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Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Old Rat's Tavern (Ranik Map 90)
Type: shopowner


Masul Khar the barkeep is a S'Kra with mottled scales and yellowed eyes whose thin stature hides a wiry strength. Adorned with dark, ill fitting clothing that is faded and worn, one would guess that business has been poor. With one eye on the front entrance, and the other warily upon the patrons, he polishes a filthy mug with the end of his grease stained apron. Occasionally he pauses from his task to deal gruffly with a customer's order, or speak in hushed tones with one of the shady characters that frequent the bar.


  • A commotion erupts from a group of S'Kra sitting around a table in the far corner. With deft precision Masul hurls a glass across the bar which smashes against the skull of one unlucky fellow. With a hushed silence things return to normal.