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The word q'zhalata translates best as "knife of bold deeds" and is traditionally the weapon of a S'Kra Mur assassin, or Lanahh'zhra. However, as a concept, the q'zhalata is not always a knife, with poisons and other subtle techniques having frequently been utilized through history. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to find actual q'zhalata blades in the realms.

The S'Kra Mur tradition of assassination is an old one, going back to the time even before the clans formed. Few people beyond the reptilian people fully comprehend the complexities of the custom, which can be for personal vengeance or political reasons, but has never been used for monetary gain or improve personal ranking without ostracizing of the person or persons involved.

The q'zhalata has been most infamously wielded as a method of removing political leaders who are seen as intractable or incompetent and no one is immune. King Qhoin of Ratha was the first royal to fall to the blade in 1885 BL when he was seen as decedent and corrupt and other Rathan kings would also be victims of assassination. It was the S'Kra who suggested using assassination to accelerate the end of the Elven-Human War that led to the death of Kanton. And it was the S'Kra Mur who brought their tradition into the Seven Star Empire, assassinating the Emperor Riini when they thought him incompetent to lead the Empire.

There are also rumors of a secret society of elite assassins within S'Kra Mur culture known as lanahh'zhra, or "lifetakers", but nothing more is known about them beyond the fact that they all supposedly wear a ring known as a lanahh'zhranaarti or "lifetaker's stone".

The q'zhalata, as the S'Kra know it, must be prepared with a specific target in mind. It is very likely then that similar blades which will work on any target are not q'zhalata, but necromantic perversions of the q'zhalata. The blade possessed by King Raenilar of the Outcasts was rumored to be a q'zhalata, though it was unclear how he may have come to possess it. In the spring of 394 however, Raenilar was rumored to wish to bring this same blade to bear against Lyras, which would imply that the blade is not a q'zhalata. A similar blade was rumored to have been possessed by the late Byron Dunshade, secreted somewhere in or on the grounds of Dunshade Manor.


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Silver q'zhalata daggerZhoryhh's TentDragon Priest assassintrue
Weapon:Silver q'zhalata daggerZhoryhh's TentDragon Priest assassinfalse

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