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Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Muspar'i

It has been 396 years, 333 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. He was seen at the Silver Coin Inn in Muspar'i with Hekipe and Gaktrhn.


You see Ershhn, a S'Kra Mur.
Ershhn has a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of his skull and slitted crystal blue eyes, camouflage scales and a curving tail.
He is young for a S'Kra Mur.

You can't tell anything about Ershhn's wounds from here.
He is holding a glass of amber beer in his right hand.
He is wearing a white silk turban, a green waxed-cotton cloak, a simple brown silk gamantang and a pair of bleached yeehar-hide sandals.
Ershhn is mounted on a golden brocade carpet.

Current Description

Swathed in a simple brown silk gamantang, the camouflage-scaled S'Kra Mur sits regally upon a magical golden carpet that floats a few feet above the ground. His piercing ice-blue eyes absorb his surroundings, and his tail twitches occasionally as if responding unconsciously to every new observation. Habitually, he removes the white turban from his head to flex his crest and brush off errant grains of sand from the fabric.


  • ASK Ershhn about:
Ershhn:"I come and go like the wind," he says, ominously, his eyes losing focus as he gazes into the distance. "If you inquire, I'll predict your fortune for free. Though, tips are appreciated, naturally," he smiles mysteriously.
Fortune:Ershhn floats forward and stares straight at you with his piercing eyes. "No, the time has not come for me to reveal more about your future endeavors," he whispers in a gravelly voice. "Soon." He nods slightly to you and floats noiselessly away.
(indicates the timer for receiving a fortune is on cooldown)
"You want to hear your fortune, yes?" he asks, holding your gaze with his intense eyes. "Very well. Let us see what the sands of time hold for you, S'Kra Mur."
Ershhn reaches into the folds of his clothing and retrieves a small golden box. He opens the container to reveal a cache of fine, glimmering sand. His claws click as he pinches the dust between his fingertips. Delicately, he releases the sand onto the surface of his carpet, allowing the grains to fall gently into place however the desert breeze blows them.
The S'Kra Mur finally releases you from the binding stare that held you so captivated in order to analyze the newly formed artwork in front of his crossed legs. Gentle scratching fills your ears as Ershhn fingers the sand in an apparent attempt to figure out its meaning.
"Ahh yes," he says prophetically, "Just as I suspected. You will be faced with a great financial boon in your business affairs in the very near future. Keep that in mind, lest you be caught unprepared." With a solemn nod, he tucks the golden box back into the depths of his clothing and closes his eyes to meditate upon the findings.
Guilds:Ershhn says, "There's a few guildhalls around town, most notably the traders, warrior mages and bards. I hear the clerics are also looking to develop in the Jewel of the Desert, also," he chortles.
Hekipe:"If you haven't made her acquaintence yet, she's the local locksmith. You'll find her shop at the base of the Golden Heights," Ershhn says.
King:"I hardly see the good King Arhhdan, " Ershhn laments. "He usually secludes himself in that giant home of his." The S'Kra Mur gestures in the direction of Shorka's Palace on the western side of the city.
Muspar'i:"Not everyone can live here," the S'Kra Mur comments. "We attract all sorts, but only the most stalwart of beings survive."
Stealing:Ershhn stares at you with a look of suspicion, sizing you up with his cold eyes.
Thieves:Ershhn gazes at you, judging you with his eyes. "Yes, the traders around here often have trouble keeping their coins from the fingers of the shadows. Best protect your wealth from prying hands by not drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself," he chides, clicking his fangs at you.
Traders:Ershhn comments, "That Kworlin is a slave driver, eh?"
Ershhn chortles at you, flying over your head on his magic carpet before you can get too close.


Ershhn gives fortunes for free. This has a long timer.

You will be faced with a trying ordeal with a known foe in the very near future.
You will be faced with a lingering doubt after hearing some troubling news in the very near future.
You will be faced with a great financial boon in your business affairs in the very near future
You will be faced with an abundance of affection in your emotional affairs in the very near future.