Theren Keep

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Theren Keep is the focus for the town of Therenborough, housing the Baron of Therengia.

The ground (1st) floor has the Great Hall where the Baron entertains and holds court and the Theren Keep Armory. The 2nd floor of the keep is dedicated to a Paladin Guild and an altar to Chadatru. The 3rd floor has a number of guest rooms and formerly held the Baron's Locked Keep Library. The basement contains the dungeons and a shrine to Rutilor.

The grounds of the keep house the Lasa Morit Livery and Horse brokering office along with a Caravan stable.

Found under the keep are the Breech Tunnels.


Food, Drink & Free Items

The following refreshments can be found on the table in the Great Hall:

On the seven-sided table
Item Price Done
platter of flakey cream-filled tarts covered with rum-soaked strawberries 0   
large silver tray of smoked snowbeast ham surrounded by small red potatoes mingled with pearl onions 0   
bowl of mixed fruit and rose petal salad drizzled with a honey jadice flower dressing 0   
wooden bowl heaped with slices of freshly baked rye bread and served with a crock of honey butter 0   
silver bowl filled with green and gold fettuccini in a creamy mushroom and wine sauce 0   
ceramic pot of steaming vanilla-spiced tea surrounded by cups and saucers 0   

In this room, randomly dropped from the ghost of the Keep is a:

The following refreshments can be found on a cutting board in the 1st floor Kitchen:

On the cutting board
Item Price Done
braised leeks sprinkled with morsels of crispy bacon 0   
glass-domed roast pheasant 0   
haunch of marinated beef 0   
platter of steaming baked crab in a fragrant cilantro butter 0   
Food Stock Rotates

The following refreshments can be found on a plate in the 3rd floor Guest Chamber:

On the silver plate
Item Price Done
some Elven wine 0   
some Elven chocolate 0   

The following refreshments can be found on the dresser in the 3rd floor Royal Guest Suite:

On the sandalwood dresser
Item Price Done
a long-stemmed strawberry dipped in milk chocolate 0   
a slice of honey-dipped melon 0   
some plump purple grapes 0   
some chilled champagne 0   

On the keep grounds, by the memorial statue of Baron Jeladric IV, can be picked:

  • Items formerly found within the Keep or on the grounds can be found here.