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Status: Historical Figure
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Associates: Norayaz
Relatives: Zaarin, Dhrakhh

Mythical-historical figure. His story begins with Norayaz, the S'kra maiden of Peri'el who was desired by three brothers. Zaarin, the eldest, wealthiest, and leader of the S'kra Mur won out. Zaarin's brother Mhalush was content but the youngest, Dhrakhh, was not. Dhrakhh tried to poison Norayaz, but accidentally killed Zaarin. Peri'el cut off Dhrakhh's tail and named him Smozh. Hav'roth was angry and shattered the lands, creating the Reshilian Archipeligo. This started the wanderings of Mhalush's people, which ended near Langenfirth and eventaully progressed to Muspar'i. Norayaz's people stayed in Reshalia.