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S'Kra Dictionary

The letters C, F, and X are not used in S'Kra.

S'Kra Common Notes Etymology
adu man
ae me; my
aganylosh'a tree of peace
aggah saran'ponmi dream speaker (title)
aggahh dream
aggahhpel dream veil chain jewelry
ak some
akom age/era ak- some + om
al'hhm respect?
ama'hhrsk love
ang cloth; clothing/coat
ang'hhrantin master weavers
apodu forge
arna boulder
arsharra night
arsharra'grah night watcher (title)
asharsh moon
asharshpar'i moon egg name of a Grazhir Shard asharsh- moon + par'i egg
ashu walk/walking/walker
ashu hhinvi walking ground sand construct
ashu'a sucker-gripping toes of the la'heke
a'slo heavy edged weapon -slo blood
ata axe weapon
athi grass, vine?
ati woman
botuk cave
dai steel metal
dai ograth steel hand (title)
dako fight
dako uaro club dako- fight + uaro head
dako'gi fighter/hunter (title)
dikka bad; waste
dikka'staho badlands
dikka'staho ashu badland walker (title)
dikka'staho'osson northern badlands
ehhrsk thief (title)
em peace, contentment tail gesture
enhaar so-so
eslangi commoner (title)
Esulaku, aepoho'ame'hhrsk Go with my love, honored one On a tailring sold in Muspar'I esulaku- go (ru'at) + ae- my + poho- lord/lady + ame'hhrsk love
evenigi barbarian (title)
gamant house
gamantang house coat
gamant'hhshhth house of sarhhtha gamant- house + hhs- of + hhth dance
gamant'oshu temple, place of worship gamant- house + oshu spirit
gi person used in titles and occupations
grah watcher
grah'uaro throwing club grah- watcher + uaro head
grel sadness
grkhh'a bringer
hat delight
havri'negh symbol for the four elements Rings of rich brown for earth, pale blue for air, bright red for fire, and deep blue for water are joined by the gold stitching of the serrated electricity circle, all surrounding the blazing silver of the central ethereal star.
heggarangi'hhs iltamigen devil's prison
heggarangi'n devil
heimary caravan
heitak beast
heke water; sea; river
heke'mary ship/boat heke- sea + mary vessel
hekemhhg sea serpent (title)
hhan far; suffix: delayed occurrence, after, later
hhr'ata throwing hammer heavy blunt -ata axe
hhr'atami hammer thrower (title)
hhr'ibu light crossbow
hhrkhi heart
hhrki soul
hhrki'izh soulless (title)
hhr'lav'geluhh type of bark
hhr'pao flatbread pao bread
hhrsk love
hhr'tami war hammer medium blunt
hhs suffix: belonging to, of, within, made of
hhshran swift, swiftly
hhth dance
hhyssk'et nut-like berry bitter fire
hirdu bird
hisakna will (n.), desire, intention
hotagi bard (title)
houmun human
iltamigen prison
indakar thunder
Indakar Grkhh'a staff of Ushnish indakar- thunder + grkhh'a bringer
inja muttering of Adan'f
ira'tnah loss of face/respect
irhhnth scorpion
isth'hhtaw way(s)?
isthu'rath'a lightning rath'a gods
isthu'ratha'a ograth lightning hand (title)
ith four, fourth
izzu'hhr storm
izzu'hhr grkhh'a storm-bringer
jo six, sixth
ju'lateigi warrior mage (title)
juludan magic
ka is
kalri forever
kan eight, eighth
kapo song, singer
ka'tamas feather?
k'dira name of a fragrant bush
khiynit silk that is harvested from the sand spiders of Velaka
kho honor, respect; emphasis tail gesture
khor'vela grey wood Carnivorous tree. Often has visible bones. Nickname: Mercy of Albreda
khozh no honor
khur breath
khurmary five-stringed lap harp khur- breath + mary journey
kiel thoughtfulness tail gesture
kiel'parakom hi'kho Every thought returns(gifts) honor back? on mehath bracelets in Muspar'I kiel- thought + par- all + ak- some + om- + hi- + kho honor
kor stronghold; high/tall
kor'athi tall grass?
kra'hei S'Kra-like monster
ku two, second; and; prefix: with
kudalata heavy-edged weapon ku- two + lata blade
la you Smolgan form
la' lizard
laar your Smolgan form. (prefix)
la'heke water lizard
lakh lacking; lonely, loneliness
lanahh life
lanahh pahapo bastard sword swappable lanahh- life
lanahh pao life bread
lanahh'lakh tired; unhappy lanahh- life + lakh lacking
lanahh'mus sunrise lanahh- life + mus sun
lanahh'zhra killer/assassin/murderer (elite S'Kra Mur assassins) lanahh- life + zhra taker
lanahh'zhra'naarti life-taker's stone (delicate silver ring)
lata blade, knife, sword
latagi knight/Paladin
latagi 'hhrs em knight of peace Paladin title
lata'oloh medium edged weapon lata-blade + oloh wrath
lav'hhashhgi Elothean
lohogi child(ren)?
l'ot-jukun'ta'n boundaries
luss muttering of Adan'f
mahil short bow mahilin smile?
mahilin smile
malk gold
malk akom Golden Age malk gold + akom age/era
malk'smo gold tail malk- gold + smo tail
Maloidu traditional method of crafting ceramics
mary vessel, vehicle; journey modifier
mehath wind
Mehath'gamant Wind House
mhhg serpent/snake
mi modifier for verbs to make them nouns paha- eat + mi = pahami + food
migen land(s)
Migen'hhs Pat'shhry Lands of Evil
molloky'i ?? Black lizard creature of the badlands
mur pride, proud
mus sun
myn'tanyl type of beverage
na you Q'alrin form
naar your Q'alrin form. (prefix)
naarti stone/jewel; child
neh, nehel long
nehdalata curved broadsword neh- long + lata blade
nehelyvhh type of fish nehel- long + yvhh wing
nehgris spear
nehlata dagger neh- long + lata blade
nehlata hhsran swift dagger (title)
nido, nidrel eye
nipoh cloud
ograth'agi paladin (title)
ograth hammer; hand/fist
ograth smo'kku'par hands together ritual duet of the Ru'atin Peri'el
oloh anger, wrath tail gesture
orthaan'inh terrible
oshu spirit
oshu'mary bark used in the making of samatak oshu- spirit + mary vessel
osmaht west
oson north
ospekk east
ostaph south
otoh Come/s
otoh'ku'ae Come with me Ghosts in Mer'Kresh otoh- come + ku- with + ae me/I
pa upon; perched/sat
paguur monkey
paha eat
pahami food pl. pahamin
pahami'lakh hungry pahami- food + lakh lacking
paht free
pao bread
papi delicately perched/placed pa- perched + pi (diminutive)
par all
parath'agi servant of all gods (title) par- all + rath'a- gods + gi person
par'i egg
pat passion
pat'shhry evil pat- passion + shhry fiercely
pat'shhry nido evil eye (title)
peh humble, apology tail gesture
peh'taph leg
pejek wound, pain
pejek'zhra Empath, healer pejek- wound + zhra taker
pel veil
pel'arsharra midnight pel- veil + arsharra night
pel'hhsmur tail drape worn by S'Kra brides pel- veil + hhs- of + mur pride
peyvu similiar to pilonu and rasha'hhs'o'grath
pi little/small; diminutive prefix
pi' pejek small knife pi- little + pejek wound
pi'botuk den pi- little + botuk cave
pilonu bracelet-ring combination
pi'neh mhhg'heke hhshranzh stream pi- little + neh long + mhhg serpent + heke water + hhshran swift + zh not
pi'pejekmi knife thrower (title)
pishra punctuation: glottal stop symbol: ' pi- little + shra stop
pishra'zhra breath taker (title)
pivo'hhr death
pivo'hrr'shu die, dying
pivo'hrr'shu'mus sunset pivo'hrr'shu- dying + mus sun
pivo'hrr'shuzh undying, eternal pivo'hrr'shu- die + zh (negation)
poho honored lord/lady
poho ograth lord/lady of the hammer Paladin title
poho'adu Cleric, priest, holy-man
poho'danath anointed grandfather
poho'hhsi ur honored father
pokeke sand
pokeke rasha sand flower (title)
pokeke'pahamin sandwich made from pokeke bread, meats, and fruits pokeke- sand + pahamin food
poloh'izh conceal
pon speak
pon'zh to be silent pon- speak + zh not
por left
por'nidrel jewelry worn around the left eye por- left + nidrel eye
poroson northeast
porostaph southeast
py bronze metal
q'alri one outside of a ru'at; stranger pl. qalrin
qi soul
q'zha bold
q'zhalata knife of bold deeds assassin's weapon q'zha- bold + lata blade
rasha flower
rasha'hhsograth bracelet-ring combination worn by S'Kra brides rasha- flower + hhs- of + ograth hand
Rasirhh traditional method of crafting ceramics
rath'a gods
rath'a saar Thank you naar/laar/saar (Q'alrin/Smolgin/Ru'atin) rath'a- gods + saar your
rath'amahilin happy rath'a- gods + mahilin smile
ru'at a S'Kra's inner circle; brotherhood/sisterhood
ru'ati member(s) of a ru'at
r'vashugi ranger (title)
sa you Ru'atin form
saar your Ru'atin form. (prefix)
saar'ati Dzree tanu saar'hhs oloh feel the wrath of Dzree curse of the Dragon Priest Crone
sa'hhs yours sa- you + hhs of
saran'pon voice
saran'pon'hhs Peri'el steel flute saran'pon voice + hhs of + Peri'el (goddess)
sarhhtha ritual dancing
sarhhthami ritual dancer (title)
sha I
shah platinum metal
shakhra understanding, revelation
shana what
sharaanpon'u traditional form of oral poetry
sharmiit'mhhg style of bead embroidery that uses geometric shapes
shar'nath star; flower unique to Aesry Surlaenis'a
shh'oi great
shh'oi paguur great monkey
shh'oi'ata greataxe shh'oi- great + ata axe
Shhoigi Ati Great Lady shhoigi- Great + ati Woman
shh'oi'lata greatsword shh'oi- great + lata blade
shh'oiyvh-ur dragon shh'oi- great + yvh- wing + ur one
shh'oiyvh'ur kapo dragon singer (title)
shhr fierce
s'hhra rush, haste
s'hhra ashu dagger s'hhra rush
shhrtel vicious
shhry fiercely
shra stop
shorasa pirate (title)
sih joke; amusement tail gesture
s'kra people, race
slo blood
slo ku pivo'hhr'shu blood and death
smo tail abbreviated form for compound words
smo'kku crystal? smo- tail + ku with
smo'kku'par together smo- tail + ku- with + par all
smolg tail
smolgi friend
smozh tailless grave insult
snrhhti horn that comes from deep ocean-dwelling shellfish used by Sraan Indakar to scare enemies
soshu'a faithful (title)
sra'ajhh stringed instrument
sraan clan
s'rnhhl bow composite bow shh'oi- great + lata blade
s'rranteng alchemy
s'rrantengmi alchemist (title)
s'sa relief tail gesture
s'shen yes
s'su guard (v.)
s'sugi guard (n.)
staho crossroads; lane, road, street; path, trail; land
s'uh caution, suspicion tail gesture
suhhei goblin
sur right
sur'nidrel jewelry worn around the right eye sur- right + nidrel eye
suroson northwest
surostaph southwest
s'vaela type of vine
taishar warrior (title)
tal suffix: near future
tami Future?
tanhusari trader (title)
tanu'sami ttki on ama'hhrsk(love) bracelets in Muspar'i tanu- + sa- you + mi- modifier + ttki
tan'yi copper metal
tegreis nest?
tei'oloh war
tei'oloh'ata war axe
tei'oloh'lata war sword
t'ekeipa type of shell
tel fine
tel'athi grass-green metal tel- fine + athi grass
tel'rath'a happiness tel- fine + rath'a gods
tey alarm, alert tail gesture
t'lar drum
trel finger
tuul silver
tys three, third
tzgaa fruit
tzgaa orb light source tzgaa fruit
tzgaa'hhsigen crisp, water-holding fruit tzgaa- fruit + hhs- of + igen earth
t'zhhntaki assassin (title)
uaro head
uaro's'sugi shawl wrapped about the head, face, and neck uaro- head + s'sugi guard
uen round
uenlata chakram uen- round + lata blade
uku'uan bow
uku'uangi Archer/Bowyer
uku'uanstaho crossbow uku'uan- bow + staho crossing
ur one, first; true
uraan'nido see/saw/seen sensed with the eyes
ushuheke fountain heke water
vela'tohr sentient plant
venda ring
vuush mouth
yi he, his
y'ner time
y'ner'hhs's'hhra future? y'ner- time + hhs- of + s'hhra haste
y'nerpar always y'ner- time + par all
yrak dark
yrak shar'nath dark star
yvhh wing, winged
yvhh la'tami winged, lizard-like creature yvhh winged la- lizard
yvyn name
zasul where
zh prefix/suffix: negation, not
zh'al'hhm no respect
zha'vazh blood feud
zhi five, fifth
zhoss no
zhra taker
zhu seven, seventh

Names Derived From S'Kra


S'Kra Common Etymology
Khoheke Moglin member of Moglin kho- honor heke sea
Lohogi'hhs'ur race of island S'Kra lohogi- children + hhs- of + ur one
Lohogi'tel'tegreis race of island S'Kra Child of the Nest
Malkuaro malk- gold + uaro head
Pohokapo rank of the Ru'atin Peri'el poho- honored lady kapo song
Rasha'hhshekepi S'Kra maiden rasha- flower + hhs- of + heke- sea + pi little
Ru'atin Peri'el ru'atin sisters
Sept one of four groups within the Ru'atin Peri'el
Shh'oi Pohokapo rank of the Ru'atin Peri'el shh'oi great poho- lady kapo song
Shh'oi'ur mythical S'Kra forefather shh'oi- great + ur one
S'Kra Mur s'kra- people + mur proud
S'Kra'ur mainland S'Kra who wish distinguish themselves from the flat-faced island S'Kra s'kra- people + ur true
Smo'neh Rathan king who ruled from 2140 - 2092 BL smo- tail + neh long
Ur'Kapo Pohokapo leader of the Ru'atin Peri'el ur- first kapo singer poho- lady kapo song
S'Kra Clan Common
Sraan Arna sraan clan arna boulder
Sraan Indakar sraan clan indakar thunder
Sraan Irhhnth sraan clan irhhnth scorpion
Sraan Malk sraan clan malk gold
Sraan Mehath sraan clan mehath wind
Sraan Mhhg sraan clan mhhg serpent
Sraan Nehgris sraan clan nehgris spear
Sraan Rasha sraan clan rasha flower
Sraan Smolg sraan clan smolg tail
Sraan T'Lar sraan clan t'lar drum
Sraan Venda sraan clan venda ring


S'Kra Location Etymology
Ang'hhsmus name of a festival shop ang- cloth+ hhs- of+ mus sun
Hekemhhg River Velaka heke- water + mhhg serpent
Kor'adu Avenue Ratha kor- high/tall
Malk Staho Ratha malk gold staho street
Muspar'i city in Velaka mus- sun + par'i egg
Neh Dock Ratha neh long
Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra name of a festival shop pi'botuk- den + pel'arsharra midnight
Pokekehekepi beach pokeke- sand + heke- sea + pi little
Ratha city in Qi'Reshalia rath'a- gods
Shh'oi Mhhg name of a festival shop shh'oi- great + mhhg serpent
Sshoi-sson Palace Ratha shh'oi- great
Szeldia seventh planet from the sun; nickname: the Serpent's Eye
Uaro Dock Ratha uaro head

Smozh Zharhhtha's Work

Rathan House Badges

S'Kra Mur Houses

Rathan House Phrase Common
Zsikiel Kho, oshu tu indakar Hark/Lo, spirit (as/like/unto) thunder
Moglin Hhs'lanahh paht Live Free
Tierskel Zhoss l'ot-jukun'ta'n No Boundaries
Redthorne (Human) Kor hhs'isth'hhtaw Honor within the Way.
Dne Aggahh'a hhs'shho'i'yvvh-ur The Dragon's Dream
Lisska'Vran Heggarangi'n q'zha Bold Devils


GM Basilisc, GM Ellerina, GM Porlock, Herpo, Iscarious, Leyhan, Majebrad, Mhalacious, Sarkranis, Sorenne, Tsarenzi, Valloa, and Smozh

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