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The Origin Story

S'Kra Mur lore tells that originally, they were created as nothing more than monsters, albeit intelligent ones. The singular purpose of this creation was to bring discord. It was not until Hav'roth and Peri'el stepped in that the creatures they once were became recognized as a people. At the time of their uprising, they were the sixth of the Seven Peoples.

The story is told that it began with Ushnish. The Serpent of Discord, ever true to his moniker, created intelligent and deadly reptilians designed to harass and torment the Humans. Hav'roth looked at the creatures, and with his brilliant intuition he saw their unfulfilled potential. He gave them the gifts of the mind, further upraising them. Peri'el watched the cold, cruel acts these creatures committed and wept. She gave them the gifts of the tail. These gifts are oft referred to as the gifts of the heart by other races.

The Gifts of Ushnish

  • Life
  • Intelligence

The Gifts of Hav'roth ( The Gifts of the Mind)

  • Language
  • Creativity
  • Magical talent

The Gifts of Peri'el (The Gifts of the Tail)

  • Honor
  • Love
  • Pride

The Splitting of the S'Kra Mur Homeland

Creation of the Archipelago

The creation story of the the archipelago begins with the story of Sons of Hav'roth. Mhalush, Dhrakhh, and Zaarin each wished to wed Norayaz, the Maiden of Peri'el. The eldest, Zaarin was chosen and the two wed, however, Dhrakhh was beside himself with jealousy and rage and forged a q'zhalata.

His intent was to murder Norayaz, claiming that her union to his brother was evil and would bring the curse of Ushnish. in truth, he simply wished to kill her because he could not have her for himself.

However, Dhrakhh's q'zhalata failed and his brother Zaarin drank the poison instead and fell over, dead. The fury of Hav'roth was immense and in his rage, he shattered the homeland of the S'Kra, giving birth to the Reshalian archipelago.

With his ru'at split and the lands of the S'Kra Mur nearly destroyed, Mhalush donned the robes of the Silver Arm and led his people across the seas and to the mainland, where they traveled north and settled near what is likely present day Lake Gwenalion. It was not until the time of Shorka that the S'Kra Mur moved further north to Velaka and settled into the city of Muspar'i.

The Lohogi'hhs'ur (Child of the One)

It is unknown when exactly this took place in the overall timeline, but the story passed down is that the Gods were angry with the S'Kra Mur and in order to appease them, a single child was placed in a basket and set into the sea as an offering.

The babe was protected by Peri'el and Eluned until his very small boat landed on the easternmost island of Qi'Reshalia. It was here that he grew into a man and when he came of age, Peri'el came to him and left him with a nest. Those in the nest eventually hatched, becoming Children of the Nest.

Why Island S'Kra Mur Look Different

Another legend passed down through the S'Kra Mur tells the story of a small S'Kra Mur named Rasha'hhshekepi that was instructed by Hav'roth and Peri'el to place tiny golden seashells on her entire tribe as they slept. When the tribe awoke the next day, they found that no longer did they have elongated, sloping faces, but instead, their had flatter faces, their noses only a finger's span from their eyes.


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