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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Lymira



You see Knight of Meraud Tirost Armagna, Telo'Getha of Zoluren, a Human Warrior Mage.
Tirost has an oval face, silver-flecked crystal blue eyes and a straight nose. His dark brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for a Human.
He has a tattoo of ominous black symbols on his left wrist.
He is wearing a fur-trimmed black mantle clasped at the shoulder with a silversteel triskelion, a damite ring hauberk, a black steel mourning band inlaid with ivory lilies, a dark leather sheath inlaid with silversteel, a pair of black khadder pants fastened with animite studs and a pair of black leather boots with white meshor fox fur cuffs.



His familiar, Pangovin, is a storm-grey cat with gold-flecked crystal blue eyes.

Cherished Possessions

- a haralun bastard sword inscribed with arcane symbols  

Tempered black haralun forms the sword's blade and crossguard, while animite adds a touch of depth to the arcane symbols that line the fuller. Surmounting the weapon is a hexagonal pommel of animite, which has been embossed with a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords. Highlighted by starry flecks of white, nightfire opals glitter in the eyes of the wolf, lending them bursts of silvery blue, deepest black, and pure crimson.

Commissioned by Anjinson from the legendary weaponsmith Squanto Longstalk. Anjinson gave it to Tirost as a gift. It was later enchanted by Sigzil.

- a leather-bound black book inlaid with gold arcane symbols  

Neatly inlaid into the black leather of the book's cover are arcane symbols representing different aspects of mana. Each symbol has been carefully crafted of polished gold and the pages are embellished with a subtle gold leafing on their edges.

This book was found in a cave near Arthe Dale that Tirost and Annais explored while searching for Vorclaf's crown. The book is heavy and nearly indestructible. The aether spirit Pangovin claims it is ancient and meant to be used as a weapon.

- a burnished silversteel tankard crowned with laurel leaves  

A skillfully sculpted laurel branch encircles the lid of this glorious vessel, its nearly lifelike leaves framing the apex of a sturdy scroll handle. The handle itself, left free of ornamentation to provide a comfortable grip, runs from the top of the slightly tapered tankard to the decorative band of tracery surrounding the heavy base. A thick diamond-hide strap with a silversteel clasp loops through the handle for easy wear.

Given to Tirost by Casimira.

- a dark leather sheath inlaid with silversteel  

The large sheath is gripped by the bright metal at the throat, tip, and also by way of matching silversteel buckles that secure the heavy leather straps and allow it to be attached to a belt. A raven's feather and a hawk's feather are tied with a leather cord to one of the straps, and are the only touch of ornamentation to the piece. Thick lotusweave lines the inside and cradles weapons placed within.

- a braided copper ring  

Engraved along the polished inner side of the band are the words, "Patience, Tenacity, and Endurance."

Given by Oscearo.


See the poetry of Tirost.


Tirost and his muse

Tirost was born in the lands around Laakmir in northwestern Therengia. His father, Daneolf, traveled throughout Kermoria trading, and sometimes returned with books, scrolls, codices of poetry and stories in Gamgweth and Common. Asara, Tirost's mother, loved literature and history, and taught Tirost and Lymira to read and write.

When still very young, Tirost met the Elothean Moon Mage Malzard. Perhaps sensing the boy's aptitude for elemental mana, Malzard told Tirost of the Legendary Warrior Mage Galain. He also spoke of the necromancer Lyras and the events that lead to her downfall. When Tirost was twelve years old, his village experienced a tragedy, and he, his mother and his sister traveled south, where they resettled in his mother's homeland of the Wolf Clan.

Though many in the Wolf Clan preferred oral traditions to the written word, Asara became a trusted lorekeeper and storyteller. She taught at the orphanage in the Middens, and Tirost often accompanied her and played with the other children. When he turned nineteen, Tirost was accepted by Gauthus into the Warrior Mage Guild.


Shortly after joining the Warrior Mage Guild, Tirost became a member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, where the Speaker of the Order, Anjinson Shilanthor mentored him.

Tirost joined the defense of Zoluren against the Elpalzi. He fought in chaotic battles in Dirge and the Crossing, before participating in a ritual lead by the Moon Mage Trethom to penetrate the defenses of Sorrow's Keep, where Elpalzi leader Alret Fengral had encamped. It became known that Geva and Alret had served the demoness Maelshyve, which prompted Tirost to delve deeper into the lore surrounding demons and necromancy. He began writing a play entitled The Fall of Lyras, and sought out those who had fought the legendary necromancer, and those who had first hand knowledge of necromancy.

Later, when the War Lord Viggu raided Rossman's Landing and Therenborough, Tirost joined the defense of the Northlands organized by Klurn Odarien. Throughout the campaign, he became familiar with his fellow warrior mages Woten, Mazrian, Perune and Saragos. During that time, Tirost's research into demonlogy advanced considerably. He became familiar with the Philosophers [redacted], Briaen Huns and [redacted], and began to read the works of Zamidren Book, Jeihrem Kralissa, and Xerasyth. He also began to practice sorcery and experiment with connections to the Elemental Plane of Metal under the guidance of Woten and [redacted].

As Anduwen Watch prepared to assault Maelshyve's Fortress in Zaulfung, Tirost consulted Philosopher necromancers as to the best means of preventing the manifestation of the demon in the Plane of Abiding. [Redacted] and [redacted] spoke of a demon hunter, Osven, how he had developed a potent alchemical substance that would prevent Maelshyve's manifestation. Tirost persuaded Perune to accept the vials and use them during the raid. Inflamed by a passionate disagreement on matters unrelated to the raid, Elec exposed Tirost as a sorcerer and called for his capture and interrogation.


Unwilling to bring disgrace on the Tavern Troupe, Tirost resigned his position on the council. He was offered membership in the Order of the Dragon Shield by Mystylaine and he accepted. In this period, Lasika passed a notebook into Tirost's hands which contained in its scrawlings a code that lead to one of the many tunnels Lasika had either created or found. In exploring one of those tunnels, Tirost found what appeared to be an ancient crown. After researching the markings on the crown, its shape, and the stone which it bore, Tirost posited that Lasika may have found part of a crown that had belonged to House Sorvendig. Cryptic poetry of the period suggested that the stone inlaid in the crown fragment might have the ability to disrupt the magic necromancers employ to self-resurrect; however, as Tirost presented his findings, the Necro Lord Nefis severed Tirost's arm and stole the crown and the gem. Ultimately, Tirost sought the help of many allies and was able to recover the fragments of the crown, though Nefis was successful in destroying the gem.

Tirost left Kermoria on a journey in search of his former mentor Malzard, but after several years returned as plans were being laid to land on the Basalt Isle and use the Sanyu Aes weapon to destroy Jehirem. Tirost served with the assault teams on the isle, witnessed the death of Zauldin and the effects of Sanyu Aes on the lich.

Back in Zoluren, Tirost was honored to perform a concert organized by TART. Most recently, he has shared information regarding Osven and necromancy at a lecture at Gealeranendae College and worked with Kintryn to organize the Therengian vanguard against the resurgent forces of the Red Bear Orc Chief Viggu. After being invited to join the Northern Watch by his best friend Crobin, Tirost underwent the test called the Gauntlet and joined the Second Combat Unit.

Story Arcs, Logs and In Character Fiction

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