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There is no official source describing S'Kra Mur naming conventions. The following observations are based on names from books and NPCs.


There is very little official information about the pronunciation of S'Kra words. Moreover, each GM often has his own way of transcribing pronunciation, and that method may not be internally consistent.

The primary sources on pronunciation are two books: The Language of the S'Kra Mur and The Ways of the S'kra Mur.


In compound words, stress is placed on the second syllable. For example, q'alri is pronounced as "kuh'AHL-ree." An exception to this rule is when the pishra (denoted by the apostrophe) appears near the end of the word. In those words, the stress shifts to the final syllable.

This convention may be limited to compound words. It does not always apply to other polysyllabic words. For example, in the name Hhshal (pronounced "ESH-ahl"), the stress falls on the first syllable.

The pishra ("little stop") is a short intake of air that is denoted by an apostrophe. It is often used to form compound words and to separate long sequences (as in the formal naming tradition). It may be used to separate syllables (when part of a word might otherwise appear to be monosyllabic).



The letter X does not exist in the S'Kra Mur language, and is not used in traditional S'Kra Mur names, though it has crept in from other languages and dialects, such as the Adan'f adaptation of the S'Kra tongue (e.g., Xerasyth).


A is most likely the broad A of "father." It's possible that the A becomes obscure (as in "final") when it is unstressed, as in the name Hhshal (ESH-ahl).

HH is a vowel. When stressed, it is often pronounced like a short E (as in "let"). When unstressed, it is an obscure E (as in "item" and "novel").

The vowel I is sometimes an obscure vowel (as in "edible") and sometimes a long EE sound (as in "see").


The diphthong TH -- at least when it appears as a final syllable -- appears to be a subtle W sound. (In The Ways of the S'kra Mur, the author said that the approximate pronunciation of Mhhrikath is "MURR-ah-kaw.")

Canon Names

Name Gender Identity
Alvar m. Ulf'Hara Guardsman; Paladin
Arhhdan m. King of Muspar'i
Bhothfin m. G'nar Pethian; shopowner
Chabalu m. owner: Chabalu's Exotics
Chiwasha Dirr'lizz m. owner: tattoo parlor
Danamishen m. Rathan king: 2053 - 2037 BL
Densaar ashaan'ur'Hhshni m. friend of S'zella
Dhrakhh m. smozh who poisoned his brother
Disoeke m. Rathan king: 601 - 530 BL
Dumi Sh'aar m. owner: Sh'aar's Trove
Fekoeti m. owner: The Sun Forge
Gurglesnout Treego m. Necromancer
Hegyvyngi m. Rathan king: 240 - 230 BL
Herilo m. owner: Herilo's Artifacts
Hhshal Q'slin m.
Hssarith m. Moon Mage; former Adan'f
Imaar m. Trader Guildleader
Ishh m. owner: Ishh's Used Goods
Jharlan m. Warrior Mage Guildleader
Kahtalhh m. Emperor (274-273)
Karovaas Sesvasanek m. Bard
Kherkep m. Rathan king: 941 - 889 BL
Khoheke Moglin m. Commodore of the Moglin Trading Fleet
Khoirath m. Rathan king: 875 - 864 BL
Kohamiz m. Rathan king: 1885 - 1852 BL
Kor'yvyn Gjevik m. Cleric Guildleader
Krelpit Charr'hzz m. owner: Dennats Baya
Krrikt'k m. owner: Krrikt'k's Forge
Kyrhhsa m. merchant
Lasarhhtha Oshu'ehhrsk m. Bone Dancer; Necromancer
Lysskava'an m. owner: tannery
Malhhsu m. Rathan king: 1040 - 1014 BL
Mariq Ch'oi m. famous warrior
Masul Khar m. owner: Old Rat's Tavern
Melcorek m. Barbarian
Mhalikhh m. Rathan king: 348 - 342 BL
Mhalush m. shaman who led S'Kra Mur exiles to mainland
Mhhkenath m. Rathan king: 980 - 941 BL
Miele m. Dragon Priest scholar
Nharthol m. Speaker of Sraan Indakar
Nilfren m. captain: Skirr'lolasu
Ogoiphhr m. Rathan king: 257 - 240 BL
Olgaraphhr m. Rathan king: 1014 - 1004 BL
Ponlahk m. affiliated with World Dragon
Qahhro m. Rathan king: 1852 - 1806 BL
Qamiphhr m. Rathan king: 530 - 496 BL
Qhoin m. Rathan king: 1889 - 1885 BL
Rasaratin m. Rathan king: 612 - 601
Renshhlak m. ancient philosopher (Sraan T'Lar)
Rothnar ner'hhs'Tladin m.
Rychre Sahr'lurah m. Outcast; Warrior Mage
Sandison Silvertail m. owner: Fish Seller's Hut
Sanyrsen Astoshe Zsikiel m. Moon Mage; founder of the Goldcaps
Sarkhhl Smo'neh m. Rathan king: 2140 - 2092 BL
Serzyn m. Dragon Priest; Necromancer
Sevhhro m. Rathan king: 1004 - 980 BL
Shaarl m. Dragon Priest; Warrior Mage
Shasudan m. Rathan king: 1978 - 1921 BL
Shehhgi m. Dragon Priest
Shh'yris m. owner: Shh'yris's Forge
Sh'kial m. first Dragon Priest
Sklaar'ishht m. owner: Tanning Supplies
Srethati m. Rathan king: 2092 - 2085 BL
Srhekelho m. Rathan king: 1152 - 1074 BL
Srithin m. former High Priest of Ushnish; Cleric
Sroedan m. Rathan king: 1213 - 1159 BL
Ssivo m. owner: Ssivo's Migi Shagamat
Ss'Thran m. owner: Ss'Thran's Locks
Svra'an m. owner: Svra'an's Fine Jewelry
Syikhhl m. Rathan king: 2085 - 2053 BL
S'zella m. legendary Bard
Tenebraus Stlinathal m. former Dragon High Priest
Thorrick Tamim m. former Moon Mage Council
Tysehhn m. Rathan king: 1218 - 1213 BL
Ur m.
Urhhsu m. Rathan king: 1625 - 1586 BL
Urshaanin m. ancient philosopher (Sraan Smolg)
Ushikhh m. owner: Ushikhh's Tannery
Valthyrz m. leader of the Dragon Priest Intercessors
Varsyth m. Thief Guildleader
Vhess Shh'oir'n m. mercenary hired by Sskivreis
Vorhaal Uurtoth m. ancient philosopher (Sraan Smolg)
Xerasyth m. Necromancer; former Adan'f Spirit Dancer
Zaarin m.
Zayoikhhl m. Rathan king: 2037 - 2008 BL
Zhaaqir m. Outcast; Moon Mage
Zhakran/Zhakrhhn m. member of Farn's Company
Zhoez the Elder m. Rathan king: 1291 - 1279 BL
Zhoez the Younger m. Rathan king: 496 - 474 BL
Zsehhdu m. Rathan king: 889 - 875 BL
Aarshna tal'Hhnth f. Ru'atin Peri'el, founding member
Anhh'shre f. Barbarian Guildleader
Ashalhh f.
Avaar f. ancient poet and lover of Urshaanin
Calabria f. owner: Calabria's Daggers
Dzree f. High Priestess, Dragon Priests
Hhkranis f. Indakar First Shaman
Hhrsaraa f. Dragon Priest Empress
Hhtuassa f. seamstress; merchant
Innu f. Cleric Guildleader
Irneli saarnato f. ancient philosopher (Sraan Rasha)
Isharra ersa'dan'Nerhi f. Ru'atin Peri'el; betrothed to S'zella
Isna'le f. daughter of Sarkhhl
Kaiva Q'Ral f. Empath; martyr
Karazhil f. Warrior Mage Guildleader
Ktrini f. owner: Sisters-in-Lore
Ktzini f. owner: Sisters-in-Lore
Lanasupi f. Rathan queen: 1159 - 1152 BL
Larshh f. Ru'atin Peri'el; Ranger
Latasuke f. Rathan queen: 1921 - 1889 BL
Maligen Shanati f. Ru'atin Peri'el, founder
Malkuaro f. epithet of Rasha'hhshekepi
Meek f. owner: Meek's Stitchery
Merthamone Vanaya f. Empress (409-402 BL)
Norayaz f. maiden of Peri'el
Pohehhlho f. Rathan queen: 1091 - 1040 BL
Qoemeth f. Empress (600-593 BL)
Rasha'hhshekepi f.
Renrosali f. Ur'Kapo Peri'el; Bard
Ro'saali Red Hand f. Ru'atin Peri'el
Sahhri ner'hhs'Tladin f. wife of Nharthol
Saishla Sharfino f. Thief Guildleader
Salhari f. Ru'atin Peri'el; Thief
Sarilotha f. Rathan queen: 2008 - 1978 BL
Selinthesa Saar'pon f. Bard Guildleader
Shhneri aar'Lanth f.
Shorka f. Lanival's companion; founder of Muspar'i
Shrada f. Kapo Peri'el; Cleric
Smokethi f. owner: Facepainter Smokethi
Sskivreis Ssa'ania f. Dragon Priest
Ssthin'lao f. employee: Krrikt'k's Forge
Tasrhhsu f. Ru'atin Peri'el, Dai sept
Turialo Shala'mer f. merchant, alterer
Vithhanami f. Sara'pon Peri'el; Bard
Zhakhh Lisska'Vran f. member of Ratha's ruling house
Zharhati Smolakh f. ancient philosopher (Sraan Smolg)
Arhekesaar Rathan monarch: 183 - 173 BL
Basikha Emperor (316-309 BL)
Draami'phhr Rathan monarch: 750 - 728 BL
Fekahhgi Rathan monarch: 1508 - 1460 BL
Gratarratin Rathan monarch: 1721 - 1708 BL
Grathhkep Emperor (505-498 BL)
Gratoemigen Rathan monarch: 414 - 348
Gratyvyshen Rathan monarch: 1074 - 1072 BL
Hhsnoraal Ratha Archivist
Hhstin child of Kalestraum
Hrranake Rathan monarch: 1723 - 1721 BL
Hrrarrav Rathan monarch: 1662 - 1625 BL
Hrrirath Rathan monarch: 1235 - 1218 BL
Indoirhh Rathan monarch: 262 - 257 BL
Irarakiel Rathan monarch: 1308 - 1291 BL
Ishilomigen Rathan monarch: 1391 - 1308 BL
Ithevwe Zsikiel Emperor (825-818 BL)
Kahanakar Rathan monarch: 690 - 669 BL
Khyvyshen Rathan monarch: 1448 - 1391 BL
Lanahh'sa dan'Inhhri author of The Ru'atin Peri'el
Lohehhn Rathan monarch: 342 - 306 BL
Mala'mishen Rathan monarch: 1571 - 1508 BL
Malasurath Ratoepus author of The History of Muspar'i -- The Sun's Egg
Marhhgen Iryvykep author of the Chronology of the Rathan Kings
Mekhhtha Rathan monarch: 272 - 267 BL
Mhalduum Emperor (693-686 BL)
Mharhhdu Rathan monarch: 1757 - 1723 BL
Mhhrikath Alazh'na author of The Ways of the S'kra Mur
Mhoitha Rathan monarch: 474 - 447 BL
Olgethalho Rathan monarch: 1279 - 1235 BL
Opyur Emperor (362-358 BL)
Pivamirdu Rathan monarch: 635 - 614
Poharara Rathan monarch: 1586 - 1571 BL
Qarapak Rathan monarch: 1806 - 1780 BL
Qethakem Rathan monarch: 190 - 183 BL
Qoekhh Rathan monarch: 823 - 796 BL
Q'tahhl owner: Q'tahhl's Place
Rashali dan'Nhhral author of The Language of the S'Kra Mur
Renshala tal'Mhhra parent of S'zella
Ruahhgi Rathan monarch: 230 - 190 BL
Salzhnor ren'Shaltari parent of S'zella
Sarahhnath Rathan monarch: 306 - 272 BL
Sarasupi Rathan monarch: 614 - 612
Saryvytaph Rathan monarch: 1708 - 1662 BL
Skrissin Dragon Priest
Smeketei Rathan monarch: 711 - 690 BL
Srarrarsk Rathan monarch: 447 - 414 BL
Srehhro Rathan monarch: 267 - 262 BL
Szoengi Rathan monarch: 847 - 823 BL
Uroikem Rathan monarch: 669 - 635
Ushamitei Rathan monarch: 1780 - 1757 BL
Ushnegi Emperor (866-859 BL)
Ushoishuk Rathan monarch: 1460 - 1448 BL
Yudathki Emperor (742-735 BL)
Zayoshsa Emperor (458-451 BL)
Zhhhngi Rathan monarch: 728 - 711 BL
Zhyvynys Rathan monarch: 796 - 750 BL
Zhyvyshuk Rathan monarch: 864 - 847 BL

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