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Lasika's Journal

Character History:

Lasika's birth name was Milla. She comes from a very small village, perhaps a plantation, northwest of Siksraja in Therengia. Lots of Prydaen and Rakash living in a big communal home, most of them from the same area of the West, where the Rakash had a unique accent. Learning common and most of her Prydaenese from the Rakash, while her own family was too messed up from the migration to teach her, she adopted their accents.

She joined a ragtag group of necro-hunters as a teenager, mainly Prydaen and Rakash from her village and nearby. They were not very effective. Unlike the Inquisition, they stalked and prosecuted many innocents. Many adventures were had. Lasika got very, very good at flirting, breaking into places, and sniping with a bow. She earned the nickname "Milla the Undying" because she somehow never got killed during these adventures. Hurrah for favors! All her friends who died came back to tease her about it. She eventually screwed up and got them all arrested by not being attentive enough on guard duty (she was distracted by a hallucination.)

They were sent to prison for some amount of time, and finally released when it was found out the Therengian noble's son they were accusing of necromancy actually did dabble, and they were told to keep hush about the whole snafu. Lasika and her prison wife (they never bonded, except over their shared experiences before and during imprisonment) were sent to live in Riverhaven where they worked for the Trader's guild.

Lasika's schizophrenia blossomed and she decided their old necro-hunting group had become thralls and were hunting them down. She freaked her wife out, and so her wife tried to get her help by committing her to Be'ort's Home for the Temporarily Demented. Lasika is still somewhat convinced she was kidnapped by necromancers and tortured during this phase. She lost her eye, but that was because she was throwing herself around and pushed her own face into the corner of a table (they use round tables now.) She maintains a very strong dislike of dogs and a fear of bigger dogs to this day. After her release, she became alcoholic and abusive, and her wife eventually ran off to an inn for a few days to get away from her. Lasika decided that her wife had ran away entirely, and so, according to their Run Away And Change Our Names Pact, she changed her name, hired an empath to shift her appearance (stripes!) and snuck across the border to Zoluren.

She joined the Thieves guild by being just nosy enough, and despite her stay at the mental hospital and subsequent alcoholism ridding her of her skills, decided the guild it was her best bet to get enough contacts and information to find the new identity her wife would have taken on, if her wife hadn't simply been at home the entire time. For a few years she searched, finding only Sorenko, a young Rakash man who had been with her necro-hunting group when he was a teenager. She unofficially adopted him as a younger brother, and, believing his older brother to have been involved with her kidnapping and torture, told Sorenko his brother had most likely died.

Lasika then had another mental breakdown and became convinced that the Merelew people were taking over Zoluren by using dust-mote faeries to weaken people's souls so that necromancers could control them in order to anger the gods, specifically Drogor (whose storms would make Zoluren a wet place for Merelew to live) and Dergati, who has a reputation for also stealing souls. Soulless husks would eventually have their insides eaten by a Merelew person, who would wear the skin and take on the life and personality of the deceased. Friends who tried to dissuade her of this idea had obviously already succumbed to the take-over and could no longer be trusted.

Believing herself to be the only non-Merelew left, she arranged passage back to Riverhaven to... do something. In doing so she found out her wife was still living in their cottage by the lake shore, and then realised her madness had gone far enough, and decided to re-commit herself to Be'ort's Home for the Temporarily Demented. At some point she also decided her real wife was being held captive there, and schemed to get her out. She was released far, far too early by the Be'ort-touched empath in charge of her, after he performed some hackneyed brain surgery, and (seeing as her wife had found another mate) returned to Zoluren believing she was sane, with a certificate saying so.

She's not.

Assorted Points of Interest

Lasika likes digging holes in the woods to hide things in when she gets worried about someone stealing them from her. She spends a lot of time digging tunnels that go nowhere, or simply making nice basements beneath shacks, much to the owner's surprise. She dabbles in explosive chemicals now and then, but really has no alchemical experience whatsoever. She writes lyrics to songs other people compose, and used to be rather good at performing, prior to her latest visit to Be'ort's Home. She likes fancy, frilly pink clothes, but always returns to her beloved turtleneck sweater and beret. According to Xinge, her favorite pastime is punching Xinge.

Although extremely paranoid about the concept of marriage and the soul-bonding the Easter races meddle with, she has a huge crush on Almiwey Dozypaws, and often wishes she had gotten to Almiwey first. Their inability to bond has not stopped them from being huggy and kissy and tail-rubby in front of strangers. Lasika resents the idea that Prydaens are all faithless floozies just because she loves someone who is married, who happens to love her back.

Lasika temporarily lives in Sunfall Hub, with a bell on her shack. Ringing it will freak her out. Don't.

She has hosted a number of Prydaen gatherings at the food tree west of Crossing, after convincing Hub elders to tear down the wards preventing gweths from working within the tree house.

As of 29/08/2019, her daughter is about 6 and a half years old. It has been 431 years, 377 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. It is the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Iron Toad.

So You Want To RP With Me?

What's with the accent?

Because its fun and keeps me on my toes!

Why don't you reply to my gweths/thoughts?

Because I'm asleep! As a F2P character, I have to wait like, eight hours to drain my combat skills. Of course I'm going to stay logged in while that happens. If I ignore you at other times its either because too much time passed and I'd feel weird answering a thought from ten hours ago or I simply missed it because I'm not great at staying focused or maybe I'm sulking and really not up to interacting at the moment.

Can I interject myself into your history with that ragtag group of necro hunters?

Sure! Maybe not her main gang, as we'd need to flesh out years and years of close friendship-turned-betrayal, but there could have been other groups, passing people to each other as situations demanded it. Maybe Lasika was the Wedge to your Luke. I'm all for being the weird, inattentive bug-eyed girl in the background of someone's moment of coolness.

How do you feel about OOC stuff?

Just don't over-do it! I am shy and private, I'd rather talk as my character until I get very, very comfortable with you. But if you need to say something, don't be afraid, I'm not going to snap that its breaking my immersion. Give me a song link once in a while, that's fine (not too many!) If you need to pull me into a private room to have a full-fledged OOC talk before some big RP scene, that's where I'd be my most comfortable. I will not be happy at all if you try to snark at someone else behind their back to me. I don't want to even know about OOC drama like that.