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Wisdom represents a character's worldly knowledge, intuition and personal ability to apply life experience to various situations. Primarily affects will-based spells, strength of spirit, and the rate one learns from one's experiences.

The WISDOM command can be used in-game to display useful information.



Guild Specific:

Other Uses:

  • Increases the percentage of field experience that is transferred into real ranks (uses only base Wisdom)[11][12][13][14] A player experiment concluded that increasing Wisdom from 30 to 40 improves the rate of absorption by an average of 6.24% for all skills.
  • Improves accuracy when determining the time.[15]
  • Improves Perception skill
  • teaching/listening to classes (small linear effect)
  • Slightly decreases time to craft remedies products

Spells and Abilities that Boost Wisdom

Spells and Abilities that Decrease Wisdom

Training Locations


Wisdom training.jpg
inside Asemath Academy front gate, go west, go west, go north, go north
(can use DIR wisdom)

[Asemath Academy, Classroom]
This large classroom is used at various times for general instruction and the more specialized classes. Worktables with chairs sit in rows facing a larger table and lectern. The walls are painted a cheerful powder blue with cream accents and the tables are painted a soft grey. In one corner, a group of anatomical skeletons are grouped for comparison. The students have nicknamed them "The Board of Regents". You also see a large sign.

A large sign reads:
The Thoughtful Student Gains Wisdom. The Thoughtless One Gains Only Foolishness.

You sit down and listen as the instructor patiently explains the ways of thought. You follow closely, and soon find your mind leaping ahead to points not yet made. With a flash of insight you announce your training is complete! Your instructor smiles in agreement.


Academy, Lecture Hall, go gate, e
(can use DIR wisdom)

[Academy, Lecture Hall]
Cheery, attentive students sit on polished wooden benches gazing up at an instructor jotting notes on a black slate board. The teacher is animated in his lecturing, and seems truly engrossed in his subject. Against the back wall is a banner reading "Knowledge is the key to unlocking many doors."

Your instructor steps aside with you and begins to explain the proper ways to question what you observe and hear so you can gain from each experience. Continuing, he tutors you on ways to store away information in your mind so you may more quickly recall that which you know. Once he is comfortable he has bestowed all that you can currently absorb, he pats you on the shoulder and says, "That is enough for now. Go practice what I have taught you and come see me again when you are ready for more."


Ratha, Small House

[Ratha, Small House]
An aging female S'Kra rests in a nest of pillows beside a small fire. In her scaled hand, she holds a copy of Moliko the Balance's treatise on justice. Above the fire, a small portrait of the woman as a young girl gleams in the light.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Ger Ilerthan, Isinrel

[Ger Ilerthan, Isinrel]
Scores of books fill the plain shelves lining the walls of the room, many written by Ilerthan herself. A low table, surrounded by scholars of all races, rests in the center of the room. A priest of Lemicus dusts the books and shelves.


Temple of Light, Dim Alcove

[Temple of Light, Dim Alcove]
A single candle burns steadily on a long wooden table here. The stone bench pushed up against it looks hard and cold, but a beautiful illuminated book lies open on the table's surface, beckoning those who seek the wisdom of the gods to sit and study.

You are beckoned over by a priestess, who smiles and sits you down before her. You listen as she speaks to you about the ways of the gods, great philosophers of the past, and then wraps up her class with a final quote from Moliko the Balance. You leave the session feeling enriched by what you have learned.


Outer Hibarnhvidar, Fortuneteller's Tent

[Outer Hibarnhvidar, Fortuneteller's Tent]
Beneath a colorful sign draped along the length of the tent's roof is a small round table covered in a loud paisley-patterned cloth. A thick scent of incense permeates the air, and the room is dimly illuminated by a single lantern shielded with red glass. Seated in the back is an elderly Gor'Tog woman wearing dangly earrings and a folded kerchief on her head. You also see a tent flap.

A colorful sign reads: Madame Galoomba's Words of Wisdom

Madame Galoomba gazes at you and says, "Come, let us see what your future holds." She takes your hand and peers into her crystal ball, chanting under her breath. With an enigmatic smile, she gazes into your eyes and intones, "You will have a long life, interrupted by many brief dirt-naps. You will see many sleeping gerbils. Someone will attempt to pick your pocket. A loud person will give you a headache. You will bring Madame Galoomba many turnips." She nods at you, indicating she is finished. As you turn to go, you feel a bit wiser, although perhaps the main thing you've learned is not to expect too many startling revelations from a 'Tog in a cheap gypsy outfit.


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