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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Zhakran, Zrakna
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male

Most known for being a member of Farn's Company, which created the Zaulfung Stones. Zhakrhhn was the Poho of Sraan Smolg (Tail Clan).

Special Note

Zhakrhhn's name is inaccurately "written" and "spoken" a number of times, but one Ring Vision appears to correct this. The incorrect spellings are Zhakran and Zhrakna.

Literary Notations

Source - A Study of the Zaulfung Stones (book) by High Mage Wosykaun Ervintralao
Zhakran-something, the S'Kra Mur, is a mystery to me. I witnessed an occasion where he stormed into the Great Hall in his black lacquered armor, actually *threw* his longsword (sheathed, thankfully) at the guards, and proceeded to curse (I assumed by his tone) the poor Empress in his native tongue for a full three minutes. The [lord?] in attendance was infuriated that this brute had interrupted his audience with the Empress. Merth just gave them both "that look" and very coldly and calmly answered the mage in the S'kra Mur tongue, after which he [strode/rode angrily?] out, forgetting his weapon. The next day he returned in proper Court attire and gave Merth a very formal and [sincere?] apology. He even swore personal fealty to her, which she accepted." (This is unusual, as a warrior would have sworn service to "the Empire and the Crown" rather than to the monarch, who was after all just another servant of the Empire.)

Vision Notations

Source - Ring Visions

[Theren Keep, Great Hall] Seven columns span the chamber in a vast semi-circle of burnished black marble, the middle three curving around a broad dais while the outer pairs brace high, spectacular balconies. The blue and gold banner of House Theren hangs side-by-side with the green and white arms of the House of Vanaya, though the eye is drawn upward to the magnificent tiled dome ceiling. Also here: Empress Merthamone, Lady Marshal Yalvache, Lady Sithsia, Zhakrhhn, and a large number of Theren knights

Merthamone says, "We owe Our lives and those of all Our entourage to this brave and resourceful warrior. It is with great gratitude that We bestow upon Poho Zhakrhhn of Sraan Smolg the Seven Spearheads."

Hearty cries of "Huzzah!" and less recognizable S'Kra exclamations resound as the Empress places the oddly shaped medal around the stunned warrior's neck.

"We also owe Our life to another who is present today. In recognition of a lifetime of service, We bestow the title of Court Baroness "

You dip your pen and consider your words for a moment. "Throughout the ambush I was not concerned for my own life. There was no time to fear for myself until afterward. I am writing this now because I dread falling asleep, though fatigue will soon set in and I will have no choice."

Dip. "No, all my fear was reserved for the Empress, who was hit by the first volley. The bolt struck her in the thigh and pinned her to her horse, which screamed and went quite mad, eventually throwing Her Maj"

Dip. "I leapt off my own horse and went to her aid, paying no heed to the battle whatsoever. My duty as an Empath far outweighs my duty as chronicler. I am told that there were a dozen Sluagh archers but I cannot recall what they looked like. Her Majesty had broken her left arm in the fall, which she complained of most vigorously when she got her breath back, but, fearing poison, I tended to the other wound first. By the time I began treating her arm the archers had been slain and Zhrakna."

Dip. "Her Majesty rode his horse for the rest of the journey. He intended to run alongside, and I have little doubt that even with his injuries he could have kept up. But I insisted that he ride double with me, which was not altogether unpleasant."

Dip. "The rest of the day's journey went without mishap. But we found Her Majesty's horse lying dead a little up the road. Poisoned."

The air is cold and crisp, the sky clear, the stars shining as if newly polished. It's beautiful. You draw your cloak around you and gaze upward.


You pull yourself together. "Yes, Majesty?"

"Am I doing the right thing?"

"I don't know, Your Majesty. I would trust Zharkan with..."


"Yes, him... I would trust him with my children, if I had any. Yalvache I would trust with my very soul. The Northerner is so silent and self-contained that I don't know what to think of him. But the Captain..."

The Empress chuckles at you. "Your romance with the Captain has been a little rocky."

You blush. "I didn't know you paid so much attention to the personal troubles of your ladies-in-waiting, when there are so many real problems threatening the Empire."

"If I have learned one thing in my three years on the throne, Yeluenne, it is that nothing can be overlooked. Everything is important. The Humans have a saying about horseshoe nails that I'm sure you've heard."

You nod.

"Consider those stars up there. They look so tiny and insignificant, like grains of sand. Yet the Fortune's Path philospher says they rule our destiny."

"Then perhaps, Majesty, you should ask the philosopher what course of action to take."

The Empress smiles sadly. "I have already. I wanted a second opinion."