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Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Location: Therengia
Associates: Nikoruk

Viggu is an orc chieftain of the Red Bear clan who raids Therenborough and Rossman's Landing, often kidnapping women for his orcs to breed with. He also terrorizes the local goblin villages and presses them into service on his raids.


You see War Lord Viggu, an Orc Chieftain.
Running from his jutting forehead to the corner of his mouth, a jagged scar blinds one eye, giving his face a perpetually fierce scowl. His one good eye, which is the color of fresh blood, peeks out from under a thick thatch of greasy black hair that hangs down his hunched, muscular back. Breath that stinks of rotting meat emanates from yellowed fangs, sharpened to razor sharp points from years of carnage.
He has a brawny build with bulging arms covered in crude tribal tattoos.
He is in his prime and tall for an Orc.

He is holding a heavy crossbow in his right hand.
He is wearing some scarred leather boots splattered with bloodstains, some battered horsehide pants, some darkened steel gauntlets with spiked knuckle guards and serrated cuffs, an ironwood shield reinforced by a taut covering of Gor'Tog skin with a slashed barbaric tattoo, some crudely-forged armor reinforced by shards of human bone, a blackened leather weapon harness studded with rotting human teeth, a goblin skin thigh quiver, a gruesome necklace of severed body parts rotting on a piece of sinew, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan and a helm of pitted steel fashioned into a skull and jawbone with enormous curving horns.

Also fights with a spear. Barbarian roars are especially powerful.