Anduwen Watch

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators

The Anduwen Watch was formed on 29 Uthmor 424 (8/12/2017) by a group of concerned individuals to fight for the breath of civilization across Elanthia, to defend against catastrophes natural and unnatural. Their name comes from the anlas of Anduwen, the first anlas of the new day and also a dark, midnight anlas. While not a Militia or an official Order, the Watch seeks to educate and train others, gather information, and coordinate defenses, as well as organizing expeditions themselves when the need arises. They operate throughout Kermoria, as necessary, but are primarily located in Zoluren.