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This is a circular flattened ring made to be gripped at the edge. It appears to be a S'Kra Mur racial weapon.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Brushed bronze katavdar etched with brightly burnished crossed scimitarsBrushed bronze tailband etched with brightly burnished crossed scimitarsQ'tahhl's Place (1)Q'tahhl's Place (2)true
Carved hhr'lav'geluhh bark katavdar bound in twineCarved hhr'lav'geluhh bark tailband bound in twineQ'tahhl's Place (1)Q'tahhl's Place (2)true
Cured leather katavdar embossed with a coiled king snakeLeather tailband embossed with a coiled kingsnakeQ'tahhl's Place (1)true
Dark gloomwood katavdar carved with scowling facesDark gloomwood tailband carved with scowling facesQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
Dark steel katavdar embossed with a black-on-black niello dragonDark steel tailband embossed with a black-on-black niello dragonQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
Desert-tan steel katavdar painted in a camouflage patternDesert-tan steel tailband painted in a camouflage patternQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
Ebony katavdar inlaid with ceramic birdsQ'tahhl's Place (1)Ebony tailband inlaid with ceramic birdstruetrue
Engraved golden katavdar inlaid with ivory leaves and vinesEngraved golden tailband inlaid with ivory leaves and vinesQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
Heavy steel katavdar studded with sullen-hued cloud rubiesHeavy steel tailband studded with sullen-hued cloud rubiesQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
Iridescent pink katavdar embellished with frolicking kittensIridescent pink tailband embellished with frolicking kittensQ'tahhl's Place (2)true
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