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Heartsfyre Elota'A'Milyo
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

You were born on the 25th day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 362 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

You are War Witch Heartsfyre Elota'A'Milyo, Honor Guard of Elanthia, an Elothean.

You have elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears and tilted alluring almond-shaped glacial emerald eyes. Your blonde-streaked lustrous raven black hair is knee-length and an unruly cascade of curls, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a lightly sanded ebony haircomb adorned with inkdrop agates. You have an ebony-hued shesegri pattern scarred down both arms that mars sun-kissed skin and a gracefully slender and toned figure.

You are tiny for an Elothean.

An emerald-green jade dragonfly floats lazily around your right wrist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin. You are in your prime.

You have several interlocking rings of flame-carved iron that pierce the flesh to follow along your right eyebrow, each bearing spiky barbs.

You have a tattoo of the head of a snarling black dragon, glaring balefully over the right shoulder, its foreclaws appearing to dig deep furrows upon the upper chest. Hyper-realistic blood pools from the tips of the claws, the word "MINE" is faintly seen disrupting the surface. Wrapping sinuously along the torso, the dragon's scaly body appears along the hips and legs with the tip of its tail curled on your left ankle.

Where to start.. where to start....

In the year of 362, sometime in the third month an elothean baby was born.. There was nothing special about this babe, only that she was one of a few hundred dropped upon the steps of the orphanage. They say she was a quiet thing, who watched everything and when the lady from the orphanage opened the door and looked down, she saw this very solemn silent baby with a note tacked to her swaddlings ... her name is Heartsfyre, for she will be the heart of a land one day.. The lady of the orphanage looked upon this baby as yet another lost soul dropped off upon her steps... she noticed all the blood and gore still upon this babe as if the babe was taken... so she gave the baby a surname.. Elota'a'Milyo (child of blood) and the babe was so forth called Heartsfyre Elota'a'Milyo.

During her years at the orphanage, Heartsfyre was a very shy and unassuming child. She was always picked upon, but was never a taddle tale which in turn the other kids left her alone eventually. She was the one to always find hurt creatures and make little stints and braces for them to help the poor things.. The lady now the head mistress of the orphange always kept a blind eye to Heartsfyre, always letting her go her own way.. Heartsfyre was not one to draw to much attention to herself so she pretty much stayed in the background.. watching those kids and adults around her..

In the year of 374, when Heartsfyre was only 12 years old, the headmistress of the orphanage gave Heartsfyre a pack of clothing, a book, enough food for three days and a stylus, and told Heartsfyre.. "You must go out into the world now young one, you must now make your own way.. you have been a very quiet child which I am thankful, but it also disturbs me on how quiet you are. I cannot afford to keep you any longer, but here is a small tip.. seek ye a guild to join, they may be more forgiving of you and as will life." She hugged Heartsfyre, patted her on the head and gently pushed her out the door. Firmly closing it she let a single tear fall and slowly walked away.. Letting her charges go at this time was hard but she had to do what was best for the orphanage..

Heartsfyre slowly walked away from the orphanage.. leaving behind her first life as a child, to seemingly walk into her second life as an adult.. Or so she thought..

Entering upon the streets of RiverCrossings, she noticed all the noise, all the traffic, all the people.. such many races of people in one single town.. Her daydream of the streets and her innocence was quickly shattered when a small rogue snatched her bundle from her very grasp and quickly darted off into the crowd.. her cry of surprise attracted one of a lesser demeanor, quickly snatching her arm, he appraised her quickly and muttered to himself.. a pretty lass you are.. you will make a good slave.. Her eyes widened and then she started to struggle hard against his grip.. until finally with a great heaving yank she was free! She stalled a second in surprise and then ran pell nell for safety.. any safety..

Running into this building, she quickly closed the door and turned around. And what she saw was this one lady.. who just gazed at her solemnly, and then with a gentle smile she walked up to Heartsfyre and gently took her to her study. "Hello there young one.. I see the streets of Crossings hasn't changed one iota" the lady laughs softly to herself.. and then seemingly to remember she had a guest she tsked to herself and offers the young Heartsfyre a cup of tea.. "Here young one, drink this, it will sooth you" Heartsfyre takes the offered cup and starts to sip it slowly, her body relaxing.. the lady then says softly "I see the orphanage hasn't changed one bit either.." she gazes sadly thru the window as if remembering something from a far past.. The lady seems to shake herself out of her reflections.. she gazes solemnly at Heartsfyre and finally makes a decision.. "You seem a quiet enough lass, what is your name?" "Heartsfyre Elota'A'Milyo, ma'am." Heartsfyre softly says to the lady. The lady looks thoughtful for a moment.. "Child of blood are you? What a strange name to call you.. but fitting i suppose.." then even more softly "very fitting indeed.. " HEartsfyre looked askance at the lady as if she had grown a couple horns upon her head but otherwise kept her silence.

Standing suddenly, the lady walks towards the window and turns sharply around facing Heartsfyre and says in a firm voice.. "My name is Annael Ebeshalek, I am the guild mistress of the Empath hall of Rivercrossings," "Empaths are healers. They are dedicated to relieving the pain and suffering of others as well as curing disease and poison. "The goals of the Empath are accomplished via Empathic Magic. This form of magic comes at a great cost though, the Empath has formed a bond with all living creatures and any pain that the Empath inflicts on another is reverberated through them. This effect is called Empathic Shock. "Following the path of the Empath is a noble and selfless devotion. Only the most dedicated and caring individuals can hope to become proficient in this craft." Seemingly done with her small speech the goes on softly, "Heartsfyre, I sense your gentleness, but i also sense a great will of tempered steel.. use both to your advantage for if you so choose this guild as your own, those two will be the greatest tools at your disposal." she gazes at Heartsfyre and then says firmly "There is a small class of empaths that are stronger then some, they are called Battle Empaths, what this means these select few empaths can go into the front lines of battles, invasions, or anything of that nature and heal our warriors without dying themselves from the chaos of battle. These empaths work twice as hard as other empaths.. but the rewards are great, theywill feel a sense of completeness in their chosen profession." The lady walks slowly towards Heartsfyre and pats her on the shoulder. "Heartsfyre, please think upon what i have said, I shall not push the issue, it will be a decision that you make alone. Now come along child i shall put you in a room for the evening away from the streets of chaos and you shall sleep upon the matter."

Laying upon the straw pallet, Heartsfyre thought long and hard, remembering in the past at the orphanage her splinting creatures large and small when they was hurt or suffering.. making a final decision she finally drifts off to sleep, a sense of completeness finally enveloping her mind like a soft cloud. To be cont......