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Performed by trained S'Kra Mur, this style of dancing is often defined as ritualistic. It is deeply ingrained into the race's culture.
It is not uncommon for sons or daughters of the greater houses in Muspar'i to be trained in sarhhtha, even if they do not become dancers.


The First House of Dance.

Little is known about where the House is; however, it is custom for the Dancers of this House to entertain at important social events such as weddings.

Reference The Wedding of Rothnar and Shhneri (book)

Dancer's Attire

Similar in style to Middle Eastern dancing, Sarhhtha features scarves, sashes, short-style gamantangs and sometimes veils.

  • Short gamantangs with heavier decor than normal
Moves that incorporate the gamantangs
Sold by Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
  • Long sashes for male dancers
Movements with sashes
Sold by Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
  • Long scarves for female dancers
Movements with scarves
Sold by Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
  • Dancing veils may be utilized
Veil movements
Sold by Rathan Trader's Guild Shop and other locations

Dancer's Props

  • Slim sabres or scimitars
Blade dancing is often a focus of male dancers but may also be performed by female dancers. This style of dancing is seen as an extension of being a master warrior and generally in the arsenal of any classically trained S'Kra Mur Bard.
No specifically verbed dancing swords are sold by anyone.
  • Zills
These finger cymbals are often used to give an extra tempo to a dance in progress, or to accentuate certain movements
Sold by the Peddler in Riverhaven

Note: Must be below 20th Circle to purchase zills from the peddler.

Dance Movements

Sarhhtha is stylized by dramatic and sharp movements that are paired with poise, grace, and precision with an aesthetic flow.

Examples of commonly used movements:

Twirling, spinning, and circle patterns often used with scarves and sashes.
Sinuous and arcing circular body movements.
Sharp, sudden gestures with the body that utilize lower body strength, and often give the illusion of being performed with great ease.
Staccato stomping or clapping that create aesthetically pleasing waves across the flowing fabric of the short gamantangs used.