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Status: Unknown
Guild: Bard
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown


You see Karovaas Sesvasanek, a S'Kra Mur.
Karovaas has slightly pointed ears and slitted dark eyes, red-gold scales and a crooked tail.
He is elderly for a S'Kra Mur.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a thick uaro's'sugi of fine bronze silk, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a desert shroud, a black cotton knapsack, an unadorned but well cut black silk gamantang, a hip pouch branded with the image of a single musical note and a hammered copper tailband.

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Conflicting Ideals

Karovaas was skilled in all things combat, music and most of all magic. He was able to make intuitive leaps in enchante theory that left all of the other bards behind. As he progressed in the guild he was of the mind that "what was good for Karovaas was good for the Bards" (to quote Ezruh). As the years passed it became apparent that Karovaas and the majority of the Bards didn't share the same ideals.

This eventually led to a schism within the guild where the members were forced to support either Siryn or Karovaas. Karovaas had few followers and a majority of the support went Siryn's way. At the time the guild was still very much pursued by the Dragon Priests, and shunned or mis-trusted by a vast majority of the general population. Soon after Karovaas and Siryn's opposing viewpoints began to strongly clash and fervent supporters of Siryn began to disappear with alarming frequency.

Things further escalated when a proposal Karovaas brought before the guild to employ a new magic to attack the priests was soundly defeated. Two of Siryn's main supporters were instrumental in defeating this proposal and three weeks later they were both sacrificed on Dragon Priest altars. It was also discovered around that time that Karovaas had several documents that Dzree had uncovered in his possession. A council was called to decide what to do in regard to the sacrifice of those two bards. Karovaas and five others didn't show up. As a result it was surmised that Karovaas had traded the two supporters of Siryn for the documents.

Medmaev and the Songsworn were sent northward toward Muspari to find Karovaas and his five supporters. The five rebels were brutally killed before they could reach the desert. One of the five was killed by Medmaev (who went mad after doing so), and that was Medmaep, his brother. The other four were presumably killed by Karovaas, most likely to eliminate witnesses. Karovaas was caught north of Riverhaven.


Karovaas did not have Dzree's documents on him when he was caught and denied their existence. Karovaas was tortured and imprisoned and moved around for years and eventually permanently imprisoned in a cell beneath the Riverhaven guild where Ezruh acted as warden.

Through the years Medmaev, in his madness, apparently developed some kind of cult following, apparently anti-Bard, which was hunted down and destroyed by the guild. However, a year or two prior to Karovaas being freed, Yaziyi caught wind of several new plots against the guild emenating from a strange band of cultists. The cultists turned out to be a branch of Medmaev's that had been missed.

Having found that Karovaas would not part with any information regarding Dzree's documents, a plan was hatched by Silvyrfrost, Macfrae, Ezruh and Yaziyi to get him to reveal their location. Yaziyi issued and order to kill the cultists on sight and eliminate them. This caused a rift between many of the Bards of the day as they questioned why such an order would be given, especially as some of them came into contact with a hooded figure that seemed eager to aid them. This ruse worked in that it caused many Bards to question their guild leaders motives and eventually many were instrumental in freeing Karovaas from his prison. Which, in the end, turned out to be the crux of the plan. It was essential that Karovaas believe that he was freed by true dissenters within the guild, for he wouldn't go anywhere near the documents if he were just let go, so the guild as a whole was duped and manipulated by the leadership to fulfill that role.

Liberation and Yalleck

Ezruh believed that Karovaas went directly to those documents they wished to find, but concurrent with Karovaas' liberation there was a mercenary army hired, blue-cloaks, led by Yalleck and Coln, whose sole purpose seemed to be killing Karovaas and causing as much destruction to those around them as they could. It was later revealed that the mercenary army had been hired by Medmaev.

Once freed from his imprisonment, Karovaas sailed to Aesry and disappeared into the White Sentinels. Upon exiting the Sentinels he was seen carrying a music box containing a Naga, a mystical creature from which Bardic magic derives its power. Yalleck and his blue-cloaked mercenaries confronted Karovaas and a contingent of other bards on the Aesry docks, threatening to raze the city of Aesry to the ground unless the box was given to him. In order to avoid the cataclysmic destruction of the island city, Karovaas acquiesced and turned the box over. Yalleck, blue-cloaks in tow, returned to the mainland.

The Day the Music, and Yalleck, Died

Soon after Yalleck took possession of the music box Bardic magic began to wane and eventually stopped functioning all together. Yalleck, Coln and the blue-cloaked army were followed across the provinces of Illithi and Zoluren until, finally, Yalleck was cornered in the destroyed village near water sprites outside of the city of The Crossings.

During a pitched battle involving not only Karovaas and Yalleck, but hordes of blue-cloaked mercenaries and major contingents of Bards, their friends, allies and opportunistic glory seekers, Karovaas managed to liberate the music box from Yalleck's possession. Yalleck was finally defeated when Karovaas ignited all of the naptha on the powerful Warrior Mage's person with the first singing of the Phoenix's Pyre enchante. The resulting explosion incinerated Yalleck and scattered the remaining blue-cloaked mercenaries.

Soon after Coln was confronted and defeated in Tiger Clan, walking the Starry Road for his role in Medmaev's plan.


After the battle Karovaas worked with the Naga contained in the music box to restore Bardic magic and make many improvements to the methodology involved in enchante theory. His last words before disappearing were that he was returning to Aesry to work with the Naga to expand and refine the new techniques now available and to, additionally, attempt to make the Sentinels on the island accessible once again.

He was last seen travelling in the company of Ezruh to the Chris's Mass Festival of Leth Deriel in the year 389.

Author unknown, 7/10/03

Karovaas is a Bard kept prisoner in the Haven Bard Guild, he escaped by his ability to "Sing to Stone".

Karovaas ran like a madman ( or mad Mur in the case ) and was going to find hidden scrolls, text, and objects long since kept away by the present Bard Guild Leaders.

Bards met a Kaldar named Yalleck, he said he was hired by Macfrae ( Bard Guild Leader in Shard ) and the Warrior Mage Guild leader in Shard to capture Karovaas and return all the text and items to the Bard Guild Leaders. Seems he lied.

Coln was Yalleck's secondary and although he looked like a Bard he was a Barbarian.

Karovaas Sang to Stone and got into the white Sentinel on Asery, Yalleck and Coln were waiting.

Yalleck, Coln and the blue-coats attacked in large numbers, and said they would level Asery if the Object that came out of the white Sentinel was not given to him (It was a music box with a Naga inside). To save Asery the box was given up. Yalleck and Coln fled to Shard.

A running battle was made in Shard, toe to toe with no forgiveness on either side. Yalleck and Coln went north to Crossing.

Another major battle took place where the Bards and those willing to help (Empaths in particular, you blood thirsty people you!) went after Yalleck and Coln in by the geyser in water sprites. The battle raged into the little village.

Yalleck was cornered in the old Hall there, and thats when Karovaas showed up. Karovaas working with the knowledge the Naga gave sang a new Enchante. The Enchante ignited all combustionable on Yalleck's body, Yalleck had a store of Naptha on him.

A mad dash was made to Tiger Clan, where Coln intercepted us and everyone helped to walk his sorry excuse for a life.

Karovaas then explained what he and the Naga were talking about and that they planned on working together to create more Enchantes for Bards.

At present Bards everywhere are Enchante-less.

Qivalon~ Rathian Bard

Author unknown, 10 July 2003

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 05:22:22 -0000 From: "jochuadr" <rachodr@genevaonline.com> Subject: notes on the informal meeting

this is a condensed version of what was said after the invasion of blue cloaks lead by Yalleck and (Coln <--- walked) this was a discussion about a box that was retrived from Yalleck and is of some importance to the bards in teaching them a new way of singing or some such thing
Madisson asks, "why do you choose to do that karovaas?"
Karovaas hisses, "But thingsss ssshall be different thisss time."
Zeqwery asks, "what of yalleck. he still walks?"
Pyrolian asks, "Do the other guildleaders agree?"
Mckatelee quietly asks, "Do you trust Ezruh?"
Mckatelee nods to Madisson.
Karovaas hisses, "Yalleck and hisss massster both essscaped."
Karovaas shrugs.
Katralyn asks, "who is his master?"
Karovaas hisses, "There wasss a gaunt Elothean outssside the mansssion. I sssussspect it wasss Medmaev returning the musssic boxss for Yalleck to sssell to the Dragon Priessstsss."
Aisyn asks, "Must we fight the priests again?"
Natole says, "boils down to them, again."
Karovaas hisses, "Alwaysss."
Karovaas hisses.
Candidus says, "Karovaas got to know Ezruh during his...unusual stay there. That he is willing to share what he learns with one of the current guild leaders. Well you all can draw your own conclusions."
Karovaas hisses, "Ezruh and I have come to decide that it isss necesssary for more than one of usss to underssstand the workingsss of the musssic boxss, in cassse sssomething unfortunate happensss and Medmaev returnsss."
Karovaas hisses, "And we ssshall dissscusss my posssition within thisss guild of yoursss."
Karovaas laughs coldly.
Candidus says to Karovaas, "The guild in Muspar'i is without a Leader."
Aisyn asks, "Master, what of the thugs that originally attacked us while you were imprisoned? Were those Yalleck's?"
Karovaas hisses, "I sssussspect that much of what you knew hasss vanissshed forever."
Karovaas hisses, "The naga and I have made sssome... improvementsss... to how sssome thingsss ssshould be sssung, and it isss that we ssshall be teaching."
Pyrolian asks Karovaas, "Will we meet the naga?"
Karovaas hisses, "I ssshall passs on the intitial knowledge to Ezruh and he ssshall ssshare with the othersss."
Karovaas hisses, "Afterwardsss, the naga and I ssshall find sssomeplassse quiet to continue our work until the Sssentinel can be made more acsssesssible."
Karovaas hisses, "The naga dreamsss and your sssubconssshusss invokesss sssome of what it onssse knew." Karovaas hisses, "It isss transssforming into sssomething new perhapsss."
Khestryl blinks.
Katralyn says, "I had a whole group of non-bards on the gondola singin' the eye"
Karovaas hisses, "Perhapsss you jussst sssaw thingsss."
Karovaas hisses, "Karovaasss hasss sssaid hisss piessse. He hasss much work to be doing."
Karovaas laughs coldly.
Karovaas hisses, "You will not sssurvive if you follow the old waysss."
Pyrolian asks Karovaas, "Will the blue cloaks keep comin'?"
Karovaas hisses, "Yesss, I sssussspect that they ssshall return sssome day. Coln isss defeated, but Yalleck isss not."
Natole says, "blue cloaks, and dragon priests...I get the feeling that we're not liked."
Karovaas hisses, "And the ssspectre of Medmaev isss not yet laid to ressst."
Karovaas hisses, "What care I for your opinionsss? My waysss are the correct onesss, and I have the boxss."
Karovaas laughs coldly.
Karovaas just went out.

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