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Order of the Black Fox
This is an Official Order
Sanctioned Province: Zoluren
City Base: Leth Deriel
Active Members: 16
Website: https://orderoftheblackfox.godaddysites.com/
Twitter: @BlackFoxOrder
Speaker: Kaelie
Vice Speaker: Karturis
Council Members





~~ Order of the Black Fox ~~

Sanctioning Province: Zoluren

Ask any member for an application!

Sponsorship Required: No
Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: 0
Guilds Welcome: All
Races Welcome: All

Speaker of the Order: Kaelie Rudeone
Vice Speaker: Karturis
Council Members: Bellatristezza, Kamisama, Jiah, Malign, Mazrian, Lycette, Faunamae, Mystyrain


In 332, the Year of the Amber Phoenix, deep in the forests surrounding Leth Deriel, a pact was made in a secluded glade known only to the locals. They called the place “the Black Fox Hollow” after the rare and gentle foxes that once resided there. Fourteen families, seeing trouble ahead, pledged that they and their children would forever protect Elanthia and its traditions. The children were sent across the lands to learn the ways and teachings of the lands. When they returned as adults, they found much changed in their former home. It was decided they would band together to continue the wisdom of their elders and became the founding council for the Order of the Black Fox, a group to which all Elanthians might look for guidence and instruction.

At one time, the full story of the founding of the Order of the Black Fox could be found in the book, "The History of the Order of the Black Fox" which was passed from Historian to Historian. Unfortunately, over time, this book has been misplaced and whatever deeper secrets it held have been lost. It is the hope of our scholars that it may one day be found or re-written from verbal accounts gathered from those who were once among our ranks. The former Historian, Kohab Iani, had researched this topic to great lengths and efforts are provided below.

History of the Order of the Black Fox


1. Promote activities to help people learn and understand the traditions and history of the lands.

2. Inspire the citizens of Elanthia in virtues of respect, loyalty, excellence in whatever niche you occupy, fraternity, articulation, freedom and honor.

3. Leaders will hold the group's priority as a whole over any one or few persons.

4. Eat, drink, smoke, joust, bid, hunt and enjoy yourself. (OOC: Have fun)

5. The Order will remain neutral. Issues will be discussed and considered from all guilds and races in that fashion. You are free to participate in whatever military action you support. This Order is not interested in changing anyone's personal opinions, rather celebrating the diversity of opinions and culture across the Realm.

All within the laws of the province of Zoluren.



an enameled-iron black fox pin with bright amber eyes

Cut into the shape of a sitting black fox, the pin has been enameled with shades of black and charcoal. Finely detailed, the tiny creature wears a mirthful expression and its amber eyes give an air of warmth and wisdom. A flowing script winds around the edge.
There appears to be something written on it.
A black fox pin reads:
"Member of the Order of the Black Fox."

Official Description: The Black Fox insignia is a white tower shield with a bold red chevron, at the center of which sits a small, placid black fox with glowing amber eyes. On a crescent-shaped silk banner atop the shield, the words "Order of the Black Fox" are embroidered in gold thread in bold, flowing script.

Blazon: Argent, a chevron inverted gules and a fox sejant guardant sable. Supporters: dexter, a woodsman holding a spear; sinister, a maiden holding in her dexter hand a sword, and in her sinister hand two arrows.

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The Order of the Black Fox hosts many events. At these events, all attendees receive a gift and prizes may be awarded to competition winners. The gifts and prizes from these events are documented on the following page:

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