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Sanyrsen Astoshe Zsikiel
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Associates: Draan, Lady P
Relatives: Moglin

Sanyrsen Astoshe Zsikiel is a historically important Moon Mage and founder of the Goldcaps. He is the subject of a book in the Profiles in Magic series.

He was born 239 BV on Ratha when the Zsikiels commanded the Imperial Garrison there, not much more than ten years before the Empire begain to collapse rapidly (the time of Lanival). While Ratha stayed out of the war, House Zsikiel joined because they had come to power during the Empire.

Sanyrsen joined the Legion of Shorka and proved an excellent soldier and leader. Most notably, he stopped a landing party near Leth Deriel from raiding food storehouses.

After the war, he joined Darkstone's Crystal Hand chapterhouse on a whim. He studied under Guildmaster Draan and moved up quickly. At twenty-seven, the youngest on record, he became a Moon Mage Council member.

He saw that things were too disorganized in the guild and with poor communication throughout. He trained twenty-one mages for six months in the magics of invisibility, communication, and teleportation to serve as council messengers. They became known as the Goldcaps because of the gold caps given to them by the Guildmistress Prime. Sanyrsen was the creator of the Astoshe's Eclipse Moon Mage enchantment.

He married the Reshalian ambassador to Zoluren, the young daughter of then Baron Moglin. They retired to Muspar'i. They had five children. Two became Moon Mages, with one joining the Council. Two more returned to Ratha and became military leaders. The fifth became a famed poet and writer.


Artistic dedications can be found in various locations.

Painting in the Riverhaven Moon Mage Guild

Careful use of color highlights the features of a noble-looking S'Kra male, lending a proud tilt to his head and a gleam of intelligence to his bright eyes. A small silver plaque is attached to the frame.
Flowing script reads, "Sanyrsen Astoshe, Founder of the Goldcaps."

Statue in the Muspar'i Sanyrsen's Square

Exquisitely carved with painstaking precision, the statue bears the likeness of an Imperial-robed mage adorned with a golden cap. Clutched tightly within his outstretched hands is an engraved crystalline staff, glowing softly with a bluish light.
A marble statue reads: "There is no place beyond my reach!" -- Sanyrsen

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