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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime

You see Warrior of Tieheq Raeyel Buksa-haz, a Kaldar. You have a square face, unflinching and hardened topaz eyes and a straight nose. You have cropped silver-streaked black hair, with tanned skin and a brawny build. You are tall for a Kaldar. You are young.

You are wearing a generous black silk cloak with a dramatically sweeping hem, a barbarian's earring carved from kertig to resemble a tiny forge, a soft wheat-colored suede shirt with copper overstitching and rolled up sleeves, a blackened moonsilver armband inlaid with nightfire opals, a heavy platinum wedding band inset with a square-cut diamond, some supple deep brown leather pants buttoned at the waist and some bloodstained steel-toed boots with tarnished skull buckles.

Silence....breathing....I hear the foot steps.....Silence....dammit remember to breathe.... they're close now..... I wasnt always like this, by Everild these Elpalzi stink.....I hear the command "STRIKE!".... concious thought flees before the tidal wave of Rage as I roar and charge....Trothfang lead me......Kuniyo help me........it wasnt always like this..

Childhood......I was so happy then

    It was a cool morning in the small Albarian fishing village.  It was a Happy day, Raeyel had just turned 12 and was,

by the village's standings, a man! Just like all the other boys his age he got his first job at the docks unloading crates and fish. The days were warm for such a cold land. His nights were full of laughter, his father Raultin, the village Elder, was a master story teller and fisherman....if only he had learned war..... His mother and brothers would sit by the fire as their father, the only man Raeyel would ever call his hero, told them stories of Great Wars and battles on the high seas. Raeyel loved those the most...some days he would be caught daydreaming as he stared off the dock, wondering of a swashbuckler's life. Little did he know....he was gonna be able to live that....and more... Day came, morning, breakfast and I love you's as Raey headed to the docks....maybe if he had stayed home or..... He came home to find it burned....the village was in ruins....attacked by a band of goblins, butchered...blood everywhere.. his family dead, the only one in one piece...his father...his hero......laid slain upon the cold earth.....sword in hand... ..if he had only learned war....goodbye Dad...

Rage....the call of Blood and Water.

Not long after, Raeyel fell into a bad crowd....of mercenaries as it were. The Grey Dragons were a sea fairing group of mercenaries that specialized in assault and infiltration. He learned from them...then one day, after drinking more mead than any young man should, he set off and found the goblins. He took his time, killing most by hand, reveling in their screams, the first tugs of blood lust feeding the demon inside him. Hours later, he returned to the band and boarded the Blood Drinker, a galley....not knowing nor caring that this would be the last time he ever saw his homeland.

                    3 years have passed, his sledgehammer has seen so much battle....so much blood.  Next....the city of Leth... easy pickings..

or so we thought. 5 days into a 2 day assault.... they're all dead.....the Drinker in smoldering embers. The Zoluren military finally packed up and marched out....leaving Rae alone by himself. North he thought...... he will go North...

New life, new path and.......oh wow who is she?