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[[Race is::S'kra mur||Skra mur]]

Male and Female S'Kra Mur Description

The reigning theory of the origins of the S'Kra Mur is that Hav'roth, in all his forms, created them and imbued them with sentience -- a hypothesis no more and no less valid than Elothean creation myths.

Whatever their origins, no one denies they are formidable in physical combat, combining the swiftness of a striking cobra and the strength of a bearhug from an enraged boa constrictor. While their scaly exterior may throw off those with warmer blood, S'Kra Mur hardly care what those races may think of them. In S'Kra Mur society, honor is measured by the length of one's tail -- and the opinions of those without simply aren't worth considering.

Character Creation

The S'Kra Mur figurine opens hooded eyes and gazes at you. A sibilant voice issues forth: "I am of the S'Kra Mur. We are the ssserpent folk. While we have two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head like any of the other races, our smile is the serpent's smile, our scales the serpent's scales, and our eyes the serpent's eyes. We strike like the snake with its agility and grace, and calculate our moves with the cold method that resides in our very blood. We are dangerous to encounter, and even more dangerous to cross."

The S'Kra Mur stands tall and lithe, cold skin glistening with a faint tracery of scales. Slitted pupils slash its eyes down the middle and a short tail curls restlessly behind it. A chill presence lurks within its gaze, at once vaguely repulsive and strangely hypnotic.

Racial Statistics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod
Strength 12 -1
Reflex 12 -1
Agility 10 0
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 10 0
Wisdom 8 +1
Intelligence 8 +1
Stamina 10 0

Racial Characteristics


S'Kra Mur develop and age in step with the Human norm. However, like the other bestial races, their age is often hard for other races to discern.

S'Kra Mur
Normal Longevity S'Kra Mur See Others See
0 to 14 0 to 14 a child a child
15 to 20 15 to 20 young young
21 to 34 21 to 34 an adult young
35 to 44 35 to 64 in his prime young
45 to 53 65 to 94 middle-aged young
54 to 62 95 to 112 mature young
63 to 70 113 to 130 venerable elderly
71 to 77 131 to 148 elderly elderly
78 to 86 149 to 166 aged elderly
87 to 93 167 to 184 wizened elderly
94 to 100 185 to 200 ancient elderly
101+ 201+ archaic elderly


Racial minimum and maximum heights by gender:

Minimum Height Maximum Height
Male 5.25 feet 6 feet
Female 5.75 feet 6.25 feet


Average lifespan: 75 years
Maximum lifespan: 100 years


Average gestation period: 8 Elanthian months

S'Kra Mur can only conceive with their own kind, and give birth to live children.

Points of Interest

  • S'Kra Mur Physiology: S'Kra Mur do not have mammalian features, such as hair and breasts. They are neither cold-blooded nor venomous.



  • S'Kra Mur Attire: Both males and females tend to clothe themselves from head to toe. Traditional S'Kra Mur prefer loose, flowing garments and lots of jewelry. S'Kra use intricate, asymmetrical ornamentation on their clothing and jewelry.
  • S'Kra Mur Society: A complete breakdown of intricate culture and society of the S'Kra Mur.
  • S'Kra Mur Sraans (Clans): Information on locations, brief histories and what each Clan (Sraan) is known for.
  • S'Kra Mur Gamants (Houses): Information on Rathan and Musparan houses.

History, Traditions, and Lore


These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with S'Kra Mur.

Special Commands

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