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Male and Female Halflings Description

Notorious for their sweet tooth, furry feet, and odd behavior, Halflings are perhaps the most inquisitive and clever of all the sentient races, matched only by the Prydaen in their tendency to get distracted by what would seem to others to be trivial or inconsequential things. What they lack in strength and discipline they make up for in physical agility; Halflings are uncannily good at getting out of the sticky situations that their own curiosity frequently gets them into.

It is a common perception in the Realms that Halflings are universally good-natured -- even child-like -- in manner. Halflings have an affected dialect of Common that often involves the use of simple terms and emphatic gesturing which can, on the surface, imply a simpler outlook on life -- perhaps even a naïve one. Historically, however, there have been Halflings who have tackled gravely serious endeavors that ultimately ensured the survival of the Realms. It is perhaps because of this "simpler outlook" that they were able to endure the strain that surely accompanied such undertakings.

Character Creation

The Halfling figurine speaks, a bubbly, high-toned voice that is overrun with jovial humor. "Clever Halfling am I! Strength I have not, and height I have not, and really, I'm not all that skilled in magic -- but clever, clever, clever is this one! We are the curious, the ingenious, the solver of riddles! Always have we an eye on the humor in things, for life is too short to be spent on brooding! Lanival gave all the lands to us, so all places are ours. Our curiosity untangles the knots that bind and finds that which is not yet lost. What we lack in power and height we make up with skill and accuracy and dexterity."

Though short -- half the size of the Human and smaller than the Dwarves -- the Halfling radiates a confidence, merriment, and awareness of the world that makes up for size. Bright eyes twinkle with suppressed laughter.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod Characteristics
Strength 6 +2 General - Live to approximately 100 years, with 75 being the average.
Reflex 12 -1 Both sexes stand from 3' to 4' tall.
Agility 14 -2 Olvi are the masters of smoke images.
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 8 +1
Wisdom 8 +1
Intelligence 10 0
Stamina 12 -1


Normal Longevity Halflings See Others See
0 to 14 0 to 14 a kneebiter a child
15 to 20 15 to 20 a tartsnatcher young
21 to 34 21 to 34 a whippersnapper young
35 to 44 35 to 64 a daydreamer an adult
45 to 53 65 to 94 a hairyfoot in his prime
54 to 62 95 to 112 a pipesmoker/a longbraids middle-aged
63 to 70 113 to 130 a porchsitter mature
71 to 77 131 to 148 a grayroot venerable
78 to 86 149 to 166 a grayhair elderly
87 to 93 167 to 184 a talespinner aged
94 to 100 185 to 200 a naptaker wizened
101+ 201+ archaic archaic

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