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General Information

The Lanahh'zhra or Lifetakers are noted in history as a group of elite S'Kra Mur assassins. They are not a Sraan (Clan) or a Gamant(House). One does not openly declare membership without grave consequences. It is possible that a lanahh'zhra may be a part of a Sraan or a Gamant, but their lifestyle is kept absolutely secret.


Q'zhalata - The Knife of Bold Deeds
In general, a blade crafted of pure silver, crafted only when a target has been chosen. The blade may only be used for that target.
Note The Q'zhalata is not always a blade.
Lata - Knife
Often used as a substitution for the q'zhalata by lanahh'zhra.


Lanahh'zhra'naarti - Life Taker's Stone
Roughly translated into Common, this is the name given to the ring, or token worn by a lanahh'zhra. Speaking it aloud may cause a S'Kra Mur to become alienated from safe society.
It is commonly a silver ring.

RolePlaying a Lanahh'zhra

Note that these are just general guidelines but should be taken to heart.

On an OOC level, being a lanahh'zhra isn't entirely acceptable. It's very taboo to be something like this from the get go, let alone what it means to be one within S'Kra Mur Society.
There are several things that are taboo to S'Kra Mur:

  • Kinslaying or killing those within the ru'at. This will cause you to be named smozh.
  • Identifying Smozh as people.
  • Sharpening claws.
  • Eating other races. IE: S'Kra Mur do not eat Gnomes, Humans, etc.
  • Affection directed at tails in public.
  • Accepting a non-S'Kra as your mate.

Granted that over time, some of these taboo practices may become more prominent, publicly admitting that you're a lanahh'zhra or speaking of their token, the lanahh'zhra'naarti is just not something you do. No one knows of any lanahh'zhra roaming the realm, this should be your strongest indicator that they are very secretive and you should not go around letting it be known that your character is one of them.

-The player Silver Ring


S'zella's Tale
Language of the S'Kra Mur