of the ceremony, their souls had become entwined.. living and breathing for each other. With the added benefit of sharing her life force already showing in keeping him in his prime.

Days flew by, seasons… even the years were just a happy blur. A few obstacles, such as any couple may encounter came along, and rather than doing damage… made their bond that much stronger and deeper. Along the way they both had been talked into helping their nephew Raeyel get the Order of the Dragon Shield (ODS) back up and functioning. Rekon became Head Councilman and the Defense Advisor when the Northern Watch was put on hold, since he was no longer performing his Deputy Commander duties. Mysty took the Vice Speaker, Rae knew she’d built the Apostles with Lancel and had been a recruiter, and Councilwoman for them. The ODS would be a lot of work, the reputation was not good, and starting new was hard enough without having to rebrand, but they knew what they wanted to make it and pushed forward.

Together they forge onward, taking on any challenges as one, life full and filled with happiness. Mysty shakes herself back to the present upon hearing Rekon being called to the field for the qualifiers and gives him an impish grin. Before he mounts his horse she gives him a quick kiss and with a playful smile says “go get ‘em babe”. Watching him ride off to the jousting field she is forever in awe that the magnificent paladin atop the massive black steed is her’s… she has a fleeting thought about one day expanding their family……

'The Family'

Husband - Rekon Rincon

Sister - Shiriann Vorhees (Caerleon)

Brother-in-Law - Erixx Vorhees (half-brother of Rekon)

Niece - Dainera Rincon ((Wyvern)... daughter of Shiriann and Dryzt)

Nephew - Raeyel Rincon (Former Husband to Dainera)

Nephew - Xakior Vorhees (son of Erixx and Shiriann)

'Songs and such...'

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