Yulugri Wala

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Yulugri Wala
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Arthe Dale
Map Ranik's Map 7b
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Map shops, Container shops, Smoking shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Yulugri Wala, Lobby]
Hung from the ceiling, decorative vines dangle sparkling gem-dusted leaves and brightly colored feathers. Indigo gingham cloths cover the counter and tables set up around the room, each surface piled high with pastries to tempt the palate. Despite the dirt floor, the area retains an aura of cleanliness and refinement.
Obvious exits: west, out.

On the rosewood shelf
Item Price Done
fancifully colored map of Arthe Dale 6,250   !!
In the counter
Item Price Done
silver flask engraved with a ram lying on a stage 20,000   !!
silver flask engraved with a taffelberry branch laden with clusters of fruit 20,000   !!
gold flask engraved with a ram lying on a stage 200,000   !!
gold flask engraved with a taffelberry branch laden with clusters of fruit 200,000   !!
silver flask engraved with a pair of Olvi dancing upon a stage 20,000   !!
gold flask engraved with a pair of Olvi dancing upon a stage 200,000   !!
In the pipe chest
Item Price Done
oak pipe fancifully carved to depict a glass of ale 9,375   !!
ash pipe carved to depict a leaping ram 9,375   
cherry pipe carved to resemble a branch with taffelberries along its length 9,375   !!
ash pipe carved to resemble a ram's horn 9,375   

[Yulugri Wala, Smoking Room]
Glass cabinets along the walls display cases of rolled cigars and loose tobacco. Wing chairs of padded green leather face each other in small groupings, each accented with mahogany tables polished to a rich shine. Matching paneling covers exposed portions of the walls, and frosted gaethzen orbs provide a soft light to the room. Thick carpets dampen noise, allowing those who gather to debate the merits of one tobacco over another to do so in comfort and encouraging them to linger. You also see a set of stairs.
Obvious exits: none.

In the cigar display case
Item Price Done
sungrown cigar 62   !!
shadegrown cigar 63   !!
telgi cigar 127   !!
Pantel spice cigar 375   
whiskey-laced cigar 937   
silver-banded cigar 375   
thin Purple Lion cigarillo 312   
In the tobacco case
Item Price Done
Kertigen's spiced tobacco 750   !!
brandy soaked tobacco 500   !!
sweet cherry tobacco 500   !!
Dark Pass Desire tobacco 625   !!
Mountain Pass Blend tobacco 625   !!
Warm Night tobacco 625   !!
black rum tobacco 500   !!
Gold Crown tobacco 750   
culebras tobacco 500   !!
autumn harvest tobacco 500   

[Yulugri Wala, Bar]
A long oak bar extends the length of the room, each end decorated with a carved depiction of Glythtide. Neatly stacked behind the bar, ornately labeled barrels line the wall, some with taps in them, others waiting to replace empties. Oak bar stools and small tables fill most of the room, with the exception of a stage in the corner opposite the door. Between the stage and the bar, a doorway reveals stairs leading upward. A matching set of steps leading downward is roped off to limit access.
Obvious exits: east.

On the oak bar
Item Price Done
flagon of ginger beer 0   
mug of mulled sicle cider 0   !!
glass of modwyn wine 0   !!
glass of Burdock's ale 0   !!
A neatly lettered sign reads:
"Drinks graciously provided by the Arthe Hollow Inn."

Note: The ginger beer's container varies. When you LOOK ON BAR, this is what you see:

On the oak bar you see a cask of ginger beer, some mulled sicle cider, some modwyn wine, some Burdock's ale and a neatly lettered sign.

But if you GET BEER, this is what you get:

You pour yourself a flagon of ginger beer. Cheers!