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Allye Karayilma Image: 350 pixels
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Akariss, Synamon, Almarius


You see Sun Lounger Allye Karayilma, Balm of Tenemlor, a Prydaen.
A little ephemeron of a coralite-armored guardian cuttlefish is sitting on her shoulder.
Allye has a set of mischievously twitching whiskers accenting a square face, pointed ears and bright cat-slitted turquoise eyes.  Her raven mane is hip-length and glossy with long layers, and is worn in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over her shoulders.  She has tawny fur with sepia stripes, a black-tipped tail and a cluster of pale pink forget-me-nots arranged in threes to highlight a limberly agile figure.
She is petite for a Prydaen.
A delightful kindle of winged kittens sculpted from glossy loveglass float lazily around her right wrist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her fur.
She appears to be a sun-lounger.
Her shoulder has a tattoo of a blooming peony tinted in softly blended shades of lavender and rose, the showy blossom framed in a swirl of jade-green foliage.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing an elegant lace and pearl shoulder necklace, a giant party sack bedazzled with countless glitterstars and shadowstars, a strapless ivory gown of gently cascading cotton and lace, a strand of fine Elven gold wire wrapped around a faded pink coral forget-me-not and tied into a bow and a pair of soft slippers swathed in lace.


The wet planks below his feet lurched dangerously, causing barrels and passengers alike to careen from one end of the ship to the other. Chill drops of rain beat down upon them, piercing the sheer cloaks of the huddled refugees as they clung to the railings and masts of the vessel. Through the dark mist, his experienced eyes noticed a shadow, heavy upon the roiling sea off the starboard side. Scaling the mast with a practiced swoop, a closer look left his features tightened in frustration. Heaving alongside the ship was a dilapidated schooner, its peeling red paint visible even through the coarse, icy rain.

With a hoarse shout to the captain, he pointed a claw towards the approaching schooner. A series of low whistles signaled the violent cascade of grappling hooks, tangling in the rigging and rails of the cog. With screams and a general murmur of shock, the passengers along the starboard side shuffled backwards, some losing their balance and sliding overboard into the violently churning sea. He ran to the railing and over the edge saw a rowboat of men, already climbing the sturdy lines tied to the lodged grappling hooks. Stepping back to draw out a heavy curved blade, he brought it down upon the railing, severing a number of ropes and sending two of the men into the treacherous waters.

He settled himself into a ready stance as the remaining men swung over the aft railing and drew their weapons. Around him, the captain shouted frantic orders to the beleaguered crew, wielding his own steel scimitar. A number of passengers too rose to fight, stumbling on the unsteady deck.

Rushing into the crowd, the pirates slaughtered indiscriminately. He charged forward upon limber legs, sinking his blade deep into the abdomen of one of the men, as more climbed over the railing. Beside him, a tall Prydaen man slashed his claws roughly across a man's chest, ripping through cloth, skin and sinew.

Nearby, a broad-chested pirate smirked while lunging a heavy spiked mace into a cornered group of refugees, crushing the ribs of one and sweeping others overboard. Tracing an intricate sigil in the air with a steady scaled hand, he focused intently upon the pirate. A single bolt of jagged lightning streaked towards the man, at once incinerating his head as he tumbled over the railing and into the sea.

One by one, bodies fell to the slick planks below, the blood of pirate, crew and passenger spilling onto the deck like the wrathful rain. Finally, the few remaining pirates dashed back over the railing, sliding down the slippery ropes into their rowboat, their prize no longer worth the cost. As the schooner pulled up its anchor and edged away from the battered cog, he grimly surveyed the devastation it had wrought.

He toiled with the thinned crew, tending to the injured and searching for survivors among the piles of bloody, lifeless bodies. As they worked, the storm began to clear, leaving in its wake a dull, misty drizzle. Huddled in a corner, he found the body of a Prydaen woman, hunched over and face down. A deep gash struck across her back stained her airy blue mra'sin with a splash of crimson, its severity eliminating the need to see if she breathed.

Walking away, he heard a soft whimper behind him. Turning back to the woman, he wondered incredulously how anyone could survive such a wound. Reaching her side, he knelt and gently held her shoulders, turning her limp body to face him. A deep nick in the woman's ear was the source of a trail of bloody, matted fur along the side of her face. Her piercing turquoise eyes stared out mutely, glassy and unmoving. She was not alive.

As he began to return her to her resting place, one of the dead woman's arms fell to her side. Cradled in her other arm was a small child, not two years old. Bearing the same vibrant turquoise eyes of her mother, the child squirmed uncomfortably and covered her face with small hands. He reached hesitantly towards the girl, lifting her into his arms.


  • 370-03-12: Birth (Yay!)
  • 372-05-25: Adopted by Akariss Shhoiyvvhur'Slo
  • 399-03-09: Joined the Order of the Apostles, over time attaining Events Coordinator, Interim Speaker, and Vice Speaker roles in Apostles leadership
  • 407-06-33: Left the Order of the Apostles
  • 423-02-21: Joined the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, but left shortly after on sabbatical
  • 430-04-01: Rejoined the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, over time attaining Councilor and Treasurer roles in Troupe leadership
  • 431-04-33: Adoption of Almarius
  • 433-05-04: Inaugural Meeting of the Fancy Pants Adventure Club
  • 434-09-33: First Event catered by the Dancing Swan Catering Company
  • 436-04-30: Found a very lucky spoon and formed a partnership with Arna, her alfar warrior

Theme Song

Allye's theme song, composed by the player of Viyalo, can be heard [here]!


  • Too Mom to Almarius. Daughter of Akariss, sister to Synamon. She was adopted in the year 372, around the age of 2. She spent most of her formative years in Arthe Dale and Crossing.
  • Has crafted extensive plans to one day own a bakery on the Village Green at the center of the Berry Knolls.
  • May share brain parts with Synamon. Together with Synamon seeks to create an army of Gnomes (aka The Gnarmy), the likes of which has never before been seen in Elanthia. The original recruitment strategy of kidnapping was scrapped after discovery that most potentials could be bribed with meat and/or candy (so please do not send them angry letters, thank you).
  • She has a home with her puppy Cookie in Starfall Hall, in Crossing's Willow Walk. She often works out of the back room of Orielda's flower shop while in Crossing, and also maintains Magnolia Manor in Riverhaven. When in Shard, she stays in her apartment above the Little Frills (Shard) doll shop. While in Hib, she spends most of her time pestering Dagreth.
  • President, Founder, and possibly sole member of the Salvur Siksa fan club.
  • Frontwoman for the Elanthian pop group sensation, Allye and the Howling Alley Cats.
  • Has mild to moderate gweth anxiety.
  • Got kicked in the shin by Gortik, despite never having done anything wrong in her life ever. So mean!
  • Maintains a fierce mistrust and vendetta against the Rundmolen Vault Dwarves, who she alleges are very rude and also one time stole her paints.

Allye's Performances

Performance Series

Series Title Included Works
The Saga of Klineklaus
Klineklaus the Jousting Mouse
Klineklaus and the Merelew Joust
Klineklaus Learns to Fly, a Song for Emyrose
The Death of Klineklaus
Klineklaus the Jousting Mouse and the Kingdom in the Sky (by Kethrai)
Allye and Almarius' Creepy Doll Series
Murder Doll Duet
Primrose Doll Duet
Ventriloquist Dummy Story

Solo Concerts

Title Performance Date Set List
Arthe Dale Concert 10/12/2022
It Takes Two to Mango: Dating Advice for Fruit Pun Enthusiasts and Everyone Else Also
Klineklaus, the Jousting Mouse
Are You My Mommies?
Into the Sea
Klineklaus and the Merelew Joust
Bird of Summer
The Death of Klineklaus
How a Prydaen Ought to Be

Individual Performances

Title First Performance Date Type Notes
Allye and Rico's Ventriloquist Act 04/07/2017 Song Allye's Tavern Troupe performance debut!
Into the Sea 04/07/2017 Song
Allye's Lullaby 05/06/2017 Song
Merry Meredith and the Dangers of Letting Allye Name Things 05/06/2017 Song
Song 1 09/19/2019 Song Duet with Almarius
Are You My Mommies? 09/19/2019 Song Duet with Almarius
The Widow's Walk 10/09/2019 Story
Merelew Are People Too 01/23/2020 Song Fancy Pants Adventure Club Inaugural Event
The Fishy Crown, the Ballad of General Tearsie 02/20/2020 Song
Adrift with You 02/09/2021 Song
Untitled 05/15/2021 Song/Dance Duet with Vixonia
Our Nilme 10/04/2021 Song
The Great Apple Windfall 10/12/2021 Song
The Lonely 10/21/2021 Story
The Leaf 03/16/2022 Poem
Bird of Summer 04/12/2022 Song
Allye and Nilme's Faery Duet 04/20/2022 Song
Something Good 04/22/2022 Song
Sensational Cecilia, the Flying Pig 05/26/2022 Song
It Takes Two to Mango: Dating Advice for Fruit Pun Enthusiasts and Everyone Else Also 06/14/2022 Song
The Bloodbath Song 08/02/2022 Song
Alma, the AwooOoOoer 10/05/2022 Song Duet with Nilme
How a Prydaen Ought to Be 10/12/2022 Song
Are You My Daughters? 12/20/2022 Song for Almarius and Shaelisa
Dance of the Winter Moon 06/23/2023 Song
The Waves 08/23/2023 Song
Howling at the Moon (Hey Girl) 09/12/2023 Song Duet with Almarius
Jo Rans Rila 09/24/2023 Song Co-written with Nilme, for the wedding of Nawain and Tekhelet
Icebound 10/20/2023 Song
The Spider's Eyes 10/26/2023 Story

Scripted Plays

Title First Performance Date Notes
The Kiss Will Make It Final 11/18/2011 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Camlond Keep, Episode 1: "Jousting Injuries" 01/20/2012 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Camlond Keep, Episode 2: "The Yellow Dress" 02/10/2012 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Camlond Keep, Episode 3: "Self-Improvement" 06/29/2012 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
The Woman in the Lake 07/17/2012 Apostles and Zoluren Ladies Bedtime Story Competition
Camlond Keep, Episode 4: "A Good Man" 07/27/2012 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Camlond Keep, Episode 5: "Love, Glory, and Naphtha" 08/10/2012 co-written by Rheeni, for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Blood From a Stone 09/13/2012 for the "Apostles Presents" play series
Another New World 03/31/2020 for the Fancy Pants Adventure Club
The Little Lobster 09/30/2021 for The Arthe Repository Team (TART)

Allye's Residences

Home Description
Crossing: Starfall Hall
AllyeStarfall midjourney.png
[Willow Walk, Willow Tree]

The massive weeping willow tree for which the garden is named spreads its trailing branches toward the ground, veiling the area and swaying with every breath of passing breeze to both reveal and conceal. Occasionally, the leaves part enough to allow a glimpse to the south of the Sorrow Garden in which the Empath Guild Leader stands, and the tall wrought-iron fence running between there and here. You also see a dark cedar frame house, a pine-trimmed home, a white oak-shingled cottage with a weeping willow tree in the front yard, an ivy-covered hall with a crumbling brick chimney visible over the roof and a cozy blue stucco abode.
Obvious paths: northeast, northwest.

Explore the interior!

Riverhaven: Magnolia Manor
AllyeMagnolia midjourney.png
[Magnolia Corner, Blossom Circle]

One particularly large tree rests in the middle of the path, forcing the pavers to split the line of cobble in two to accommodate the trunk's breadth. Laden with pristine white blossoms, the magnolia's branches extend far over the rooftops of several nearby houses. Local birds twitter noisily above, concealed by the leaves. You also see a tidy cat, a stately white marble manor with clusters of budding pink amaryllis along the path to the door and a wooden gate within a tall boxwood hedge.
Obvious paths: northeast, northwest.

Explore the interior!

Fang Cove: Beach Villa
AllyeBeachVilla midjourney.png
[The Enclave at Fang Cove]

This quiet locale is a blend of soil, sand, shell and wood debris as the inland jungle meets and mingles with the beach. A long dead frond rests its dried tip on the ground as it dangles from a tall full-headed fan palm. From time to time, one of the night's avian predators alights in the treetop and silently surveys the sandy beach for its prey. You also see a spacious white sandstone villa with tropical shonji plants growing in brightly colored clusters along the path to the front door and an unremarkable hutch.
Obvious paths: northeast, northwest.

Explore the interior!

Shard: Doll Shop Apartment
AllyeDollShop midjourney.png
[The Second-Floor Hallway]

The walls of the upstairs hall are covered with cream paper hand-painted in tones of green and gold with scenes of woodland and meadow. Two bronze lamps light the hall, and a big window graces the street end. You also see a silverwood door elaborately carved with blooming vines and an Elven silk picnic cloth embroidered with silvery thread with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

Explore the interior!

Crossing: Almarius and Allye's Writing Room
AllyeAlmaWriting midjourney.png
[Dintacui Apartments, Third Floor]

A giant geometric rose has been sculpted out of the end of this corridor. Underneath it run several lines of poetry, lit by glowstones emitting softly pearling light. You also see a blue willow door covered in fanciful depictions of puffy white clouds and glittering rainbows, a brass-trimmed olivewood door and a yew door.
Obvious exits: none.

Explore the interior!

Awards and Honors

Image: 350 pixels
  • 391 AV: Winner of the Lorethew Society's Elanthian Idol
     a beautiful platinum tiara adorned with a circle of diamond gladiolas
     Set prominently in the center of this elegant circlet, sparkling diamonds cut to resemble gladiolas form a delicate circle.  A flowing banner is engraved around the inside of the tiara.
     A beautiful platinum tiara reads: "Elanthian Idol 391 AV"
  • 405 AV: One of the winners of the Provincial Games/Elanthics
     a stark white witchclaw scabbard fitted with a platinum lotus endcap
     The highly polished wood is inlaid with ebonwood in a traditional Elothean shesegri pattern along the length of this container. Fitted to the end of the scabbard is a superbly detailed lotus of pure platinum.
     A witchclaw scabbard reads: "The Provincial Games, 405 AV"
  • 430 AV: Winner of the Apostles' Spring Fling Masquerade Ball, Best Female Costume
     a delicate circlet of pink and purple roses
     Thin strands of platinum are interwoven around one another to form the slender halo featuring stunning pink rose blooms and buds with a sprinkling of purple roses scattered throughout.  The flowers are arranged on lovely sage green foliage intertwined with the shiny metal base.
  • 431 AV: Winner of the Dragon Shield's Spin-A-Tale Storytelling Competition
     a silvery grey picnic basket with braided leather wrapping around the handles
     Crimson and slate-grey inclusions dapple the silvery wood composing this large rectangular container.  Leather straps the same color as the inclusions add comfort to the handles, accented by the lid which bears intricate fretwork detailing a mighty battle with fire-breathing dragons.  The vivid red satin lining lends a bright backdrop to the fight.
  • 432 AV: Got away with murder at the Tavern Troupe's Murder of Crows Murder Mystery Party
     an intricate leather sheath embossed with thirteen stylized black birds
     The leather surface of this pitch-black sheath has been detailed with thirteen black birds pressed into the material.  Light reflects differently off the texture of the birds, giving the impression of a flock whirling in the wind.
  • 433 AV: Winner of the Iron Circle's Beach Bonfire Social Fish Tales Contest
     an asymmetrical driftwood picnic basket displaying a frosted seaglass starfish
     The container has been hollowed out from a piece of uneven driftwood with a seamless handle rising from the base, while a white seaglass starfish is affixed to the front.  A colorful beach cloth peeks out from within the deep bowled basket.
  • 433 AV: Winner of the Tavern Troupe's Bidding on Bachelorettes event
     a pink silk sash embroidered with gold thread reading "Most Eligible"
     Near the center of the gorgeous sash a single Queen-of-the-night lily in full bloom  with tinted gold edges is exquisitely embroidered in vivid hues of snow-white to ivory.  The proud participant's standing is proclaimed in embroidery with shimmering gold thread.
     A silk sash reads: "Tavern Troupe Performing Order -- Bidding on Bachelorettes! -- Moliko 433"
  • 433 AV: Second Place Winner of the Tavern Troupe's Staggering Searchers Scavenger Hunt
     a sea-blue leather harness with a brittle copper clasp
     Inside the harness, a dark-masked Lost Crossing monkey sits peering shrewdly at you.
  • 434 AV: Third Place winner of the Tavern Troupe's Super Adventurer Day
     a flowing cape of sky blue embroidered with a heroic penguin on the back
     A utility belt wraps the waist of the chubby creature and a mask made from black glitter covers its face.  Matching ties and a row of buttons on each shoulder allow the wearer to style the cloak in a number of ways.
  • 434 AV: Winner of the Black Fox's Fall Fashion Show, for Most Outrageously Extravagant
     an outrageous feather boa accented with a multitude of glittering gemstones
     An inconspicuous purple tag can barely be seen, hidden among the feathers.
     An outrageous feather boa reads: "Outrageously Extravagant -- Order of the Black Fox -- Fall Fashion Show 434"
  • 436 AV: Winner of the Iron Circle's Toga Party Pinata Bash
     a sleeveless black seasilk toga faintly patterned with tone-on-tone whale tails
     The garment is tailored to fit snugly about the chest while tapering outward at the waist.  The glossy indigo seasilk holds a faint golden sheen across the fabric and has been embroidered with tone-on-tone whale flukes.
  • 439 AV: Second place winner of the Apostle's Mystical Madness Masquerade Trivia Contest
     some black leather boots with flared metallic wings on hemlock heels
     Flame opals line the backs of the tall squared heels.  Asymmetrical pieces of tinted metals extend from amid the gems, arranged to give the impression of wings forged from fire.  The black leather is washed with translucent wisps of deep grey that resemble tendrils of smoke, while the interior lining of vibrant padded silk ensures a comfortable fit.  On each sole is a small impression.
     Some black leather boots reads: "Order of the Apostles -- Mystical Madness Masquerade -- 439"
  • 441 AV: Living winner of the Tavern Troupe's Roll or Die game
     a round glitvire yo-yo engraved with an armadillo
     A thin layer of enamel coats the surface of the dark glitvire, protecting the detailed design.  Carved deeply into the surface, a grinning armadillo sticks its tongue out with a cheeky expression.  The creature is depicted sporting a fanciful top hat that bears multiple pinwheels and flowers affixed at wild angles around the base.  Soft thread winds about the eccentric toy, looped at the end to ensure a secure and comfortable grip upon the finger of the wearer.
  • 442 AV: Second place winner of the Theren Guard's Therengian Trivia
     a Trigomas blood rose crafted from crimson loveglass
     Molded to resemble the flower at the moment of full bloom, the piece holds a glossy translucence, like expertly blown glass.  Each petal is detailed down to the elegant curl at the edges and the slight texture created by the veins.  The delicate stem displays groupings of three serrated leaves and a sparse scattering of blunted thorns.
  • 446 AV: Second place winner of the Iron Circle's Cultural Cuisine scavenger hunt
     a tropical green gown embroidered with whimsical seafoam-white flowers
     Dyed a vibrant green matching the color of lush palms, the elegant gown is embroidered with a swath of Eluned's Tear blossoms diagonally across the skirt.  At the heart of each cluster of the velvety white petals is a rich blue core, the shade of the ocean at midday.
  • 446 AV - Winner of the Dragon Shield's Dragon's Eye Dice Tournament
     a panther puppet of glittery midnight-purple faeweave
     The luxuriously soft puppet has glistening moonstone eyes.
  • 446 AV - Winner of the Iron Circle's Aesry Dice Tournament
     a colorful seaglass medallion shaped like a cresting ocean wave
     Varied shades of blue create a cresting wave-shaped medallion.  When illuminated from behind, a tiny intaglio image that resembles the Inn of the Crystal Wave appears as if deep within the glass.
  • 446 AV - Star Strutter of the Black Fox's Aesry Kilt Fashion Show
     an emerald crown-shaped badge
     On the front of the badge, a fox can be seen with its head held high while wearing a small emerald crown beneath an elegant inscription.
     A crown-shaped badge reads: "Killer Strut"
  • 447 AV - Third place winner of the White Rose's Off to the Races Game Night
     a golden filigreed bodice dagger with a bloodwood dragon-shaped pommel
     The dark red bloodwood hilt features a jade-scaled dragon-shaped pommel, each eye of the creature set with a glistening seven-pointed star-shaped sapphire.  The image of a fierce dragon is also detailed along the length of the blade, silhouetted against a background of crimson flames, while a tiny gold-inlaid inscription is engraved along the ricasso.
     A filigreed bodice dagger reads: "Order of the White Rose -- Off to the Races -- 447 AV"

Allye's Alfar Companion

>meditate spoon
As you contemplate the spoon, the air around you grows crisper, with the sharp smell of late autumn.  In the distance, you hear the gentle chiming of bells, though their tones are slightly discordant to your ears.  Abruptly, you realize that you are not alone, a hulking alfar warrior sporting smears of glittery amethyst war paint standing before you.  Gently, the creature takes the spoon from your hand, inspecting it gravely.

In a sonorous voice, the hulking warrior says, "This has been lost to my people for many years, and we had all but given up the search.  My name is Arna.  I owe you a great debt, Allye.  Call upon me at any time, and I will come to your aid."  The warrior bows respectfully, its left hand resting over its heart.

As it straightens the warrior appears less real, like a reflection seen in an antique mirror.  You close  your eyes to blink away the dizzying apparition and when you open them, the creature is gone.
Your heart skips a beat as your spell sends a subtle jingling call outward from you in all directions.

A hulking alfar warrior sporting smears of glittery amethyst war paint calmly strides in and surveys the area.

You see a hulking alfar warrior sporting smears of glittery amethyst war paint.
The hulking alfar warrior is in good shape.
It is wearing some lacquered black heavy plate.
It is carrying a spiked black shield, an unusual black blade.

>desc warr
Towering at a colossal height, the immense fae warrior moves with a loping grace despite its size.  Scars crisscross the sharply angled planes of aldamdin-white skin that compose the creature's features and frame, clad in its armor and a heavy cloak of brown bear fur.  Golden cat-slitted eyes glint with an untouchable stoic serenity, oddly belied by the splashes of sparkling purple streaked across its cheekbones and in wide bands around its arms.

The warrior hovers near you protectively, smiling briefly at you when it notices you looking its way.

Allye's Items

Known as "Fashion Princess" among the Gnome set (well, Violetti at least), Allye has an extensive wardrobe, paired with an ever-growing wishlist of clothing, jewelry, and other items. She is available for design help, upon request.

To see a (more or less) full list of Allye's alterations, please click below:

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