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Vhess Shh'oir'n
Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

Described in On The Contemporary Movements of the Dragon and his Servants.



Delivered to the Sentinel's Office of Shard, Ilithi by a lethargic shadow servant.

Dear Sentinel's of Ilithi,

Last eve I visited the Keep in the city of the Crossings to listen to our Ambassador's address to Prince Vorclaf. After hearing Prince Vorclaf's decision to send a messenger of his own to Ilithi, I decided to follow him fearing an assault by the Dragon Priests. I was most correct, my Moon Mage training must be working... We meet Zealots and Priests near the Gondola, whereas I promptly removed several of their limbs, and then again in and around our own Great Tower. After doing some scouting, I learned that a certain S'kra by the name of Vhess was, if not leading the assault, assisting the Zealots. Knowing that aiding and abiding anyone of the Dragon's Cult carries with it the penalty of death in Ilithi I moved to stop him, and his assistant Ssdivious, from doing any more damage. Unfortunately, the Sentinel's decided that they would rather arrest a citizen of Ilithi rather than a conspirator of the Zealots. I am most upset that I have been arrested and charged with assault in my own province for defending it. I hope this letter finds its way to the Sentinel's Commander and this problem is rectified.
Servant of Ilithi,
Feklar Hocknora
Diamond Street, Shard


Please note that one or more of the guards of Rayth, the messenger from Vorclaf, was also arrested and charged for doing his duty to his Prince.

Rayth was asked to take the role of the Prince's Ambassador to Ilithi. Guard Sybina was assigned to keep him breathing.

Repeatedly attacked my Dragon Priests while waiting for the Ferdahl in the Tower. Once Priest, named Vhess attempted to drag Rayth away but was unsuccessful. In the end, Guard Sybina was gassed and carried off.

Search parties were sent out to find the Damp Cellar that Moon Mages Located her in, but no one was able to find her.

Rayth passed along the Prince's message of support to the Ferdahl, who was upset at the attacks in her city. She also pledged the aid of her 'Hunter' to find Sybina.

After acquiring armor and weapons, it was learned that Blasword had captured a Dragon Priest Zealot. Attempts to interrogate it were made; however, Odiin killed the Zealot before anything useful was learned.

In Ratha, gweths were heard between a Captain Jance and Vhess that expressed a shared disliking of each other. Vhess was looking for a guide. He had traveled to see Forlorn's Hope to clear up some rumors.

Daxlynn offered help as a guide to Forlorn's Hope and learned the following:

  • Vhess is a mercenary.
  • He sold his sword to Sskivreis.
  • His reasoning was she treated him as an individual and not as a freak as so many others have.

Daxlynn went with Vhess and Jance to M'Riss, and then to Forlorn's Hope. Vhess wished to see the parchments written by a group who sold their sword long ago. The air disturbed things that laid dormant for years and a foul stench grew in the air. A small wave of black spirits with crossbows attacked the party, and then left.

Before Jance left a small party spoke to him at Deeper's Tavern. Jance related that he suspected Sskivreis hired Vhess to explore Forlorn's Hope for more personal matters. Something about the S'Kra race in general over being a Dragon Priests.