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Perune Nocarrain
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


Perune is a half-blood Forest Elf hailing from Leth Deriel. He was born on the 9th day of the 3rd month in the year 368 AV to an Elven father and Human mother. His mother, Ingara, was killed during an attempt to sneak a group of Forest Elves past the hordes of Lyras' undead outside Leth in the year 394 AV. A Warrior Mage, her penchant for fireworks and displays of self-sacrifice led to Perune joining the guild in the year 417 AV. He quickly became known among his Guild as a scholar and organizer who would often hosts discussions on Elemental Magic theory and Guild history. His work within the Guild often led him to help newer members and eventually resulted in him taking on an apprentice, Oscearo Stillwater.

During the Elpalzi rebellion, Perune was concerned about the welfare of the Standing Stones of Zaulfung after threats made by the Elpalzi leadership. Spending months watching over the Stones as a guardian, he accrued a great deal of knowledge and is one of the few Mages in Elanthia who knows of the theory behind their function and the current status of the site.

More recently, Perune became known for his assistance surrounding the end of Alret's Elpalzi rebellion and his work within the Anduwen Watch.


You see Perune Nocarrain, Archwizard, an Elf.
He has an oval face, pointed ears, almond-shaped green eyes and a straight nose. His auburn hair is short and fine. He has pale skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for an Elf.
He is young.
He has a long sparse mustache on his upper lip and an elegantly trimmed full beard.

He is wearing a dark icesteel balaclava crowned by a trio of infernal barbs, a black scaled backsheath wrapped in the pelt of a blood wolf, a draping chainmail hauberk mantled at the shoulders with red leucro fur, a lumium round sipar, some coarse shalswar-hide gloves with a reinforced design, a watered steel sigilated ring ensconced with pure white spiritwood, some heavy leather fighting pants riveted along the seams with ornate bronze studs and some brown gargoyle-hide boots adorned with leathery wings.

Equipment of Note

Chainmail of the Red Leucro

a draping chainmail hauberk mantled at the shoulders with red leucro fur

Sturdy metal links backed by a leather base drape about the wearer, with straps along the arms and belts for the torso to secure it in place. Thick red leucro fur about the shoulders lends warmth against cold weather while adding to the intimidating profile the armor presents. Riveted to the metal, a small plaque displays a shield and hammer encircled by ten chain links.(Originally forged by Baelor.)

Celya oc Cercorim Baitan

a long-bladed senci spear with a blackened and malformed sana'ati haft

Warped to form a balanced haft, oddly-blackened sana'ati wood bears a semblance of gloom. Elemental symbols carved along the wood snake their way toward the spearhead, where thin veins within the vibrant green stone emit an eerie shimmer.

Demon Hunter's Helm

a dark icesteel balaclava crowned by a trio of infernal barbs

Translucent chainmail falls from a solid cap and facemask, the fathomless blue of the icesteel occasionally giving way to lighter streaks of cyan and brilliant azure. A trio of midnight-blue barbs are staged upon three positions at the center of the forehead, an anarchic growth culminating in needle-sharp points. Their jagged, broken bases are layered in dusky blue scales, and the tips bear dribbles of ichorous resin, frozen forever in viscid descent.

The Shattered Blade of Ingara Nocarrain

a rusty hilt bearing a jeweled salamander pommel and a shattered blade

Too damaged to serve as a weapon, the remains of this instrument of war is now simply a shattered relic. Pitted along the salamander's otherwise polished and restored skin, blotches of rust lend it a mottled appearance that contrasts sharply with the pristine Gemfire rubies that lend a hint of fire to the creature with each touch of light.

Black Stag

You get a bastard sword hilted with a stylized antler-shaped crossguard from inside your scaled backsheath.

In contrast to the deep purple blade is a bare steel grip engraved with flames spiraling up the core reminiscent of Imperial Age Telo'Getha weaponry. The hilt ends in a sharply angular crossguard shaped like a stag's antlers, jagged and irregular. A single fuller runs the length of the blade, a straight black line against the dark metal.

Crafted from the scales of a frost angiswaerd and colored glossy black, this backsheath rests within the red fur pelt of a young blood wolf, the opening of the sheath barely protruding from the wolf's agape maw and secured by a jagged tooth.


Perune's familiar is a large and shaggy bear named Hanjora. Unlike most familiars, Hanjora has been given free reign to roam Elanthia. Over time, a personality has developed that is both inquisitive and mocking of life on the Plane of Abiding. Hanjora enjoys spending time with Empaths over all other people, but primarily spends his time travelling.

Notable Events

423 - Was recognized by Prince Belirendrick IV for working within a small group led by Lady Lilena Turmar to foil Alret's Elpalzi rebellion. Granted the title 'Zoluren's Shadow'.
423 - Was recognized by Prince Belirendrick IV for service to Zoluren in securing prisoners kept by the Elpalzi in Sorrow's Keep. Granted the title 'Zoluren's Emancipation'.
424 - Founding member of the Anduwen Watch.
426 - Helped organize and lead the successful Raid on Maelshyve's Fortress.