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Ithida Srhht'zhal
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Female
Location: Muspar'i

Made an appearance at the first housing development of Muspar'i.
Appears to be some sort of S'kra Mur noble
Isn't especially kind to soft skin (non S'kra Mur), even for her kind.


You see Shh'oi Ygi Ithida Srhht'zhal, Lohog'da'hhs Gamant'hr'tys, a S'Kra Mur.
Ithida's deep black eyes sparkle like diamonds and her dark red scales have gold marbling that becomes more concentrated on her underbelly. Turning downward at a slight angle, her elegant snout narrows toward the end. Her athletic form is perfectly complimented by a long, graceful tail.
She is slightly above average height for a S'Kra Mur.
She is in her prime for a S'Kra Mur.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a smooth blueschist tailband imprinted with the Royal Seal of Muspar'i, an ebon heitak pouch hanging from a blue silk belt, a spiraling gold armband inset with cambrinth king snakes and an ivory damask gamantang brocaded with soaring wyverns.